Monday, August 12, 2013

Aug 12, 2013

I Minnie missionary is when a high school kid comes out and works in your area for a week either you get 2 for your area and one goes with you and the other with your companion. So we had him for a week. We were also able to have our Minnie missionary come down and baptize one of our investigators( he was the only lesson in English we had last week) SO  by a miracle Anthony Jacob Sanchez got baptized right before he was suppose to leave to college. He has been taking lessons off and on for a while now. We are working hard through our members and recent converts. We have a lady that has about 15 family members that live in our area and she loves sharing the gospel with them. She has had a family home evening and she has no fear to invite them over and we teach them in her house it is super cool. :) Also scary story!! Mom don't by worried ok! so we were going home on ours bikes down a dirt road by the canal in a poor part of town. With our bike lights also so we don't get hit by cars. Well we were riding and it is dark and off the side of the road in the brush we see a eye glowing in the darkness and we both see it and scream just a bit and say do you see that?! then I start pelting fast and past my companion then another scary eye boll of a creatures poops out of we scream and start pelting as fast as we can so we don't get hurt/killed it was fight or flight and we had flight then the eyes disappear and come back aahhhh run I mean bike!! Then when we are super scarred we find out it is harmless fire flies!! bahah We are so dumb we were so scared of them at first! I bet Heavenly Father was laughing and saying dummies So nothing happened just Gods blinking lights. that was fun. I am loving my area and can fell the miracles everyday. Also before I forget I need you to send my peddles for my bike there are some at Wal-Mart for 10 dollars that I need you to send to me. there are medal and for 10 bucks. I am in a place where the stores don't have them. That would be nice. Yes I want pictures of Mike and Kim's' House!! Also was the video super short? You panted the house I bet it is super ugly!?! I want pictures? like poop brown? that is a  big jump from baby blue to poop brown? I love my companion to he is a fun kid who loves the work.  That is crazy about the new mission calls I will look at for the Elder that is coming here. How was swimming? I got Knys letter!! It took some time because it went to my other apartment. Also had 3 days of training last week in McAllen. I had to look up so new words in Spanish that our Mission President uses and also His Wife they use different vocab sometimes because I was talking Sister Maluenda and She didn't know some of the words I used in Spanish. haha I can't think of much more to write? Pues I can say summer has gone so fast that it is crazy!! Hey did Mike or Dad draw on Elk? Or did you already tell me that I forgot? I love you guys so much and miss you too. I think about you ever now and then. ahha :D jk I love this work I feel your love everyday! I hope that everything is all good and well.   And some cow tails in with pedals!! It can be a super small package I just need them.

Elder Kyle Mark Wilding
529 Apt # 10 West 3rd  street
Mercedes Texas ( opps forgot the zip code you have to look it up)

 So Handsome
 Other mini missionary in our area
 Baha all tuckered out!! I came out from going poop and found this. :)
 minni missionary on the right Anthony on the left
My Companion is Huge

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