Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th

Dear, Family i got the Cd's thanks Guys!! How much were they? :) I had my very first baptism!!! Enriqueta Hernadez!!!! It was so spiritual!! I almost started to cry at the begining but I held it all in. :) When she came up out of the water she was so happy and had a huge smile on her face!! I loved your letters too they were awesome!! I love the pictures of Ruby she is sooo cute!! Is she big for her age? Turkey day was crazy!! We had 3 dinner appoiontments!! I died that night!! haha 2 months ago I started to drink Aunt Mellonee Milk good old 0% to be no so fat! haha It is taking me some time to get use to it :0 us right now we are super blessed to have 10 investigators with a BD! Crazy but now we need to work hard to make them become progressing investigators. Also I forgot to tell you how I crashed on my bike about a month ago... Haha so I was with Elder Stott who came out with me and Elder Willams and all our companions were in McAllen at training and we were in Elder Stott's area working riding on bikes and we get to this dirt road and start riding together all side by side. Well you now me I love being in the middle and Elder Stott comes up with this great idea to make a chain were he graps me handle bar and Elder Williams Does the same on the otherside... That only lasted a short time were Elder Stoot let go and it made the bike jerk to Elder Williams making my bike go sideways and then me slamming to the ground and almost and doing a front flip on the dirt road siding on top of my head a for a little bit thank goodness for helmets haha. I didn't even get hurt at all! I get had tons of dirt and was laughting the whole way down and up!! hahah Elder Stott and Williams thought I was hurt really bad but I wasn't haha! I think this next transfer I am going to be transfered to a different place pero quien sabe?
How was your Turkey Dad? I am glad to hear work is slowing down a little bit for ya. How is life going for you!? I can feel your prayers everyday that I am out here it is crazy! I would think to be on the safe side to send my packages to the mission home because I might be transferred right before Christmas? I think time is going so fast down here it is crazy!! and also still hot! Like swimming weather in Idaho. haha No I don't need deodorant or anything like that. I just buy that stuff at Wal-mart. I hope Kenna and Melissa are having a blast in Flordia! That sounds like crazy fun! Don't go on a family trip without me like you did Mike. :p Meaah I want to buy a really Christmas tree if they sell those down here I want to smell that pino!! Tell everyone that I say hi!!! The whole Alambama Wilding Family!! :) I hope that they are doing good without Nathan... Ask them when are they going to move back to Idaho the promised land of the Lord haha. I am singing Christmas songs like crazy with my companion He Loves Christmas songs!! Too! I think that you can send me a small Hymn book in English to sing to the investigators I have that only speak english not that many but I have them? Yea I have to sing infront of members and Investigators and right now ELder Hardin as a great singing voice like hermoso and I always mess up in English singing those hymns so just think how bad it is in Espanol!! bahaha Pruuttyy bad!! :) But he makes up for the rest of  it :)!! I can't think of anything else to right that pops in to my head right now but? Love you soo Much!!
AMor, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Trayner
Yes first bapitsm of my whole mission was yesterday!!!! Waaoohh!! Not only that but it felt nice to see all the families and people that we have been working with start to become more and more active. Enriqueta was baptized yesterday and it was a very awesome spiritual experience. I am working really good with Elder Hardin he is helping me out a ton in the work.
Right now we have been blessed by the Lord to have 10 people with BDs but now our focus and work is having them attend church to process to baptism. We only had one person attend yesterday it was a lady named Janet that we found her and her husband on saturday. Her husband stayed back and watched the kids because I don't think they understood that there are classes for them. They have 5 kids under the age of 6 and one on the way super soon!! crazy!
Also it was a little slower last week becuase all our investigators were busy with the holidays and going out of town. I hope and pray that we can work really hard to have all of are investigator come to church. We have tons of investigators now but now we need to work with them to start preparing for baptism more.
Amor, Wilding

