Friday, February 27, 2015

Kyle is Home! (Like 9 months ago but I have been very busy)

The Night before Kyle came home Kenna, Alex, Colton, Natalie, Me, and Julianne got together to make signs! They were supper funny! I didn't get pictures of the other two but Natalie did! Kenna and Alex worked really hard on this Finish line poster! 
After months and months on the count down we were super excited to finally be a the airport even though the plane was super late! Michael Kim and Ruby made it there about 5 minutes before it landed! Even Debra was there on time!
I love this picture! Especially my Grandpa! 
My First Picture of him! He is super nervous and awkward! 
Kyle and Rudy's picture!  
I love this picture of us walking out! 
Natalie took this of us right after he gave me a hug! 
All of the siblings together together again! 
Courtney took this of Kyle meeting Ruby the first time! I seriously love this!