Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Dear Family,
I log on today to discover how many e-mails I have received? For me 5 in the Inbox My companion 24!! What! Out of my 5 2 for mission stuff and the other 3 Karlee, Justin, and Mellone. I hope that nothing bad happened? Jk I know you are doing just fine. It has been raining like crazy down here it is awesome we have only been stuck in it once on the bikes. So that was nice. Also There was, I guess, a huge tropical storm heading our way? Well that is what the people told us? We also received how to be prepared packets from the new in wal mart in our bags but who knows? Has it been raining a lot up there? How is the first day of school for Mike and Melissa? It will be weird not to have all the kids running around outside but in school now. I can't think of funny stories this week? The 2 people that were baptized it was a huge blessing the were both part member families and Salvador who is 19 has been going to church for a year with his mom and now is joining her. His mom was so happy and he was so happy too. Also Ruby!! I how awesome is that name!! Her mom was baptized in May and has seen huge trials after but has stayed strong and things are working out. When I say huge trails they were bug like her sons were taken hostage by drug people and they wanted money to let them go to having her water and power turned off. The people down here have great faith. Also in the other Elders area they baptized Abel whose mom was baptized about 6 months ago and her son has changed so much and is so much happier. It was a super blessing to be apart of it. Funny story just got one. So there is this lady Sister Cumberland who is about 6 2" Super white has red hair is about 38 and comes to the Spanish ward and speaks Spanish and use to speak French and German but now can only listen to them not speak back very well. She is a huge member missionary and works so well with the youth. So she is going to give a talk in baptism at the baptism. However, before that when all the guys were getting changed and were almost done she is waiting in the hall to see them all dressed in white. so the first to come out is Leo the member who was baptized a little more than a year ago there walks out and she said Leo you are going to baptize and gives him a huge hug and a big kiss on the cheek haha. remember she is 6 2' and he is like 5 6' haha it was the best then she asks who else is in there. Abel pocks his head around the door frame and walks out and same thing a huge hug and kiss on the cheek. Then Salvador who is about her height but only like 140 pounds and is super dubber shy and his face was priceless when you rounded the corner but same thing to him a huge hug and and a bug old kiss. All their little toasted faces turn red it was funny. My companion and I are staying again for one more transfer!! :) So is the small district of Mercedes no one is getting transferred which is nice. I got my pedals it was very nice to have new not broken ones!! :) thanks. I am doing super goo growing and learning tons. Loving the gospel more and more. I can't think of new things to say? I love my companion and get along with him super good. He wants me to marry his cousin Ali so we can be related. oh man my English is bad I though larared is how you say related I keep saying larared in my head to spell it out instead of related. opps hahah I am super blessed to have a family like you!! I love you guys and miss you so much!! :) I hope that everything is just fine and that you have a wonderful week. Love you tons.

