Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Where is Dakota going no one told me that?! Alexis talked on the same day? That is super cool. That is good Jackson is the same Jackson. I think I have change but I am still the same person too. I think my emails do the talking. So for Christmas I want Huckleberry Jam and Some of the Cookies that you decorate you can puy a cheap tubly ware, put, it in a box, and then send it. But not to much for Christmas. I think the biggest thing yoiu can do is send a box for my companion he is the only member in his whole family and they don't write him very much and I thing last year didn't send him hardly anything he mentiioned it to me one time so if you would do that it would be a huge blessing for him. Thanks. Haha that is so funny that Melissa called me a fat head. Hahah the memeber that helped me she is super cool. Yes we have been invited to 2 places already for Turkey day. SO I am eating less to get ready for the day. It has been super doober cold down here!! It was a flash flood on friday on we were riding our bikes in it then we decide to take shelter in the church and right when we got there the lights went off. There is a river like the portnef river when it goes slow not fast that runs throught our area and all the gutters run into it and them where getting back up so it was crazy. We called a member to drive us to the apartment for the church and he said yes then he called us back and said that his car was flooded so we made the crazy trip back to the apartment and just in that short distance there were 3 wrechts it was crazy all the streets were flooded so we just had to say in the apartment. Now it is just super cold it is in the 50s. I have been so acustum to the warm weather this is killing me haaha. I have been doing really well I was able to have the inteview with my president for College and for a New Temple Recommend haha I haven't had one since it got stolen last year. I think that all the college stuff is done then. That is super cool that I got into ISU now I just need to pray and decide which college to go to or even what to go into I have know Idea haha. I haven't got the package yet. You sent it to the Mission office right because no one has traveled down there yet from my zone so I will be getting it soon. I am getting way excited for christmas. My companion says that I remind him of Elf. HAve we been able to find all the christmas movies? I am glad that you bought me that nice big coat from Missionary mall it has been put to good use. We have been able to see a lot of miricles in the area the past 2 weeks so that is so good. Tell everyone I say Hi at thanks giving. Oh yes I need to know somethings... How Is Nathan and where is he at in the Phillpines again we have a Phillapine family in our area and there were asking me where he is and I didn't know also is he ok? ALso what part of Austrailia did Dad serve in again? Going back to the Phillapine family the Grandma is learning English and so sometimes she would ask me things and I could understand her at all so my brain wanted to speak spanish to her right. Well I held it back and didn't but I only could caught a few things when she would talk to her daughter in Tagolic. My companion and I get along well so that is good just keep praying for him and I. I know that you always do though. :) I can't think of anything else I need to say I am super bad at thinking of all the things to right.  ALso, I was very kind of scared a little when the office called me like what happened, who did then I knew my President would call me for that kind of stuff so that is good. I was able to get it all done on the day I had time for or family history. I almost couldn't get in to the site because in the password the my name was captulized and I wasn't putting that part in. Do you have snow yet? How cold has it been? I love being out here and being a missionary it is the best thing in the world. I love you guys so, so much and I have been blessed so much to have a wonderful family and friends like you all.

