Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Dear Family,
I log on today to discover how many e-mails I have received? For me 5 in the Inbox My companion 24!! What! Out of my 5 2 for mission stuff and the other 3 Karlee, Justin, and Mellone. I hope that nothing bad happened? Jk I know you are doing just fine. It has been raining like crazy down here it is awesome we have only been stuck in it once on the bikes. So that was nice. Also There was, I guess, a huge tropical storm heading our way? Well that is what the people told us? We also received how to be prepared packets from the new in wal mart in our bags but who knows? Has it been raining a lot up there? How is the first day of school for Mike and Melissa? It will be weird not to have all the kids running around outside but in school now. I can't think of funny stories this week? The 2 people that were baptized it was a huge blessing the were both part member families and Salvador who is 19 has been going to church for a year with his mom and now is joining her. His mom was so happy and he was so happy too. Also Ruby!! I how awesome is that name!! Her mom was baptized in May and has seen huge trials after but has stayed strong and things are working out. When I say huge trails they were bug like her sons were taken hostage by drug people and they wanted money to let them go to having her water and power turned off. The people down here have great faith. Also in the other Elders area they baptized Abel whose mom was baptized about 6 months ago and her son has changed so much and is so much happier. It was a super blessing to be apart of it. Funny story just got one. So there is this lady Sister Cumberland who is about 6 2" Super white has red hair is about 38 and comes to the Spanish ward and speaks Spanish and use to speak French and German but now can only listen to them not speak back very well. She is a huge member missionary and works so well with the youth. So she is going to give a talk in baptism at the baptism. However, before that when all the guys were getting changed and were almost done she is waiting in the hall to see them all dressed in white. so the first to come out is Leo the member who was baptized a little more than a year ago there walks out and she said Leo you are going to baptize and gives him a huge hug and a big kiss on the cheek haha. remember she is 6 2' and he is like 5 6' haha it was the best then she asks who else is in there. Abel pocks his head around the door frame and walks out and same thing a huge hug and kiss on the cheek. Then Salvador who is about her height but only like 140 pounds and is super dubber shy and his face was priceless when you rounded the corner but same thing to him a huge hug and and a bug old kiss. All their little toasted faces turn red it was funny. My companion and I are staying again for one more transfer!! :) So is the small district of Mercedes no one is getting transferred which is nice. I got my pedals it was very nice to have new not broken ones!! :) thanks. I am doing super goo growing and learning tons. Loving the gospel more and more. I can't think of new things to say? I love my companion and get along with him super good. He wants me to marry his cousin Ali so we can be related. oh man my English is bad I though larared is how you say related I keep saying larared in my head to spell it out instead of related. opps hahah I am super blessed to have a family like you!! I love you guys and miss you so much!! :) I hope that everything is just fine and that you have a wonderful week. Love you tons.

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