Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pictures (email December 26th)

So when talking to Kyle on Christmas we made him feel guilty about pictures! Here are some pictures going all the way back to the MTC! I sure do love this boy!
This is Kyle's MTC companion! I don't remember his name!

This is Kyle's first baptism!

This is Kyle and Enrqueta with his companion for Ohio!

December 26

Dear, Family and friends!!
Wow it was crazy to hear the voices of the fam! haha I think that you guys can be able to know more that is happening down here on my mission is to go on my email after I have looked at Presiedents email and the APs email if you want? There is a translation button on the top If President writes in Espanol? :) I am so happy to have been able to talk to everyone and I hope that you know I am super happy haha changing everyday in a good way but as you heard I am still happy goffy me which is good!!? :) This one  is going to be short cuz I want to send my card home here really soon!! LOve you tons!! And Melissa I love your email!! Justin yes i approve as him as your boyfriend I am so happy for you guys!!!! Send me the anouncements!!!! Meaaahhh :p

(I am not dating anyone! I am going to have a blog to explain my part)

Dear, President Trayner
I am so excited have had the oportunity to have my first Christmas as a missonary here in McAllen Texas Mission.

We have been working to find more investigators this past week to make all our other numbers to go up too. We were blessed to have Herny come to church in this bussy time of the year his wife dropped him off becuase his eyes aren't that good enought to drive. He sounded like he was planing on coming back next week.

We were also blessed to have a guy named Ed come to church he has been taking lessons on the phone with the missonaries in Salt Lake and has almost finished the book of Mormon!

I love working with Elder Hardin he has and is teaching me a lot of good things. We are working together really good and hope to make the work fly in the area.

Also I want to share how I am greatful to have talked with my family it wants me to be better at the work everyday and be a better missonary. One thing that i though was a cool experience I had talking with them is My Mom asked me if I felt like I was on a vacation? I answered yes to her question pretty fast and they just laugh and then I explained why... I think of a vaction as being fun and full of laughter, learning, and I lot of other things. However, writing in my journal afterwards I thought and wrote that my mission is a vaction but more a journey in my life and for my life para siempre. Vacation/Journey meaning growing, learning, praying, growing closer to my heavenly Father, searching, being greatful for every moment and thing, loving, laughing, understanding, and a lot more that I could put write down.

How wonderful is it to be a missionary!
Amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17

Dear, Family and Friends.
Don't know quit where to start with this letter but I will try and to my best para que sepan esa... Well start out with Monday we went to the mall trying to get a picture with Santa cuz Elder Stewart has done it for his life every year. it was to much money though so we didn't. We looked at watches and decided we don't have that much money. But i felt like a sin walking throught the mall it was been a long time sense I went to the mall and the whole world is going down in like 5 days!! the things that where in there... lets just say I wasn't in the Idaho Pine ridge anymore. But then tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Stewart in my area and he drove the car and lets just say on the night a guys want to come rob 5 cars in our nieghborhood he forgets to lock the car and you know how I hate having a wallet and everything well it was in there and got stolen with everything in there and about 15 dallors. haha Also found out on the day of the zone christmas meeting day so i had to tell president and work with the mission office people on the day that know one is there haha. But know I am find I have enough food cuz you know me and my geines form mom i am enough in my food storage... Also I am not going to be transfered haha I will be serving my 2 years in Edinburgo northe por 2 anos meaahh. :p I so though I was going cuz I have been in my greenie area for a long tome but nope I am excited there is still so much work top be done in this area. I also recieved the packages last monday too!!! :) I also want a christmas tree so bad I have been buying smelly stuff at walmart that are like pine tree smell. Also on tuesday will Elder Stewart We taught a lesson to Eriqueta my recent convert and she read jacob 5 in the Book of mormon and wanted to understand it so we read it with your and explained it... and of course I can't explain it that good in English or know the words in English so in Spanish I just sat there smiling not knowing quit everything and when she would ask a question I just looked at Elder Stewart. Also in the Lesson I kept hearing something like female turkeys.... and I was confused and sure eniough her neighbor had turkeys. Also did you send pillow xcases for the little gift exchange in the mission cuz my compainoin got Idaho spuds and a pillow case that looks like something JJ made and another Elder in my zone got on tooo!? :) aLSO FELL alseep in Sacremtt meeting and about fell over on a member until he helped me and pushed me back up he was lughting at me hahah I have no more time but have more to say love yo ton s and knew you werre making cookies yesterday !1

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th

Dear Family and Friends!!
Yes I got the package and letter from Mis abuelitos!! Haha When I got the package I was so excited and eat 3 cookies with milk. Yummy i also bought sugar cookie dough cuz I can't miss out on that :) Also today it is 55 degrees brrrrrr I love the CD's too they help me out on my spanish studies!! :) The Idaho Calendar made my yell OH YES A IDAHO CALANDAR!!! Haha my roomates laughted at me :) Holy crap that is so exciting about Karster!!! Is it spanish speaking or english? I was prayin' for spanish :O Also super quick too!! That is sweet Dante is going on a mission too!! I am doing super good getting fat from all the food and christmas snacks :) I love Christmas so much really wanting some snow though. You'll have no snow? Que lastima! haha I am growing and learning everyday down here in the work of the Lord it is fun! :) That sounds bad about JJ back dolor. I wake up everyday a still have to strech my back cuz it is stiff but that is life. I think it doesn't help that no tengo mi lina! haha pero todo bien I love you guys so much a love your letters a cards and everything I am truely so blessed we the best family and friends. Melissa your quotes from the trip are the best!! ahahaahaha It seems just like yesterday we were headed down to California with are awesome quotes!! "I am going to open the door... are you ready?" bahahashahaha I love quotes ;p meaahhh well runing out of tiempo pero les vayan bien meahh. Os quierro con mi corazon!!  The Os was for Melissa Roberts! :) haha
Amor, Elder Wilding P.S. I love egg nog now until I look at the ingredients and saw that the first one is milk cream and knew that isn't too good for the body! meaah

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd

Fmaily and Friends!!! I had to buy new tread and things for me bike because of all the thones I keep getting tons of flats. The weather is still pretty dang warm. So time is have to wear my jacket but that is in the night when we are outside teaching lessons. No we have so decoration but not a ton that is super sad about all the rain. Yes we watched the first pres message it was super good I thought of dad when it talked about recieving :) ;) No it isn't to cold to buy winder stuff sometime in the day I think it is perfect Idaho swimming weather haha.  I hope decorating goes super fun maybe you with find all the lost DVDs. :) That is so awsome that everyone trips were super fun and exciting!! :) Time is flying so fast for me right now it is crazy!! Watch all the awesome christmas movie I sing the songs ha a ton. Did Karlee recieve her call yet?!?!?!?! That is super crazy! I now before ya know it christmas will be here :0 haha Oh also JJ thanks for the Card I loved it!! I can't remember if I said that last time or not? haha I love you guys tons!! :) Oh also I am getting so out of shape it is super funny. I think if I never hit a bike area I will have to be working out hard to even play vball or anything for that mattter like I use to. :)

This week was a little rough to have set-sitting down lessons with our investigators. We have to move a change some dates with our investigators. It is becuase they are progressing a little bit slower than we want and hope. We didn't have any BD's at church which kills everything else. Our goals are to have more lessons so then coming to church doesn't seem so big for them.

