Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd

Letter to Robby from Kyle (forwarded by Kyle to me):
ROBBY!!!! My first area is not America!! All the Dogs and Cats still have all all they reproductive parts and have like no hair!! I am in MExico!! the poor part of mexico it is crazy!! The poeple for the most part are super nice they love their Bibles though!! Ohh yes all the Dogs and Cats are Pregnant!! It is crazy funny!! So jealous you go tot hold Ruby!! OH it is KEnna Bday yesterday and Kim's is coming up! :) LOve you tons I pray for you and hope life is treating you right!!! :)   :) Amor ELder Wilding!!
More info for blog! :) (that is  all the note I get)

Letter to Julianne from Kyle:
Ju Ju!! We had a HUGE TExas rain storm down here it was awesome!!! :)Time is so short down here and flying like crazy!!! As Kenna or Melissa gone up to Mackay with you!?! Tell them I say it is a commandment for Elder Wilding to go!! :) haha LOVE you MOSTEST!! :)

No email to my parents this week!

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