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Pedals thank you so much!!!! So we will start out will funny stories before I forget them. So last week I cut my hair myself... Well we all know what that means haha jk it is different this time. I was cutting it and all those years of making fun of Dad and Mikes hair well the lack of. I was cuttnig it and yes the top its growing like the sides are!!!! :'( I am going bald it is afishall (Sp) Ihave accepted the fact that my golden hair is not like it use to be. Also next story I know a Elder Sivla that works in the same ward as I do and He worked up in Laredo when I did. He is from Brigham City and he went to Box Elder and knows Jackson and Alexis. so on the way home we start to talk about this my companion and the other elders. Then My companion says to me Well I have Cousins that live up there too. Well step cousins he says. ME just joking around says I bet I know them.?!? What are there names? You don't know them he says. They are the Walentine. I don't know them I replied? What are there first names? The first name he says Ali Walintine. ahhahah What? I had a "thing" with her (If you want to call it that) When I said that he didn't believe me. Partly becuase whill having pillow talk We confirmed Elder Wilding never really kissed a girl 7th grade doesn't really count. Then he says oh you do what does she look like then. Sp I tell he everything also that she played vball and makes you lauh. Ha I might be embarrassed if  My Aunt Melleone and sweet Cousin Alexis send this to Ali? So such a small world it is that it is like that also small world. Elder Casteel tells me to marry her so we can some how be laraded (Sp)?  I also talked to a guy in Wal mart that just got home from a missiona 2 months ago in the pocatello mission. cool. He never severed in our stake. Suoper sorry I got the computer again wwith no spell check I can't speak English right or spanish and can spell either of them right hahahahah jk. Learning a lot out here. Transfers are in a week crazy to think they are already here. That is so crazy that michaell and Melissa start so soon!? How far away d mIke and Kim Life from Huntin camp? :) Also I want poictures of there new house and our house. Also we had a lesson out in a field this last week at 3 o'clock and there was no clouds or shade and I was facing the sun the whole time so I got super burnt I thought that I was already dark from being down here but that didn't happen. I will send pictures it is funny. Also made a birthday cake this week for my campions bday that was a little bit back. I gave him a complex ( I know that word from Corey Farnsworth) Becuase one day he was saying how good he looks just playing around and I told him that he is conceded ( learned that word through a furgy songs before the mission of couse ha) and he was like what does that mean??? And I wouldn't tell he then he asked Elder Jackson when we were don't serve and he said oh I know that word that is you. and so My poor compion didn't find out then I sang the Song "Your so vain" That I though through Melissa ann and he didn't know what that meant so then I laught and told him then he says hey why do you call my that? I said i was joking so I gave him a complez. I also know what the word Abyss is becuase I had to look it up in spanish becuase they are similar becuase if I didn't I wouldn't have know what that was. Aunt Mellenoe used it in her email to describe the drive way. :D I hope that you are all understanding this email becuase I don't know if I am giving enough back ground to understand it. It is like when I went to your family class before I left I feel like you if you really know me you understand me and know where I am going and what I am talking about. :D If not ask. I also fun a half written letter to Kyns from like 5 months ago That I am hoping to finish today and send it. :) Also can't believe the summer is fading so fast before you know it Michael the Elk will start to go in to the rut becuase it will start to cool off but down here no. :) I am learning so much and love being a missionary and love my companion and my area with all my heart. I love training it is an adventure that never stops. Oh another story before I end. SO we have been trying to reactiveate a super cool less active spanish family so last night we ran out to see what happened with church and to tell them we missed them there. We are over there and the Hermana had to go to court this last week for something with not having papers... Well lets just say I am not to well with  that kind of vocabulary in English so I can't expect it to be better in Spanish. ahaha There was a lot of Como? Mande? Que? No se que sinifica eso? In that conversation. haha she can laughing at me I was having a hard time to understand her? Then she is working on her trailer so we ask what she needs to do more so we can help? She then starts to ask us if he know how to do this or that talk about construction words and power tools. Dad would know that. I don't know them in English that well so I dont in spanish. hahah I left feeling like I didn't speak spanish. haha So while riding back to the Apartment Elder Casteel What was she saying? Ha I don't know I say just about court and other stuff she has to work on. I got the most part just not all :p Love you tons!!! I will be praying for all of you!! I love you had miss you tons!! :)

 Birthday Cake with new tshirt from family
El es Chiflado 
 Sun Burn
 Other Sun Burn
A crazy pic it reminds me when Mike had the where's mike pic from miss
(I have no clue what this means but this is what Kyle labeled the photo)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Aug 12, 2013