We are having tons of sweet things happening in our area we had an old investigator come to church with her sister who is a member. Also trying to work with two part member family.
One is the Quentilla family and the husband isn't a member but knows that the Book of Mormon is true and gets his family to church and he comes too! We just need to have a good lesson on what is his doubt or what is he wanting for?

The other is the Soliz family the husband is a member and the wife is a strong willed Christian. Brother Soliz final came to church and knows he has to set the example for he family for them to accept the gospel. Oh alsoo has a son of 13 of age.
We are set a new Bd we and old investigator Eric and all his needs were the restoration and we taught it and he said the prayer to know if these things are true and he recieved an answer right there on the spot!

We are trying hard to work smart and with our members more and more it is a little slow right now but I know it will pick up here super soon.
Amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th

Dear, Family i got the Cd's thanks Guys!! How much were they? :) I had my very first baptism!!! Enriqueta Hernadez!!!! It was so spiritual!! I almost started to cry at the begining but I held it all in. :) When she came up out of the water she was so happy and had a huge smile on her face!! I loved your letters too they were awesome!! I love the pictures of Ruby she is sooo cute!! Is she big for her age? Turkey day was crazy!! We had 3 dinner appoiontments!! I died that night!! haha 2 months ago I started to drink Aunt Mellonee Milk good old 0% to be no so fat! haha It is taking me some time to get use to it :0 us right now we are super blessed to have 10 investigators with a BD! Crazy but now we need to work hard to make them become progressing investigators. Also I forgot to tell you how I crashed on my bike about a month ago... Haha so I was with Elder Stott who came out with me and Elder Willams and all our companions were in McAllen at training and we were in Elder Stott's area working riding on bikes and we get to this dirt road and start riding together all side by side. Well you now me I love being in the middle and Elder Stott comes up with this great idea to make a chain were he graps me handle bar and Elder Williams Does the same on the otherside... That only lasted a short time were Elder Stoot let go and it made the bike jerk to Elder Williams making my bike go sideways and then me slamming to the ground and almost and doing a front flip on the dirt road siding on top of my head a for a little bit thank goodness for helmets haha. I didn't even get hurt at all! I get had tons of dirt and was laughting the whole way down and up!! hahah Elder Stott and Williams thought I was hurt really bad but I wasn't haha! I think this next transfer I am going to be transfered to a different place pero quien sabe?
How was your Turkey Dad? I am glad to hear work is slowing down a little bit for ya. How is life going for you!? I can feel your prayers everyday that I am out here it is crazy! I would think to be on the safe side to send my packages to the mission home because I might be transferred right before Christmas? I think time is going so fast down here it is crazy!! and also still hot! Like swimming weather in Idaho. haha No I don't need deodorant or anything like that. I just buy that stuff at Wal-mart. I hope Kenna and Melissa are having a blast in Flordia! That sounds like crazy fun! Don't go on a family trip without me like you did Mike. :p Meaah I want to buy a really Christmas tree if they sell those down here I want to smell that pino!! Tell everyone that I say hi!!! The whole Alambama Wilding Family!! :) I hope that they are doing good without Nathan... Ask them when are they going to move back to Idaho the promised land of the Lord haha. I am singing Christmas songs like crazy with my companion He Loves Christmas songs!! Too! I think that you can send me a small Hymn book in English to sing to the investigators I have that only speak english not that many but I have them? Yea I have to sing infront of members and Investigators and right now ELder Hardin as a great singing voice like hermoso and I always mess up in English singing those hymns so just think how bad it is in Espanol!! bahaha Pruuttyy bad!! :) But he makes up for the rest of  it :)!! I can't think of anything else to right that pops in to my head right now but? Love you soo Much!!
AMor, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Trayner
Yes first bapitsm of my whole mission was yesterday!!!! Waaoohh!! Not only that but it felt nice to see all the families and people that we have been working with start to become more and more active. Enriqueta was baptized yesterday and it was a very awesome spiritual experience. I am working really good with Elder Hardin he is helping me out a ton in the work.
Right now we have been blessed by the Lord to have 10 people with BDs but now our focus and work is having them attend church to process to baptism. We only had one person attend yesterday it was a lady named Janet that we found her and her husband on saturday. Her husband stayed back and watched the kids because I don't think they understood that there are classes for them. They have 5 kids under the age of 6 and one on the way super soon!! crazy!
Also it was a little slower last week becuase all our investigators were busy with the holidays and going out of town. I hope and pray that we can work really hard to have all of are investigator come to church. We have tons of investigators now but now we need to work with them to start preparing for baptism more.
Amor, Wilding

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19th

Estimos, Everyone!
I am loving my new companion. He is a super great missionary and is so good at calling people to repent! He is bien-mega Chiflado that is super exciting and he loves singing CHRISTMAS songs!! I think on El dia de pavo we will be having maybe a dinner with the members and hopefully having set appointments that day because everone will be super busy so missionary work will be slow. Karlee turned in her papers that is super cool!! Eso no puede ser!! Mentiras! Meah!! This past week though Elder Harin and I found 8 new people!!! and 6 accepted to be baptized!!! Whatttttt! It was insane!! I know that the Lord sent Elder Hardin here for a reason!! The Cd's not yet... But I might need the Testiments again sorry Enriqueta who is going to be baptized wanted it. And when you get it I might need you to burn me some so just in case I loose it or scrat it. I can't think of anything right now for christmas maybe it you can get the movie... The profet Jose Smith The profet of the restoration in spanish because mine is only in English and yes I looked at it twice. Really I can't think of anything but I will let you know. You saw me singing haha that is awesome do I look old? I feel fat! So cute story I gave a baby a healing blessing in spanish yesterday and went I started she graped my leg and just held on to it the whole time she was super cute. It made my want to Hold and see Ruby it is hard not being able to hold babies. Time is going so fast thought it is crazy!! Jackson as been out a year and I have been for 6 months that is a quarter of my mission!! Como! Elder Hardin loves to sing wordly songs which I was doing so good at not doing but this last week has been super hard! haha Oh my heck right now there is a crazy guy behind my talking about this crazy stuff about Jesus and it is super hard to foucus cuz he is crazy wierd!! hahaha I look crazy people! I will try and be better at picture home I bought 2 cards for my camera so I can send on home and he can have them and then be taking pictures with the other and then when you and saved them you can send my the other card back in an envelop. It has been super cloudy out here and around 60-70 and I have been getting cold becuase I have been so use to because it has been so hot. oh yes I am getting along really good with my new companinon he has been through some tough times on his mission but he is an awesome missionary. Oh tell Tia Vonell thanks for the awesome package otra vez!! I had not tried the spitz from the first time around cuz i didn't want to cry ofr get super trunky!! But I tried them and did so good at not getting to trunky hahaha!!!!!!! Meahh Love you tons!!!
AMor, Elder Wilding!!!!