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19th

Estimos, Everyone!
I am loving my new companion. He is a super great missionary and is so good at calling people to repent! He is bien-mega Chiflado that is super exciting and he loves singing CHRISTMAS songs!! I think on El dia de pavo we will be having maybe a dinner with the members and hopefully having set appointments that day because everone will be super busy so missionary work will be slow. Karlee turned in her papers that is super cool!! Eso no puede ser!! Mentiras! Meah!! This past week though Elder Harin and I found 8 new people!!! and 6 accepted to be baptized!!! Whatttttt! It was insane!! I know that the Lord sent Elder Hardin here for a reason!! The Cd's not yet... But I might need the Testiments again sorry Enriqueta who is going to be baptized wanted it. And when you get it I might need you to burn me some so just in case I loose it or scrat it. I can't think of anything right now for christmas maybe it you can get the movie... The profet Jose Smith The profet of the restoration in spanish because mine is only in English and yes I looked at it twice. Really I can't think of anything but I will let you know. You saw me singing haha that is awesome do I look old? I feel fat! So cute story I gave a baby a healing blessing in spanish yesterday and went I started she graped my leg and just held on to it the whole time she was super cute. It made my want to Hold and see Ruby it is hard not being able to hold babies. Time is going so fast thought it is crazy!! Jackson as been out a year and I have been for 6 months that is a quarter of my mission!! Como! Elder Hardin loves to sing wordly songs which I was doing so good at not doing but this last week has been super hard! haha Oh my heck right now there is a crazy guy behind my talking about this crazy stuff about Jesus and it is super hard to foucus cuz he is crazy wierd!! hahaha I look crazy people! I will try and be better at picture home I bought 2 cards for my camera so I can send on home and he can have them and then be taking pictures with the other and then when you and saved them you can send my the other card back in an envelop. It has been super cloudy out here and around 60-70 and I have been getting cold becuase I have been so use to because it has been so hot. oh yes I am getting along really good with my new companinon he has been through some tough times on his mission but he is an awesome missionary. Oh tell Tia Vonell thanks for the awesome package otra vez!! I had not tried the spitz from the first time around cuz i didn't want to cry ofr get super trunky!! But I tried them and did so good at not getting to trunky hahaha!!!!!!! Meahh Love you tons!!!
AMor, Elder Wilding!!!!

Querido, President Trayner
Well Elder Hardin and I hit off our area super hard and awesome this week. We went by some inactive members and had awesome lessons finding their doubts. Elder Hardin is is really good at calling people to repent!!
We also have been working with part-member families in our area Mary and Cezar. Cezar is momor and was baptized in 1993 and went inactive about 2ish years ago? Mary is Christain and only wants to know why she has to be baotized again.
Then we found a awesome family of 5 The Sanchez family. Elder Aguilar and I blessed their home and then set a return appointment. They are accepted BD's for the 16th. That was saturday night and the wanted to attend church but they were helping out with a cancer thing sunday. They were excited to learn how to pray too!!
Then Last night we found a guy named Angel that has 2 friends on missions and he accepted a BD and wants to have a Guide in his life and know how the church started.
Also enriqueta is looking good for the 25th of November to be baptized she is reading pretty far in the book of Mormon and wants all her family to come to her baptism!
I am excited that we found lots of prepared people in our are this week.
Amor Elder Wilding

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13

Mom is sick. hijole no puede ser! haha I just got a new companion today Elder Hardon from Ohio he is super cool and Ciflado and Elder Aguilar went to Larado. I think that I HAVE ONe one more transffer here with Elder Hardon so He can train a new companion here. That is good that you are get some Elk and having some success. I can't believe how fast the time is going by it feels like yesterday yall were dropping me off at the MTC!! We had to move Enriqueta"s baptism back a bit cuz she had to work a little on sundays and she waqnts her whole family to come and watch and feel the spirit at her baptism. Mike and kim what is the Code to the little bike lock that is on my bike it is a Word one? I am ecited to see what we can do to help our area have more exito. eLDER Aguilar and I reactivated so many families and people even if we didn't baptize any people together. I can feel your prayers for me everydday that I get up and work. I hope everything is super good for you guys and that evrything is good. I know that I have the best family and friends in the word. It is cold down here I am freezing!! The last time they got snow was about 4 years ago they usually never get snow. It has been super hot down here thought the people say that usually never is this Hot so late. I can't think of a better day tp be a missionary than today! Mike and kim thanks for the Pictures and the letters i loved them!! tell Vonell thanks for the awesome Candy too!!