I Minnie missionary is when a high school kid comes out and works in your area for a week either you get 2 for your area and one goes with you and the other with your companion. So we had him for a week. We were also able to have our Minnie missionary come down and baptize one of our investigators( he was the only lesson in English we had last week) SO  by a miracle Anthony Jacob Sanchez got baptized right before he was suppose to leave to college. He has been taking lessons off and on for a while now. We are working hard through our members and recent converts. We have a lady that has about 15 family members that live in our area and she loves sharing the gospel with them. She has had a family home evening and she has no fear to invite them over and we teach them in her house it is super cool. :) Also scary story!! Mom don't by worried ok! so we were going home on ours bikes down a dirt road by the canal in a poor part of town. With our bike lights also so we don't get hit by cars. Well we were riding and it is dark and off the side of the road in the brush we see a eye glowing in the darkness and we both see it and scream just a bit and say do you see that?! then I start pelting fast and past my companion then another scary eye boll of a creatures poops out of we scream and start pelting as fast as we can so we don't get hurt/killed it was fight or flight and we had flight then the eyes disappear and come back aahhhh run I mean bike!! Then when we are super scarred we find out it is harmless fire flies!! bahah We are so dumb we were so scared of them at first! I bet Heavenly Father was laughing and saying dummies So nothing happened just Gods blinking lights. that was fun. I am loving my area and can fell the miracles everyday. Also before I forget I need you to send my peddles for my bike there are some at Wal-Mart for 10 dollars that I need you to send to me. there are medal and for 10 bucks. I am in a place where the stores don't have them. That would be nice. Yes I want pictures of Mike and Kim's' House!! Also was the video super short? You panted the house I bet it is super ugly!?! I want pictures? like poop brown? that is a  big jump from baby blue to poop brown? I love my companion to he is a fun kid who loves the work.  That is crazy about the new mission calls I will look at for the Elder that is coming here. How was swimming? I got Knys letter!! It took some time because it went to my other apartment. Also had 3 days of training last week in McAllen. I had to look up so new words in Spanish that our Mission President uses and also His Wife they use different vocab sometimes because I was talking Sister Maluenda and She didn't know some of the words I used in Spanish. haha I can't think of much more to write? Pues I can say summer has gone so fast that it is crazy!! Hey did Mike or Dad draw on Elk? Or did you already tell me that I forgot? I love you guys so much and miss you too. I think about you ever now and then. ahha :D jk I love this work I feel your love everyday! I hope that everything is all good and well.   And some cow tails in with pedals!! It can be a super small package I just need them.

Elder Kyle Mark Wilding
529 Apt # 10 West 3rd  street
Mercedes Texas ( opps forgot the zip code you have to look it up)

 So Handsome
 Other mini missionary in our area
 Baha all tuckered out!! I came out from going poop and found this. :)
 minni missionary on the right Anthony on the left
My Companion is Huge

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Family!! :) We were so blessed last week to receive only 2 mini missionaries in the district and not 4 I thing it would have been crazier. Well Ours we had his name is Keygan and that was super hard for the Spanish people to say. Also we only knows pure English and Hola in Spanish. This last week we only had 1 lesson in English. I felt so bad for him, however he there would ask him to say one of the prayers because they could get the most of it. we had almost 3 lessons in English because the family understood English but it was easier for them to understand in Spanish. Keygan was in the English ward in my first area so I knew him from there. He also passed out when you was with us we were in the car for a 30 minute drive and when we arrived he got out and passed out into me while at his side, so I couldn't catch him, and he hit is head 3 times on the pavement.  I felt so bad. Also because we are all bike we borrowed one of the Elder's bikes so we wouldn't have to walk we did that the first day and Died. He did know how to ride a bike super good and feel a lot not big ones just little ones. He crashed super bad and flipped over the handle bars and ripped his pants and got his knee scrapped pretty good. He was a trooper though he loved it and learned so much is what he told us. We taught him how to say Heavenly father in Spanish so he could pray like that to his family. He was a cool kid and it was fun having him. I am in a ward Spanish and English. We are located in Mercedes Texas a small town outside of everything so I like it. We live right next door to the other Elders so it isn't bad being in a 2 man because they are right there. My companion and I get a long super good and it is his Bday today so I will tell him happy birthday today for you. Haha another story about not knowing what was going on because it was Spanish lessons is we were all praying a Keygan started to eat while we were with a less active family eating and he didn't know we were praying. opps. I love my new area it is an adventure on the bike. A think I am slowly getting  back into shape. My companion probably thinks other wise. It might be sometime till I fix my bike we are far for the bike shop.  That is so nice to hear that for Kenna!! Melissa that is the funniest story I think I have ever heard did you know he worked there? I gave a lot of ties to my comp today for his bday cuz I Have way to many. My area is a newer area the spilt  one big one last year and made our right in the middle of town so I is new and has been growing really good. I will get the address new week so you can look at it on google maps. I love being a missionary everyday and love you guys and miss you too. I can feel of your love for my everyday. :) I will talk to you later. :D

 Old apartment forget to take one of the new district Opps
Robles Recent converts Laredo 
 The Chick Family recent converts in Laredo 
 Pantoja Family got baptized 2 weeks ago (not dad cuz work)
 Marlen Ramirez In Gray got Baptized 2 weeks ago too :D
 transfers Sister Vidal going home was in my greenie district
 My companion Is huge!! Right? :) people tell him he looks like the new super man guy off the movie
 Today is his Birthday he is so pumped
Our mini missionary we had the past week