Querido, President Trayner
Well Elder Hardin and I hit off our area super hard and awesome this week. We went by some inactive members and had awesome lessons finding their doubts. Elder Hardin is is really good at calling people to repent!!
We also have been working with part-member families in our area Mary and Cezar. Cezar is momor and was baptized in 1993 and went inactive about 2ish years ago? Mary is Christain and only wants to know why she has to be baotized again.
Then we found a awesome family of 5 The Sanchez family. Elder Aguilar and I blessed their home and then set a return appointment. They are accepted BD's for the 16th. That was saturday night and the wanted to attend church but they were helping out with a cancer thing sunday. They were excited to learn how to pray too!!
Then Last night we found a guy named Angel that has 2 friends on missions and he accepted a BD and wants to have a Guide in his life and know how the church started.
Also enriqueta is looking good for the 25th of November to be baptized she is reading pretty far in the book of Mormon and wants all her family to come to her baptism!
I am excited that we found lots of prepared people in our are this week.
Amor Elder Wilding

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13

Mom is sick. hijole no puede ser! haha I just got a new companion today Elder Hardon from Ohio he is super cool and Ciflado and Elder Aguilar went to Larado. I think that I HAVE ONe one more transffer here with Elder Hardon so He can train a new companion here. That is good that you are get some Elk and having some success. I can't believe how fast the time is going by it feels like yesterday yall were dropping me off at the MTC!! We had to move Enriqueta"s baptism back a bit cuz she had to work a little on sundays and she waqnts her whole family to come and watch and feel the spirit at her baptism. Mike and kim what is the Code to the little bike lock that is on my bike it is a Word one? I am ecited to see what we can do to help our area have more exito. eLDER Aguilar and I reactivated so many families and people even if we didn't baptize any people together. I can feel your prayers for me everydday that I get up and work. I hope everything is super good for you guys and that evrything is good. I know that I have the best family and friends in the word. It is cold down here I am freezing!! The last time they got snow was about 4 years ago they usually never get snow. It has been super hot down here thought the people say that usually never is this Hot so late. I can't think of a better day tp be a missionary than today! Mike and kim thanks for the Pictures and the letters i loved them!! tell Vonell thanks for the awesome Candy too!!

Awesome side Note: Alex Lemmon was sitting next to me as I read this! He knows Kyle's companion! He met him on his mission in Ohio!!!! It's a small world after all!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

He sent pictures!

So I started a "Get Pictures from Kyle Campaign" - These are the results:

There is no explanation about any of the pictures except that he was super excited to find this street sign with his name!

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5th!

Hey everyone!! No It is fine about the kick-stand We had to go to the bike shop anyways and I had to buy liner and tread for muy bike I keep getting so many flats. That is funny about the CD's in english :) You found the Indian Creek pictures ahhaha. ALso I need a picture of the whole family of the ones we took at Indian creek when people ask me if I have one I don't :) Yea the hurricanes over there I thought I was in hurricane central. That is crazy!! That is crazy no one has got an Elk!! Do Mike and I need to do our Elk dance?! :P Meaahhh I wish that we had carpet in our apartment it is just tile and I hate mopping and sweeping!! haha I miss the vacuum cleaner. I am doing really good the spanish is coming lots better I don't have to pay attention as much to understand it. I can feel your prayers for me everyday and come to find out it just isn't our district and companionship that is having a hard time it is the whole mission. In october as a mission we only baptized 40 some people with 175 missionaries. ssss We fasted yesterday as a mission and started a 40 day spirtual fast on things we need to work on. No Dad I know that you still love me tons I loved hearing from you and I know the scattering of Isreal is so true and it is so cool that I get to be apart of it! I know you love me tons:)   I can't believe how nic ethe weather is down here still! People think it is cold but it isn't! :) I sent you pictures I hope that you like them I am really bad at taking pictures my cimpanion is tho so that is good!! :) We does Melissa and Kenna go to Florida?! They are just taking tons of vactions Califonia and now this :p meahhhh Mom have you called Sister Harris she has pictures and stories for yall? :) haha How is life going other than new carpet crazy!! Dad I bet you are just super tired after work some days when we eat with our members at 8 for dinner I am so tired I can't pay attention to there spanish I just put my head to the eating a when they are talking then they are asking me a question hahah I just look up and say... Mandeme or Como como como ha so funny story about Elder Kyle Williams He goes to change his tire and when he goes to blow up the tube he asked his companion I just blow it in right... bahahah His Companion ELder Stewart Says yes... then he trys to blow in it a couple of times then to find out he says wait don't I need a pumped bahaha We laugh so Hard!!! Elder Williams is the one Who did know how to work the washing machine or dryer and did know how to lock the door with out his Keys. Like just locking the door from the inside then shutting it. haha I also found I street in our area that is named KYle street! Sweet! I think I will have a new companion really soon too I think that Elder Aguilar is going to get trannsfer his as been here for 6 months all ready. crazy I can't believe too that I am be ou tfor 6 months where is the time going!! Crazy before you know it christmas will be here!! I hope you know I am doing super good and love for you and pray for you guys everyday and night!! I am doing super good I am becoming a better person than I was the day before and that is how it should be. Oh read your scriptures too and pray everynight Jesus taught that when he came to the Americas. Also I hope you guys are better at keeping the Sabboth day holy I was bad! Like no worldly music and no movie that draw a way the spirit like pg-13 movies. Disney movies, sweet church, and other movies that don't draw that don;'t help the spirit ofd the Lord are ok too. We all want more blessing and this will bring it. :D I love you tons and I hope the jACE  gets and Elk that would be awesome!! les amo mucho en mi corazon. No tengo ningun duda in mi corazin acerca de ese!! Se que estamos in the camino de Dios cada dia. espero que tengan mucho exito en tus vidas cada segundo!! My spelling is bad in spanish and English Ha!! Lo siento! :p Que Padre esa vida!!
AMor Elder Wilding!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29th