Awesome side Note: Alex Lemmon was sitting next to me as I read this! He knows Kyle's companion! He met him on his mission in Ohio!!!! It's a small world after all!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

He sent pictures!

So I started a "Get Pictures from Kyle Campaign" - These are the results:

There is no explanation about any of the pictures except that he was super excited to find this street sign with his name!

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5th!

Hey everyone!! No It is fine about the kick-stand We had to go to the bike shop anyways and I had to buy liner and tread for muy bike I keep getting so many flats. That is funny about the CD's in english :) You found the Indian Creek pictures ahhaha. ALso I need a picture of the whole family of the ones we took at Indian creek when people ask me if I have one I don't :) Yea the hurricanes over there I thought I was in hurricane central. That is crazy!! That is crazy no one has got an Elk!! Do Mike and I need to do our Elk dance?! :P Meaahhh I wish that we had carpet in our apartment it is just tile and I hate mopping and sweeping!! haha I miss the vacuum cleaner. I am doing really good the spanish is coming lots better I don't have to pay attention as much to understand it. I can feel your prayers for me everyday and come to find out it just isn't our district and companionship that is having a hard time it is the whole mission. In october as a mission we only baptized 40 some people with 175 missionaries. ssss We fasted yesterday as a mission and started a 40 day spirtual fast on things we need to work on. No Dad I know that you still love me tons I loved hearing from you and I know the scattering of Isreal is so true and it is so cool that I get to be apart of it! I know you love me tons:)   I can't believe how nic ethe weather is down here still! People think it is cold but it isn't! :) I sent you pictures I hope that you like them I am really bad at taking pictures my cimpanion is tho so that is good!! :) We does Melissa and Kenna go to Florida?! They are just taking tons of vactions Califonia and now this :p meahhhh Mom have you called Sister Harris she has pictures and stories for yall? :) haha How is life going other than new carpet crazy!! Dad I bet you are just super tired after work some days when we eat with our members at 8 for dinner I am so tired I can't pay attention to there spanish I just put my head to the eating a when they are talking then they are asking me a question hahah I just look up and say... Mandeme or Como como como ha so funny story about Elder Kyle Williams He goes to change his tire and when he goes to blow up the tube he asked his companion I just blow it in right... bahahah His Companion ELder Stewart Says yes... then he trys to blow in it a couple of times then to find out he says wait don't I need a pumped bahaha We laugh so Hard!!! Elder Williams is the one Who did know how to work the washing machine or dryer and did know how to lock the door with out his Keys. Like just locking the door from the inside then shutting it. haha I also found I street in our area that is named KYle street! Sweet! I think I will have a new companion really soon too I think that Elder Aguilar is going to get trannsfer his as been here for 6 months all ready. crazy I can't believe too that I am be ou tfor 6 months where is the time going!! Crazy before you know it christmas will be here!! I hope you know I am doing super good and love for you and pray for you guys everyday and night!! I am doing super good I am becoming a better person than I was the day before and that is how it should be. Oh read your scriptures too and pray everynight Jesus taught that when he came to the Americas. Also I hope you guys are better at keeping the Sabboth day holy I was bad! Like no worldly music and no movie that draw a way the spirit like pg-13 movies. Disney movies, sweet church, and other movies that don't draw that don;'t help the spirit ofd the Lord are ok too. We all want more blessing and this will bring it. :D I love you tons and I hope the jACE  gets and Elk that would be awesome!! les amo mucho en mi corazon. No tengo ningun duda in mi corazin acerca de ese!! Se que estamos in the camino de Dios cada dia. espero que tengan mucho exito en tus vidas cada segundo!! My spelling is bad in spanish and English Ha!! Lo siento! :p Que Padre esa vida!!
AMor Elder Wilding!