Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th

Oh my heck this has been the craziest most funnest week of my life!!!!!!!! I loved the plane so much!! haha everyone on it was laughting at me cuz I keep talking to Elder Sanderson!! Look at the clouds the montains!! haha! I got my bike and I got my a blanket, sheets and a pillow. If you want to send those sheet but I don't really need them now. How did you know I need a camelpack and lights when I keep looking through my backpack all that stuff in there I needed! haha MY Compainion is awesome!! I open the letter to see where I was going and I am in Edingberg North, which is the slum parts of mexico up here! I was so pumped when I read my trainers name!!! Elder Aguliar I knew when I read it he was a native speaker so I am so excited about that!! haha Yeah tell melissa the language is super crazy!! Ha Elder Aguliar has told me I am an answer to his prayers like 5 times :) becuase I had great teachers that pushed us to speak the language in the MTC. He says wow your spanish is pretty good!!! He asks did you know alot but the miss?! haah but I guess his other companion had been out here for 6 months and hated speaking and learning the language. So he told me I prayed and prayed I would just get someone who loved speaking (ha I love speaking and 90% down here don't speak english!) and at least trying to talk to people and learn! haha His parents are for Guatemala but he is from Maryland. He has been speaking both languages his whole life!! He told me I am better than some people who have been out for 8 months but that is the lord not me. Right now it is super hard to find people to teach because everyones trainers are surranded by fence and no truepassing (sp) and huge huge un-neutered dogs!! Or the people we have appointments with will forget or won't be there or be busy or their husbands aren't home and the don't want to come out side and talk cuz it is too hot. I am doing great though I have never been so happy it is awesome!! Oh it waS  fine for my bike to get in  late becuase I am driving my Campanion doesn't have his driving record in. But I am loving this crazy culture and all it has to offer haha. We go to 6 hours of church too becuase we have a spanish and english ward so we have to go to both. I can feel your prayers so much! Elder Wilding 902 Chinese street  apartment #6 Endingberg is my address you have to look up the zip code!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that you get to go to Stanley!! And that everone is doing ok!! Glad Ruby is so awesome!! :D Love love all your letters!! Tell JJ I got to see fireworks but nothin' like hers!!! Hope all is awesome! I pray for you everyday!!! I can feel all your prayer and the blessings that we have and are recieving!! Love everyone tons!!!! LES QUERRO MUCHO CON MI TODO CORAZON! VAYA CON DIOS! TODO TRANQUEILO AUQI Y ALLA!!

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