They won that is crazy cool!!!!!!!!!! I don't need a kick stand anymore I got one :) I still want my preisthood line thing if you could get that for me? I am doing super good still I don't want you to stress at all! I am confering myself by the second. JJ can fouge for me on that one! :D Ha I am growing closer to my heavenly father everyday and love the gospel. It has been a little chilly down here and I am loving it!! Everyone on down here is freezing and I am loving it! I sleep with the windows open and it smells so good! I am doing super good so don't worry! That is sweet they remembered my in the prayer. Shoot Hannah took 4th that is still really good!! Enrquita got interviewed and wanted to move back her baptism 5 months that is what she said in the interview. By are Zone Leader helped us on that. Melissa I read your last email about school to my campanions and they loved it! Did you blog it? I think that the mission is so awesome. I know that you taught me how to clean really good cuz on pday cleaning the other missionaries say I don't know what to clean then My Melissa side kicks in and I tell them what to do! Haha I I think that we will have our first baptism together... I think Elder Aguilar is getting transeffed. Oh MOm call Sister Harris if you haven't she was on a Cruise but I think she is back. She is the sister that texted you that one day. ALso this week is a week a bikes braking down also. I have had 3 flat tire a need new tread the spinas get to my tubes. Oh Happy Halloween o Noche de Brujas!! I know that I can feel your prayers for me everyday that I get up in the morning. I love you all and I hope you know that I am doing really really good. Don't stress to much! :) OH what does the carpet look like? Ha I have grown to love sweeping and mopping cuz we doing have carpet. Donde esta mi espirdora? I hope that live is going really good make snow angels in the snow for me and listen to christmas music :p Meaahh. I can't think of any crazy stories right now? I try and rememeber them to send them to you guys. I love you guys so much and know that you are the best. Family and friends make the world! :) Oh I had the poops yesterday. Our member bought us this corn soup stuff from the van that drives around with music and I had the poops yesterday. Oh YEs Enrquieta made it to church but that was it. Love you guys!!
Amor Elder Wilding!

Quierdo, President Trayner
This week has been a learning experience as should they all be. We had a hard time with finding this week but we are still trying to work with our members as best as we can.
We have been going by less actives and part member families to work with them. We found Maryam who wants to get baptized but her "husband" is a member and has drinking problems. so we are going to work with them this week.
Enrquita had her interview and we found out a lot more about her that we will be helping her on before her bapitsm. She is doing really good still and loves the book of Mormon
Mary Wilson is still having trouble to stop smoking. We gave her a blessing and still are praying for a miricle for her. Weonly had one lesson with her becuase she had to take her boyfriend to the hospital and then her sister-inlaw there too.
We found some pretty good potientials that we are going to go by tonight that I hope will turn into investigators.
This transfer has gone by so fast it is crazy.
Amor, Elder Wilding

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Letter October 22

 Como estan pocoitos! Courtney is and was emberrasad!?! And new carpet what!?!!? Yo quiero verlo!! Yes I am standing up straight! :P meahh I hope to look forward to have our first baptism on the 4th Enrquita a grandma who is awesome and has 3 daughters that she is sharing the gospel to. I fell so blessed to have a person who is so prepared and needed it! She as lived in our area from 6 years and no one as found her! Crazy! Oh no JJ I just want to live in the same place as you after this life together. Did you read and pray!? :D JJ your dream was awsome it reminds me of  my crazy dreams!!! I had on this week that Angels were clapping and it was super lound and being half awake I yelled at Elder Aguilar 3 times super Loud. And I Said... "DId you hear that?! I think it was angels!?" HE said "No hay nadie". I am doing super good I am learning so much everyday on how to grow and learn. Oh also YOu guys can send letters and packages to me own adress but for people who might not know that it changes have them send it to the Mission adress. Pero esta bien para uds. Me explico bien. ;) Preguntan Shawn o Melissa Robert. Ellos saberan. I also had 2 exchanges last week and learnded a ton my zone leader told me some stuff that was an anwser to my prayers so that is super good!! I can feel your prayers and your love your day!! Hey is Karlee going to go on a mission? I am glad to know that I have the best family and friends in the world!! 

Querido, President Trayner
I think we have had our best week so far in our area this week. We recieved some good refferals that I hope will turn into progress investigators. 
Also had exchanges with The Zone Leaders. I went into Elder Sanchez area and learned so much that day. Then the next day I went into Elder Stewarts area and learned some much that day too. Elder Stewart and Sanchez are amazing missionaries I learned a ton. 
When Elder Aguilar and Williams were in our area they went to a former named Mary Wilson that had read the book of Mormon twice but didn't want to get married and she told them that this is her time now to be baptized. She didn't make it to church becuase her Husband came out of surgery. She has a BD for the 18th of next month.
Also Enrquita is doing so good! She hasn't missed church once!! In church the lessons are all of the things she needs to here. I feel so blessed to have a person who is so prepared and needs this. We also have been doing a bit better on getting her memebership support and she was missing that.
I hope this week we can turn the potiential investigators that week have into potiential investifgators.
We are doing super good Elder Aguilar and I. 
Amor, Elder Wilding

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15th

Querido Familia!
Tell Vonnell thanks :) It is a mountain bike? Ha yes I need the Bom in spanish. i want to hear about Sarah! :) I am doing really good!! Learning and growing everyday. OH yes Mom call that Sister Missionary!! It is Hermana Harris!! Call you as soon as you can. She has awesome stories and some picture to email you!! How is your missonary work going? :0 meahh. I am doing good you are right just keep swimming cuz I LOVE SWImming. I love how you see missionaries and it mealts your heart to you roll down your window and tell them that you love them. hahahaI am so jealous Kenna gets to go to florida no fare haha. That is super exciting! That means I got her letter!! :) I am so glad that everything is going so good!! I am so glad that you guys taught me to clean too! HAHA THe Elders somtimes aren't the best at that. Also that is so cool about Elder Willams Mom. YEah she got it. He is a good missonary it was funny cuz he didn't know how to work the laundry machines ha. Also tell people to send their letters to the mission office then to me so then they might not get lost or go to my apartment if I am not there. It is
Elder Kyle Wilding
Texas Mcallen mission
200 West La Vista
McAllen, TX 78501-2131
It is ok for you to send your stuff to my apartment cuz you know when I might get trannsferred. Love you guys so much thanks for the updates of huntin'!!
Amor Elder Wilding!

Dear Priesident Trayner,
I am sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope you and your family are doing alright?
This week was a good week we are trying to work with our members more and with our investigators more to find more people who are prepared and need this Gospel. We had a really good lesson this week with Enrquita and then tried to have a church tour but that fell. She still has a problem with the word of wisedom but she came to church and the lesson was on the WOW. She told us afterwards I am going to stop drinking coffee. Sweet!
Talking of coffee we had a awesome lesson with one of the less actives that has a problem with the WOW too. They have stopped drinking tea and coffee.
We hope to have Enrquita's daughters family has new investigators this week she is studing with the Joahvas Witnesses but doesn't like it so we left her with some panflets to read.
We are doing good as a companionship and growing and learning everyday.
AMor, Elder Wilding

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Text from a Return Missionary!

My mom got this today: Sister Wilding this is Ally Harris. I served with your son in Edinburg. He gave me your number before I left to contact you. He loves you lots!