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

(Kyle Titled this Email: I don't want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need-I thought it was super funny)
Oh man that is so good and great to hear. I won't lie I started to cry when I started to read the email. I reminded myself of you guys because I am a baby. I also reminded myself of mom because when she starts to cry and brings her hand up to her nose because that is what I did. Oh man still crying I got to stop so people don't see haha That s so awesome that Dad found a job!! Is it local where does he travel to and from. He will learn lots of new songs and brush up and the other one :D. Before I forget why will Alexis still be there when Jackson gets back? That is so crazy that Jackson comes home so soon he just left. I have been doing super good and haven't received a package from Melissa yet but prpbabaly tomorrow. We got transffers and of course I am staying in this area with Elder Vasquez and my companion is staying and I am in a district of 4 missonaries and Elder Bertand one that lives with us is going to be training. I also need for christmas new razor shavers for my electric shaver I can't find the right size down here and  the brand it a philps and the code/size is RQ11. That is all that I can think of right now. We have seen so many miralces this week while being out and working hard. No one came to church but that is sometimes what happens at the start of working in an area that was struggling. I know it will get better. I have crashed here so that is good. I get along with my companion really well so that is good. Before, I met him I thought that maybe this would be the one companion that didn't like me but didn't happen. I thank you for all the prayers that I have been able to receive from you guys and can fell it and see it. I am still on a bike so that is nice. Everything is getting better with the body funtion problems so no need to worry about that. HA Akward. Crazy. My companion is a funny guys and likes to pull tricks on me becasue I told him that I don't like to be alone and we have an up stairs and down in the apartment so sometimes he hides from me to see what I will do. Or I will be out in the kitchen and walk out and he will be laying on the couch and tell me don't worry your not alone. haha I am crazy. I still have me wierd habits like watching the speedometer however I am been so much better at that. Love you guys so much!! No more time!! :)
Christmas! Oh the snow is falling down! We're so funny... (I think this is suppose to be a awkward Christmas card) 
My New Companion Elder Vasquez

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 13, 2013

Well to start out I am so greatful for every prayers and I have felt them everyday. I love this new area and know that the Lord is helping us. My companions name is Elder Vasquez and he is from LA and is a convert of 5 or 6 years. We have been working hard and have seen miricales. It is a good area and we have started to pretty much start from scratch so that is ok. Transffers are in a week so we think Elder Vasquez is leaving and we have been working hard so that I can get to know the area and the members. We cover 3 wards in a little area so that is confusing sometimes to tell them what time church starts for them. It is because we have spanish ward that covers all the area and then a English ward and Brach and the bounty runs in the middle of the area if that makes sence. I get a long with my new compain so that is good. LAst week was crazy right when I arrived and was dropped of we went to go shopping last monday and email then go play soccer and I hadn't unpacked a single thing and barely had any clothing. then that night we didn't have anything planned because about 30 mintues before I arrived my new companion had just found out that I was coming. Then Early the next day it was off for a 3 day training in McAllen I would be staying there and I had no clean clothes so I was hering up to do the wash. Miracle that we had a washing machine and dryer and they are boss. The training was super fun in fact right after it the second day to work in a Zone leaders area there all the appointments canceled and the zone leader was new to the area so he didn't know where the memebers lived so it was talking to everyone in the rain. Then while seeing frogs everywhere ELder Welker started caughting them and then I did and you would have a hidden frog in your hand and shake the persons hand witht the other we caught 17 frogs and one huge toad so big we couldn't get a picture of him because he jumped out the back when we were driving. So working and having fun while doing it. Then I came back late thursday night and had not that much time to work and then friday weekly planning and a ward activity of going to less active in the area inviting them to a dinner and I almost had to go with a memeber just bymyslef but we changed that because I knew nothing of the area of members so It was My companion, a member, and I. SO that was nice no one came to church for us this last sunday but these past 2 days we havebeen so blessed. I put the bag balm in there because it was 10 bucks and I didn't want to haul it around so I send it home. I am out of time so sorry. Know that I love you and I am happy that the Lord trusted in me to be here. It was a crazy week and half so far and it keeps getting better and better. I love you so much. Love Elder Wilding.
My Pumpkin (My mom and I decided it was an elk) 
We got a new mop! 
My Old Apartment (Those are some tall boys)! 
we were so wet! This is Elder Welker and I worked with him and another Mission durning the 3 day training last week 
While you're out working in the rain might as well caught frogs and put them in the truck while walking around talking to people ahha pues 
Elders Wilding, White, and Welker the 2 zone leaders I workede with for 2 days 
My Dad! He comes home the same time as Jackson!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov 4 2013

