Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th

SO jelaous of you guys watching the olympics haha :p Yea I can get packages down here. :) I don't know about you sending them in a letter of email? Try email and if I do have time I will read rthem and if I don't I won't? Ha I am doing super good down here!! Hahaha MY trainer says I am the crazyest companion he has had so far!! baha he also says I am close to his funnyest!! :) We are doing so good!! When we teach in english our companion unity is so good it is crazy!! ahaha Spanish is good too :) ahaha This was a rougher week and a better week all at the same time but that is how it goes :) I am so so blessed to have such a awesome family as you guys!! The people we teach down here ask if we even understand their problems and hard time cuz we are so young but I know that you have shaped me into the person I am today!! :) I know that everything that happens is for a reason!! I know that this is The true Church of Jesus Christ! People down here love love love their "Bible" and they always try to shake our testimonies but I know that this is the only true chirch and people need to hear this!! Edinburg has about a population of poky and chubbuck and there is only one church!! crazy! It is crazy to hear that people really haven't ever heard about our church?! But I am loving the work and love you guys so much!! :) Hey did you not read my blessing! :P I will keep praying for you guys!! Tell dad my car isn'tt that bad :P haha Also tell everyone to go swimming for me cuz I am in a very poor area but everyone has one of thise big walmart pools that looks so good to jump in then jump back out! ahaha jk :)Well times up. LOve you guys so so much!! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st Missionary Experience: Letter

Sorry Ran out of time at library. So we set up an appointment with her in 2 days. And she is so excited she tells us I want your number just so you guys don't forget! Haha So when we go to teach we are thinking Gospel of  (symbol of something) Christ. So we start talking (we are at her house) about what she felt that night. And she starts telling us her feelings. She told us it was like Jesus touching her should and she could tell more then ever God loved her and her family. My Campanero and I smile huge! She starts asking, on the edge of her sit in a louder-excited ton of voice, you guys know what that is!?!?! Tell me I want to know! I smile huge and say yes that is what we planned to teach about. :) She is dying by this time. Her name is Betty she has 29 years, and 3 daughters April 16, LLuvia (rain in Spanish) 10, Mesia4. They were all in the lesson and we found out she has a husband.
  However, the lesson is following out and we are teaching to her needs and she is loving it. So so spiritual. So we are teaching and in the middle of it She asks. Hey where is your church? Invite me to your church!! (another symbol) We can come right? Why haven't you done that!?

  We are dying! Well we usually invite at the end of the lesson but us. Will you come to church with us on Sunday?
     So we keep going in the lesson. We teach about the Holy Ghost and (another symbol but this one we figured out was baptism) Asking her how it would be to be completely clean and have the guide of the spirit?! So I go to commit her to baptism but she keeps talking about how she is feeling right then and and stuff like that, So I finally ask her, Betty will you follow the example of Christ and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by someone having the authority of God?
   Right as I stop right! She asks when!?!?! Ha oh my goodness! Usually they say yes or no or maybe or something to that effect. And when they say yes that is when you tell them when they hold the baptism service. But she was so excited she skipped the yes no part and went to the other!
    So I tell her August 19th. Then I am to ask her 16 and 10 year old. But, before I can she points to her daughter and says she told me a couple of months ago she would be baptized. She tells me ask my 2 girls. My youngest is to young right?!?! I am dying cuz the other times I committed people it was no. The new missionary "verdecito" gets to do all the invites to be baptized.
    So I asked the 16 year old and she said yes with a huge smile. Ha also the 4 and 10 year girls started playing in a small tiny pool at the end of the lesson so I committed A GIRL IN A POOL!! She said Yes! Haha I love the mission!
    They ended up not coming to church because they got a flat in their car and she didn't know how to change it. So she had a donut on that day and could drive far cuz it is far and we are in Mexico and the calles are rough!  But went back to see if she was alright and asked her to see if her husband wanted to, but he isn't interested but she said oh I don't care we are still in! :) Pray for them like crazy I know there is going to be bump in the road pray we can overcome them!!
    ... Hey look me up on google maps and you can see my apartment :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23rd 2nd letter!- And 1st missionary experience

Sorry the Car broke down!!! MY red car has always been tons better than the green one anyways!! :P I just bet it is hot!! haha Things are going so good down here it is crazy!!! Language is going super good and fast!!! I can feel your prays everyday!! :) Crazy story... Doing planning in the night about 9:15 and get a knock on the door?? Who could it be? My companion opens it and it is a mom and her 2 daughts selling cupcakes for money. She tells what she is doing and asks if we would buy one. I said yes I can if I can give you a card and a book? haha She looks at my puzzled? So I explain what we are cuz we are still in church clothes. BUt then I go look for so money and can't find some so I go back to the door and my companion is finding out where she lives? She lives in our area!!!! Crazy cuz our area starts like 7 mile away!! So I tell her that there is a reason why she came and knocked our door!! That I don't beleive in cowinistines (SP) I tell her we have a way to bless her life and have less stress and more happiness. (She speaks english) Right now another blessing ha!! And she just opens up and starts crying and telling us how she is feeling like god is touching her when we opened the door and started talking!! She is telling us all her needs to teach to!! Yes that makes it so much better!! OH this happened wednesday night!! Out of time I will write in letter!! Pray For matt manuel!! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd

Letter to Robby from Kyle (forwarded by Kyle to me):
ROBBY!!!! My first area is not America!! All the Dogs and Cats still have all all they reproductive parts and have like no hair!! I am in MExico!! the poor part of mexico it is crazy!! The poeple for the most part are super nice they love their Bibles though!! Ohh yes all the Dogs and Cats are Pregnant!! It is crazy funny!! So jealous you go tot hold Ruby!! OH it is KEnna Bday yesterday and Kim's is coming up! :) LOve you tons I pray for you and hope life is treating you right!!! :)   :) Amor ELder Wilding!!
More info for blog! :) (that is  all the note I get)

Letter to Julianne from Kyle:
Ju Ju!! We had a HUGE TExas rain storm down here it was awesome!!! :)Time is so short down here and flying like crazy!!! As Kenna or Melissa gone up to Mackay with you!?! Tell them I say it is a commandment for Elder Wilding to go!! :) haha LOVE you MOSTEST!! :)

No email to my parents this week!