So Cool!

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th

The age change was crazy!!!! And so exciting the Lord's work move forward and faster!! Tell Karlee to SERVE!! It will be the best thing she will ever do in her life!! Serve! That is crazy how fast people could be out on missions now. Tell Lazy lex I love her tons and she should serve too!!! :p Ha I loved everything about conferience!! The singers were so white and Ginger!! Everyone down here is Brown so it was crazy how Red haired the women were! pelirojos! ha I needed to hear every word that conference had to offer. It was the first time that I actually loved it and needed it. Yes I had to have Elder Stewart and Aguilar hit me a couple of times! Ha Also we have a new missionary in the apartment and his name his Kyle Willams not Kyle Wilding it is super close though!! He is from Washington. How is everything with you! Did mike hunt at Johnson creek? It is crazy how fast the time is going!! Tell Pauline I say hi to her and the whole crew! And for them to visit and read why I am out here! Please. They lost too sad day that means they will take state! :P I can't believe how fast the time has gone almost 5 months crap. I am doing super great like always sometimes tripping over my feet but I get back up and hit it running again. that is super Cool Ean can serve tell them to send him over here I will train Him! :P maehhhhhhhh I hope that everyone that is of age now which is so cool will and can serve! Tell Karlee she is headed down here!! :p maehhh I also need a really good durable kick stand for mi bike. I know I ask for tons. I hope you know that I love you guys so much and that I can feel your prayer for me everyday. Melissa you can go to lessons with the missionaries they would love it if you and Kenna went!! Try and do as much missonary work you can I wish I would have had a better knowledge before I came out that 2 minutes of missionary work can change the world and someones life more than you can know!! That is the best and easiest way to bring sheep to this is through member work that is where it should all start not by knocking doors but throgh members!! Mom feed the missionaries one time and ask them what you can do to help them all my family members pray to find it and do it!!! Will you do it!!!? We are Mormons! I know it!! I love it!!! spread this for the Lord!! I want you to post on my page a Mormon message it is on the Restoration I think it has Tom L. Perry talking throught it? And tell people to post it on their walls to spread this to the world poceto y poceto. Sorry this is all about missonary work and commitments but this is so important and true. If you love the Lord then there is no question you will down it and serve! I love you all so much and Pray for you everyday!! Nos vemos mas alla. Les quiero mucho! Amor Elder Wilding!! Start singing Christmas music too!!

Querido, Presidente Trayner
Elder Aguilar and I have been trying to work with our members more and part member families. Which I am am hoping this will be the best way to work to find more people who are prepared.
We have been working with the landaverde Family the Mom is a momber baptized in 2001. She is going through a divorce/separatation at the moment. She knows that this is the way for her family to find happiness and unity that has been missing for a long time.
A handful of our active members are going through some rough times right now and we have been helping them out which is good to know that we can help out anyway that we can.
Most of our investigators that had baptism dates have slipped away missing appointments and not answer their phones or doors. This is the Rosalez family and Sual that have slipped away so we have had to hit finding more.
We found a lady in the topish-side of our area when we were lost looking for where a referal lived and we asked her if she knew the person and she didn't. Then we started to talk to her and she had been taught by the missionaries before as a testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon!! She was interviewed to be baptised but she didn't really know about the coffee rule and that was the only thing that held her back. I know there is more in our area that are prepared and need this too.
Also conference was the best and the church is true.
Amor Elder Wilding

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More Stolen pictures!

So I have started a get pictures from Kyle campaign! Feel Free to join in! I am hoping that he will given in the pressure! 

This is his Zone! They are super cute! I can't believe that Kyle looks so old! I am dying! His hair is so long!

Another Picture! 

This is a link to the place where i stole the pictures from at the end of the most recent post is a video of the missionary's sing Happy Birthday! I am super sad that I can't pick out his voice but it is so good to see him!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st

Haha No where is Jake Wilding not Jackson I know where jackson is sillys. :) We watch conference at Church. Prayers um i am doing pretty good learning faster than I thought I could learn! Pray I can become the person the Lord needs me to be. I feel sometimes a little inatiquit. Pero I would love if you guys could buy me the Book of Mormon in spanish on CD's the Senior couple that comes by once in a while told me to ask for that. I don't remember if I told you guys this story that we had the AP's at our 2 district meetings ago and Elder Aguilar is our District leader and put me with on of the Aps to do a role play of teaching in spanish. Which made me so happy not but I did the role play in spanish on leaving someone you just meet for 5-7 minutes a chapter in the book of mormon and i did it and he says wow you still a verdecito? I said yes well your spanish is really good!! Pero your acient is well not so good I laughted and said yes I know "one of our investigators told me it is like a chiniese acient! haha She spoke English and Spanish. elder Duncan Said yea your vocab is there and he conjagted but your acient haha he told me to read alound in the Book of Mormon in spanish with elder Aguilar I also the Guys who teaches spanish and helps the missionaries says listening to the book of mormon on CD helps so. But I am doing really good don't think I can vote for MIT cuz i didn't regiester to vote. Ops No hurricanes down here yet. but some good ran storms still can get hot up to 100 the other day!! Also going to get a greeny in our Apartment Elder Stewart is training Elder Aguilar and I our staying in our area for one more transsfer. Oh hey also I need a camera cord that connects to the camera to the computer! also!! Also who sent the little box with yummy goodies in it!! I loved it!! It had all the food that goes along with our momories!! Got my trunky but only for a little maahhh. I love you guys so much!! I can't believe that i have almost been out in the mission for 5 months!! Whoa the time is going so fast!! Also no animals cuz Mike and I didn't do our Elk dance!! Que lastima! Also I wasn't there to carry the crossbow and the snack!! And lso to make sure we smelled like Yummy Cow Elks in Heat!! hahaha I think that is everything if you can but if not it they have it also buy the D&C movies in spanish but if not no big deal. I feel like I ask for tons. I think I left my camera cord there in my dresser in the closet but not sure in the cmaera box. Love everyong super tons!! Hopefully you can understand my emails from the fast typing and bad english!! Con Amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th