Well I would Joke around willl you and tell you that I got Emergence Transferred but then mom would have a heart attack and that would be good. However, I am on the other side of that. I am not in a new area just got here about 30 minutes and have no clue what is going on ha. Well a misionary got transferred pretty early out of this are in Harlingen so I am here now. I got a call from the Aps in church but missed it because the phone was on silent then the Zone leaders tried to call a text them my companion says hey check the phone and I did and my heart sunk. I was running through my brain to see if I didn't anything bad or disobient for them to call. I though well I didn't work out a couple of times because I had to poop. SO I called the aps and didn't answer and then I called me zone leaders and they said pack your bags you're leaving tomorrow morning at 10. Oh crap my heart sunk and I was shoked I was super sad to leave but I am where I need to be. I held it all together really well until I was writing in my companions journal then lost it and cried but I am just a baby. My companion smiled and told me that he loved me. I packed fasst I was shocked. Just how Aunt Mellonee always told me I pack/have to much well things haven't changed. I set a package today so you will probably get it in a week or so. I am with a Elder that is a transferr younger than I am. He is from LA and knows where thousand oaks is so that is cool. That is super Awesome that Century Won again that is crazy!! Also how Peter is going to Canada!! Also to make things super crazy is that tomorrow I am headed to McAllen for a 3 day training and I have to clean clothes and nothing is unpacked so this next week is going to be crazy. I pray that I swim nice a smooth throught it and not stressed. That is so crazy that Elder Jackson is almost done. Don't get trunkie for me though :p I pray that I can help out here and am still a district leader. Also I need you guys to send me in this next week! My old camera card and an adapter from my card to the computer because I was using Elder Casteels. This week so that my pictures can be on the Mission DVD and so that I can send pictures to you I have a lot. Also did you get the picture of the pumkins? The member he is a biologist and loves hunting and has lived in Alaska and had a man cave of stuff mounts of deer and elk and moose horns and I walked in and got super trunkie I won't lie. haha I loved Mercedes with all my heart and know I will love it here. I am in a district of 4 again and they are both bike areas so that is fun. haha yes and no at the same time because if we have to go anywhere we have to wait for the Zone leaders to take us anywhere or the members? I have a washing machine and a dryer though!! :) I know I will do great in this new are just prayer for me like you always do. I think that I might get a new companion in 2 weeks in this new area too? So pray that I learn it fast because you know how I am with dirrections. Halloween was a blast we went to a members house which was huge and we carved pumkins and eat and it was fun. Everyone was talking about what them used to do for halloween and then the asked me and I could remember anything because I told them I think that I was always trying to go hunting in the mountains at that time? I don't remember anything else? haha Did you guys get snow? I hope that we do.  :p meah Also send all the letters and packages to the mission office because I might leave in 2 weeks who knows I could be here just to fill in for a bit. Hey speaking of packages Melissa are you going to send me one? Hannah won also that is so awesome when I played grass ball with them they were good at only being in 8 grade. I hope that all is going well with you guys and can feel your prayers always. I can't think of anything else that I can write right now. OH cool story so the church sends a truck load of bundles of clothes to the tiny church in Mercedes every month but in October they didn't send one so this last saturday was the biggest we ever had it was 39,000 lbs and we unloaded it in 53 mintues the Senior Missionaries said that was the fastest time in history and the biggest load. We also woke up early that day to play bball so I am still super super sore and did sleep to well last night but whatever it is all good. I got done packing at 11:50 so that was nice. Faster than I though. I also helped clean the apartment before I leaft so then I could vaccum so that was nice. :) We have carpet here too but only in the rooms. I can't think of anything else to say but I love you guys a ton and hope all is well. Oh yes that is super cool that you are listening and watching Christmas movies and I forgot all about the quote "With all of these Holday mocies I really want a holiday Romance" haha ELder Casteel would tease me and tell me how we wwere going to practice on my love life skills I would get red and say no In my Melissa voice. Now I know just a little bit how she feel when I tried to hold her hand in Castco. Elder Casteel did the same thing to my in the back of the car he turned to me and asked if you had to hold a girls hand how would you do it while holding out his hand so I would show him I did it wrong on purpose and he died and said I'll teach you then I did it the right way it isn't so much fun being on the other end when you get embarrassed. Well yes it is still fun. Well time is out. Just send my an adapter and old memory card and I will send picture soon. :) Love you all.