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th

Oh my heck this has been the craziest most funnest week of my life!!!!!!!! I loved the plane so much!! haha everyone on it was laughting at me cuz I keep talking to Elder Sanderson!! Look at the clouds the montains!! haha! I got my bike and I got my a blanket, sheets and a pillow. If you want to send those sheet but I don't really need them now. How did you know I need a camelpack and lights when I keep looking through my backpack all that stuff in there I needed! haha MY Compainion is awesome!! I open the letter to see where I was going and I am in Edingberg North, which is the slum parts of mexico up here! I was so pumped when I read my trainers name!!! Elder Aguliar I knew when I read it he was a native speaker so I am so excited about that!! haha Yeah tell melissa the language is super crazy!! Ha Elder Aguliar has told me I am an answer to his prayers like 5 times :) becuase I had great teachers that pushed us to speak the language in the MTC. He says wow your spanish is pretty good!!! He asks did you know alot but the miss?! haah but I guess his other companion had been out here for 6 months and hated speaking and learning the language. So he told me I prayed and prayed I would just get someone who loved speaking (ha I love speaking and 90% down here don't speak english!) and at least trying to talk to people and learn! haha His parents are for Guatemala but he is from Maryland. He has been speaking both languages his whole life!! He told me I am better than some people who have been out for 8 months but that is the lord not me. Right now it is super hard to find people to teach because everyones trainers are surranded by fence and no truepassing (sp) and huge huge un-neutered dogs!! Or the people we have appointments with will forget or won't be there or be busy or their husbands aren't home and the don't want to come out side and talk cuz it is too hot. I am doing great though I have never been so happy it is awesome!! Oh it waS  fine for my bike to get in  late becuase I am driving my Campanion doesn't have his driving record in. But I am loving this crazy culture and all it has to offer haha. We go to 6 hours of church too becuase we have a spanish and english ward so we have to go to both. I can feel your prayers so much! Elder Wilding 902 Chinese street  apartment #6 Endingberg is my address you have to look up the zip code!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that you get to go to Stanley!! And that everone is doing ok!! Glad Ruby is so awesome!! :D Love love all your letters!! Tell JJ I got to see fireworks but nothin' like hers!!! Hope all is awesome! I pray for you everyday!!! I can feel all your prayer and the blessings that we have and are recieving!! Love everyone tons!!!! LES QUERRO MUCHO CON MI TODO CORAZON! VAYA CON DIOS! TODO TRANQUEILO AUQI Y ALLA!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st Email from the Mission President

10 July 2012

Brother and Sister Wilding,

   We had the privilege of meeting your son, Elder Wilding when he arrived at the McAllen International Airport. He looked great and appears very anxious to go to work.
   We are grateful to have Elder Wilding in the Texas McAllen Mission. Already he has impressed us as a well-prepared young man with a great spirit and a desire to serve the Lord. He has had excellent training and orientation at the Missionary Training Center in Provo in preparing for missionary labors here in South Texas. Your support from home will be of great value to him as he serves his mission.
   Elder Wilding‘s first assignment area is in the Edinburg Zone. His first companion is Elder Aguillar who is from Utah.  Elder Aguillar is an outstanding missionary, and your son will receive excellent training under his direction. Their address is as follows:

902 Chinese #6
Edinburg, TX  78539

   We thank you for sharing your son with us. We are confident that he will bless the lives of many people here in South Texas while serving as a missionary. May the Lord bless you abundantly while he is in the mission field and always.
With warm regards, 
Stephen J. Trayner, President
Sister Sandy Trayner
Texas McAllen Mission

Saturday, July 7, 2012

June 28th (Special Letter)

This is a letter to Michael, Kim, Melissa, and Kenna!!! I just want to tell you guys I love you guys so much!!!!! Also I have the best family in the world!!!! You have shaped your younger brother into a good person and I am very very greatful of you guys. I see and hear of the other missonaries stories and family and what they went through!!! Yo gustaria dego mi testimo. Yo se que yo tengo mejor famila in la tierra hoy Yo se que la Iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los Ultimos dias es verdaderro yo se que Jesucristo es nuestros salvador y conoce por nuestro nombres y ama nos mas tanto nostros saberamos. Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta verdaderro y enviaba a la tierra en estes Ultimos dias. Yo amo me familia y mis amigos con todo mi corazon. yo se que mis padres son el mejor padres y aman nos con sus corazons y yo se que ellos estan orando por nos cada dia. Yo dijo este cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen. I also love all the people around me that helped me all our extended family and JJ and everyone!!!!!! Love you all!! Les querro mucho!! Todo tranquielo! Amar Elder Wilding!!

Translation of Testimony done by Shaun Lemmon:
I would like to say my testimony. I know that I have the best family in the world. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and he knows our names and he loves us so much more than we will ever know. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and was sent to the earth in these last days.  I love my family and my friends with all my heart. I know my parents are the best parents and love us with all their hearts and they pray for us every day. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.