That is good to hear that you had so much fun and everyone is doing good! OH yes to put down my seats in the car you have to take the covers off so you will but able to see that off to the side on top is a nob and you pull it up and push the seats forward. then put the covers back on and then for the future you can pull the nobs with the covers still on cuz then you know where they are next time. :) ha That is good to hear about Nathan, Clayton, and Jackson are doing so good!! :) Yes I live in an Apartment with 2 other missionaries Ellos son tontos (you with have to ask Shawn or Melissa what that says)  haha in a good way though. This week was super slow at the begining but at the end it speed up some more. That is super nice that Poppy and Kathee are sending me money they are the best!! Well I think I am doing petty good I can't think of anything I need right now off the top of my head? Oh hey what ever happened to my room? Did Kenna have to clean it? If she did porecita. Also where is Jack Wilding serving I really can remember :) ANd you might want to send my CLayton and Nathans Blog every once in a while go to MYDEARELDER.COM cope paste them and it is super easy ask Tia Mellonee she knows how :) How cold is it up there? It has been perfect weather down here!! My companion is doing lots better he is a funny kid can be a little funny the way he thinks but I love him. He think in 2 transffers I will be traning I think he is crazy! The language is going good I can speak good when I don't get nervous or loose confence but when I do that is when It is a little harder. I always have dreams about you guys in the night it is awesome they feel sdo real! Oh funny story time so I was in great shape when I left right?! Ha well saturday we took a all bike day and I actually did a little good workout. We went a good distance on the bikes cuz it is 3 miles just to get into our area and then our area is pretty big! But the next day I was so swore! I could barely move when I woke up!! I am so out of shape!! I haven't got fat yet but just out of shape! :) Haven't baptised yet but our area has and had tons of less actives and we are bring tons of them back to church it is awesome. Hopefully in October we will have some!! Cross them fingers we have 7 people with Baptism dates for october so I am hoping but I am learning and doing so good even if I haven't had a baptism yet we are being so blessed in so many othe places! I know I have the best family in the world!! I the best extented family I know heaven is going to be somethiiing like Indian Creek and Hunting camp all thrown into one big thing with volleyball courts in the middle hahahah naaahh But I love you guys so much and try to find my preithood thing that dates back to Jose Smith... or make on please? :) Love you so much!! COn AMor!! AMor, tu hijo Elder Wilding

Letter to the President

Querido, President Trayner
This week was a little bit slower with the work, however, at the ende it picked up a little faster and better. We had to get the whole Rosales family on the same page with learning and baptism. So we got them all on the same page so that is good but they didn't make it to church becuase the had to run their abuelita to Mexico on sunday becuase she was here on vacation. We also found a couple of new investigators who look pretty good.

We found Lupita Landaverde and Raul. Lupita is 15 her mom isd a memeber but hadn't been coming to church for a while becuase her husband was a little controling but right now they are separated and headed for divorce but Lupita came to church after our first lesson we had with her on saturday.

Raul we found and he wants to change his whole life and be baptised and knows we were sent from God only had a small lesson with him but his date is the 21 of October along with Lupita.

We just need to stress more about the BD check list with the Rosales family more to get them moving move down the road. I amn doing really good can't believe how fast my mission is going already!

My question for the book of mormon is "How can I know how to serve God more in my life." The Scripture I thought that might be good is using Mosiah 2:17-18 and then maybe the using leaving the chapters of Nephi being an example through action for the Lord as some Chapters to leave with them

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept 17th

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! Oh I forgot to thank everyone for the sweet poster from Indian creek I love it!!! I got the package on thursday when I had time, them gave me a slip monday went in came to go pivk it up cuz we were not in the house when them came. I love the Mackay shirt so much how did you know to get that color!?!!?! Also the shirt is the same brand and color of my ligers one my ligers one is just a little faded by same colors!!!! Sweet!!! Also love the movies they are going to help so much!! AAnd the sheets are sweet!! I am so glad to hear that Tate did so well!! Yes I am trying so hard to write in my journal better the first part of the field was hard to do that cuz of getting into the swing! Yes I got Mike's letters and loved them I read them at night and had sweet hunting dreams with him and the family! Ha Also had a dream about kenna, Melissa, and I were pore down here on the streets colleting things and everyone spoke spanish of course and so I had to "try" and translate ha. But it was fun! Thanks Mike I loved reading the letters you wrote to me it helped me out :) I am doing so good down here my companion is still having a hard time but he is getting better everyday. i think It is because his dad got remarried and it is hard on his fam and su madre. I am learning and growing so much down here and having fun even in the harder times! Oh and I am turning into mike so bad a tease my companion and Elder Sweart like Mike teases! ha Like maybe wiping my burgers on my companion while in the car and he doesn't notice ops and teasing my other roomate but making everyone laugh in a good way. ha I loved the pictures in the box too!!! And thanks for the sweet pictures of Ruby Mike and Kim I am so proud and so glad to have you guys you will be such good parents!! How is everyone one doing? Oh yeah mom you can send my the newspaper not going to lie I loved reading them. :) How Dad's job is giving him a little time to breathe? :) So sorry about the stressful week melissa. Also JJ I am so proud of you for hiking up the mountain... you umm have less then 2 years to prepare for the bug blug in the mackay river!!!!!! Ha Well less than 20 months now! :p Oh something fun off to the side tone I just this week told elder Aguilar about Mrs. Funk ha! Also just realized today that the song off of the JUngle Book the Bare necessities is the "Bare necessities" not the "Bear necessities" My whole life until now I though it was bear because it is a bear that sings it but then singing it in my head I weas like oh bahaha now I get it!! ahaha It is Becuase Elder Eggli said oh yeah I just need the Bare necessities bahah wow I am dumb!! ha I am understanding the spanish more and more everyday and now can read my scritputes and understand most all 'most" is the key word :) Elder Aguilar thinks I will be training not at the end of this transfer but the next but I tell him he is crazy!! ha When we teach Rosalinda Rosalez i try and teach her in spanish but she knows nothing about the scriptures or the gospel so even after I teach a little Elder Aguilar will brush it up and she still will be like what? I don't understand but know it is true. ha Did highland win Melissa again Hillcrest? :p Also where is Jack Wilding serving I forgot? ops?But I loved rthe box so much and tell kyns thanks for the sheets! they are awesome! Que Padre!! Also thanks for the watch knys it is still working and going strong and people like it!!! Les amo much con mi todo corazon!!
Amor Elder Wilding


Letter to pres. I thought I would send this to to make it faster   :)    This week has been much better for me and Elder Aguilar. We are finding more people that are prepared and need this gospel. Rosalez family it is hard to teach went all of her 5 boys are at home. However we taught her and one of her sons the restoration and tried to make it basic and it went a little over her head, she doesn't really have a gospel backgrouond. She told us she knows it is true by the feeling that she has when we teach her. She came to church will her youngest boy who is 7 and all her other boys were at their Aunt's house. Have some really good potentials that we are hoping to turn into investigators this week and another big goal is to try and have the whole Rosalez family on the some board in the teaching process. We are doing really good up here though. My spanish is getting better everyday so that is good.
Con amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10th

No I haven't recieve a package yet from JJ? It probably will be here tomorrow? HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! i am so blessed to have a dad that is so loving and strong in the Gospel!! Down here some of the men, well a lot, are kind of wicked and bad. But I kn ow that I have the most loving dad in the world!! Look at all your children still activie in the church!! My area has a lot of kids who are falling away and it is hard on the parents. I so blessed to have your amazing example to me in my life!!
Kenna what happened last week? also Dating Alex? Como como como? Ha Elder Aguilar is doing so much better. We might be loosing a hermana in our district? :( She is sick and can't get better? THings this week have looked more up wards. We are finding more people we really need this. I just need to practice on being bold when people don't do the right things when they know it is from God? If that makes sense? ha I am a little to nice when they need that fire under their butts. The Luna, Cupcake family, we might start teaching them this week again the mom wants us to come back? If she will come to church? We will see? We found this lady last night who is christain and loves what the Book of Mormon is and loves the idea of following prophets! We go back on wednesday? We found a lot of people last week now we need to go back and have a lesson and set baptisumal dates! Haha I know this is the Lords work and I know this is his true church will the right priesthood back on the earth. Love you tons!! Can't wait for my first baptisum when ever that might be!!?? :)           Love Elder Wilding!!! :) Love you all!!! so much Happy birthday DAd!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4

Dear Family sorry I didn't write yesterday it was a holiday you know? :) Well this week has been rougher but I am going and learning so much!! Our investigator Vidie keeps not thinking she is ready for baptismo but it is teaching me to be a better teacher and missionary for the Lord. I know that the Lord had prepared people for the missionaries to go out and harvest. However my purpose as a mssionary is invite everyone to come unto Christ not just people who don't have the Gospel or just inactive but the people that I love a work with everyday. :) I hope you guys and everyone to know that you have helping me and to prepare to be out here right where I am right now! I hope that everything is going smooth we your one up there!? Eat some big cotton candy for me at the fair!? Also digame who drew on Elk and if Dad is going to have to to hunt and if Mike is? Also tell Aunt Jeanie I love her! :) I am doing ready good the tough time make us the better!! Oh also you can read Melissa's Email too it has some more info. I know that I have the spirit with me all the time and that it helps me andf us to know what to do and say for the ones that we love a hold close. ALso Mom Dad take time to have together prayer everynight and read from the Book of Mormon 14 mintues a day! That is my comittiment today to everryone and I know you will be blessed so much!! ALso kenna and Miss have prayer togther cuz you are missionary companions :) Love you tons!! AMor ELder Wilding! PS DOn't stress I am doing great I always have a good attitute!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th

First thing is first ok yes the People feed us pretty good done here I think I might come back just a LOT out of shape!! MY workouts in the mornings is more like stretching my body for the day ha!! Also I might come back a little chubby!! ha! But I have good news!! We almost had a baptismo yesterday!!! hahaha yea laughting like the girl off of Drop Dead Gorgous!! baha well The last person Elder Aguilar baptised is Nayalie who is 22 and she has a sister who is 15 Viridanna and we found out she wants to be baptised and she has been coming to church and had been reading her scriptures!!! We almost baptuzed her yesterday but she wanted to wait just one more week to feel a little more prepared and she hadn't had her interview yet she that was fine!! But it is going to be my first baptisum out of no ware!! Also last night was Betty Luna's bday. So we thought we would take a card over to her for her bday! Well it is sunday and it just had happened I had a Cupcake bday card I had in my drawer!!! SO we wrote on it and told her we loved her and that we got this cupcake card because without cupcakes we wouldn't even have know her!! But we when to her house and got her Dad and he was super nice!! Said that if she wants to be mormona that he approves! So we asked him to please give the card to her... and right in planning session her daught Lluvia called and said it made her mom cry and wanted to come back!!! ha so we will see how that goes! But this week has been a ton of finding for the month of sempteber! We have our good days and bad days!! bUt I am learning so much everday!! I am getting better and faster at understand the language better and my listening is a bit better than my spaeking but that is fine it is coming fast! I can believe Nathan goes out!! he will be the 7th missonary on the WIdling side of the family!! Crazy!! ALso where is Jake WIlding serving I forgot? Jackson hasn't been trannsferred in 7 months!? WHoa that is crazy!! I know I have the best family in the world!!! Oh also I will try and buy a cord I can put to the computer so I can also send pictures! Cuz pictures are good! :) I hope everything is good up there! I want to see how bug RUby Peal is now?! :D I bet she is growing so fast!! Oh also wriite in your blog Melissa that I am sorry to the people I haven't had time to write back and that I love there letters!!! I love you guys so much and know I have the best family in the world!! I don't really miss you guys that much cuz I dream about you a ton a nd they feel sdo really!! OH also tell Mike and JJ I had a dream we were at Mackay having a blast!! :P hahah Love you guys tons!! AMor ELder Wilding

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aug 20th

Storms and Bug Attacks
Dear, Familia and everyone I love!! last pday after playing soccer, which I am so bad at, My companion and I headed back to the apartment and he jumos in the shower and when he does that it starts to rain not to bad. then when he came out of the shower and put clothes on he knew I want to run out in the rain of course!! So I did and stood out in it for a little then I came back in a when I came back in that is when it started to have a real Texas storm!! So Elder Aguilar is like alright lets go and takes of running outside!! Hahaha I was so excited we ran arounfd the block with no shoes on It felt like we were like wild horses or something running and playing in the rain!!! bahaha It was so amaxing!!! then when we came back to the apartment we were soaked from head to toe like wet kitty cat!! bahaha It was awesome!! So now for the bug attack... our car the last 2 weeks has ants in it everytime and everywhere we get in and then when we are driving the crawl all over us!!!!! It is crazzy fun!! HOWEVer it does stop there the last 2 nights when we have came back home we have ants everywhere in our kitchen the first day and the 2nd in our bathroom everywhere!!!!! The first night I had a bag of salt on the counter full of ants so I grap it to run outside and throw it out... but Elder Elegi Locked it 3 time one with the nop and with 2 dead bults!!!!!! SO but this time The ants are running everywhere on my arm while Elder Elegi is trying to unlock it and I am screaming ahhhhhhhhhhhh Why did you lock the door!! haahaha so the have been so bad I think a hurricane is coming cuz all the bugs are trying to get inside!! OH also have been in a 3 way campanionship this week cuz we lost Elder Call he had to leave off his mission a week early to make it to school. ALso today we got a brand new car with 19 miles on it!! crazy!!! Also had to drop the Luna familia becuase they are so bad at coming to church but I think they will call back cuz when we told her we can't come back until they act more she wanted to cry and said but what about my baptism and we said yea you need to come to church and stop cancelling citas at the last moment. To prepare yourself there is things you ahve to do but she said she will come to church next weeek and call us when she has time? I praying they will cuz we only had ley de castidad and diezmo left to teach them. :( But we found out a girl whose sister got baptised right before I got here wants to be bapitsed and she has been taught everything and come to church and reads form the BoM!! SO mericals are everywhere still!!! Que mas? pues We still need to hit finding really hard!! Oh DAd and Mike I want 2 mission stories in a letter from both please!!? ALso bow season is coming so soon I want good detailed fun stories!! haha LOve you tons!!! See you bye!!! AMor elder wilding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stolen Pictures!

These are from Kyle's Mission Precedent's wife's Blog!

August 13th!

HEy HEy! Our investigators skepped church so we have to move back their date a week!! :( I am so glad Clay did so well!! Call him for me and tell him I love him so much!! ;) I can feel your prayers for me everday!! I am so proud of you guys!! :) To sum this week up I would have to say Greenies out in the field volleying it up!! :) hahaha Elder Aguilar had to go to training for 3 days putting me with the other greenie Elder Stott in the other district! :) ha We did awsome lessons together!! ha It was only to 5 oclock on 2 days then 3 on the last but it was awesome! ha! We even did 2 lessons in spanish together!! :_) Also taugh the Law of chastity ha that was crazy!! to this girl who is 17 and wants to get baptised but doesn;t want to keep the LOC. I need the movie the testiments that can go to spanish and english also the D&C videos that will go to spanish and ebglish cuz I am in a bilengual mission :) Look back on your emails and you will find it. :) Yeah crazy stuff in my blessing. I just wanted to snuggle with you mom and read it together eating chips :P OH we went back to the storage unit again and saw a mouse and a million cockroach things in the boxes!! ugh!! We are having a hard time finding ask Shawn Lemmon what he did for finding down here in the heart land of texas that worked for him? :) where you able to cancelle that coat order? :/ It was a slower harder week this week. But we are hoping it will be different. It was cuz our horario was different this past week. Really need to hit finding really hard. I know I have the best family in the world thanks for all your prayers! Did we win on Medal count??!!? How did vball do?! Ha I am doing so good I love the work and love my Campanion so much. Oh my campanion is so funny cuz he is kind of a girl sometimes. Like gets frustrated over the littlest things and of course I tease him but it a good loving way and it makes him laugh! :) IT is becuase he is the youngest of 3 sisters ha jk.. I love that you are praying the lords investigators! It makes me so happy!! I know I have the best family in all the world!! Pray that I can be bold with my investigators went they don't keep commitments but also in a loving way. It is super hard!! :) ALso to know in what manner to say it. I love you guys all with all my heart!!!!! Tell Melissa and Kenna they have to go to a couple of century vball games and tell me how they will be doing :) I love you and pray for you everyday. Also ask MIKe and Dad on good ways to find? LOts of homework I know... ALso I want those lime green sheets :) LOve you AMor, Elder Wilding!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6th

AWWW Mom I wanted to read that with you! I told you to wait in the letter. THank you guys so much for the letters and the prayers that you send me!! :) Our investigators are so up and down right now it is crazy haha it is good for the soul I guess? :) Everyone who we talk to asks if we get to watch the olympics we tell them no we don't get to watch tv :) OH I you guys didn't need to buy me a coat remember I have mike's for his mission :/ also will you make me a line of my preisthood like All the Back to Jose Smith. :) Also check me bank account I had to use some money for somethings will you check me debit. :) OK to the Hording story so EPIC! :) nOW i CAN TRUELY say that mom you aRe now that bad hording :) haha but get going on your basement for MIke and KIm :) SO we go to a memebers house in the sisters area cuz we have have a couple that needs help with cleaning and moving things with their shed. The Ortados are they names a  lady she is 69 and a guy about 40 :) Its awesome!! But there shed isn't that big or that bad. SO it was tons of fun working with the sisters but Hermano Ortado's asks if we can go to their storage unit to get more boxs... this is where it gets crazy!! We pull up to the unit a he is like just wait! We open this storage unit thing yea the door is wide a tall but it can't be that bad right? WRONG! :D the storage unit is about 22 feet high 30 wide and 40 feet in!!!! With boxs up to the cieling in the back!!!! IT is huge and a million boxs of nothing really, but in her eyes memories. There is rat poops and mice poops everywhere! they have riped all the newspaper out and cockroach stuff everywhere on top of the boxs!!! uck!! Que wackala!! it was so gross!! IN the boxs, we had to check them to see it there was mice, rats, or coachroaches in them, there was a cdouple of sweet stuff from her trips to south America but most of it was hers from her old house and everything from her moms house everything!! I thing that is why she hords? Because she was super close to her mom at least I think from watching the shows? :) But The Luna family is doing pretty good. We haven't even taught them the restoration because evertime we do they cancell! Ha OH is there any way you can cancel the coat and get yours moneys back? sorry about that!! Oh my companion just showed me new buttons :p! MY first baptismo is on Aug. 19th!! Coming up so fast!! :)   Tell everone I am doing so awesome and great down here loving every minute I have!! OH what dates does  Clay and Nathan go in? CLay is next wednesday? SOrry my letters are so scatter brained!! :) Ha oh and Volleyball is alright starting up!! Crazy!! That year went so fast!! ha!! LOve ya tons!! :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30th

SO jelaous of you guys watching the olympics haha :p Yea I can get packages down here. :) I don't know about you sending them in a letter of email? Try email and if I do have time I will read rthem and if I don't I won't? Ha I am doing super good down here!! Hahaha MY trainer says I am the crazyest companion he has had so far!! baha he also says I am close to his funnyest!! :) We are doing so good!! When we teach in english our companion unity is so good it is crazy!! ahaha Spanish is good too :) ahaha This was a rougher week and a better week all at the same time but that is how it goes :) I am so so blessed to have such a awesome family as you guys!! The people we teach down here ask if we even understand their problems and hard time cuz we are so young but I know that you have shaped me into the person I am today!! :) I know that everything that happens is for a reason!! I know that this is The true Church of Jesus Christ! People down here love love love their "Bible" and they always try to shake our testimonies but I know that this is the only true chirch and people need to hear this!! Edinburg has about a population of poky and chubbuck and there is only one church!! crazy! It is crazy to hear that people really haven't ever heard about our church?! But I am loving the work and love you guys so much!! :) Hey did you not read my blessing! :P I will keep praying for you guys!! Tell dad my car isn'tt that bad :P haha Also tell everyone to go swimming for me cuz I am in a very poor area but everyone has one of thise big walmart pools that looks so good to jump in then jump back out! ahaha jk :)Well times up. LOve you guys so so much!! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st Missionary Experience: Letter

Sorry Ran out of time at library. So we set up an appointment with her in 2 days. And she is so excited she tells us I want your number just so you guys don't forget! Haha So when we go to teach we are thinking Gospel of  (symbol of something) Christ. So we start talking (we are at her house) about what she felt that night. And she starts telling us her feelings. She told us it was like Jesus touching her should and she could tell more then ever God loved her and her family. My Campanero and I smile huge! She starts asking, on the edge of her sit in a louder-excited ton of voice, you guys know what that is!?!?! Tell me I want to know! I smile huge and say yes that is what we planned to teach about. :) She is dying by this time. Her name is Betty she has 29 years, and 3 daughters April 16, LLuvia (rain in Spanish) 10, Mesia4. They were all in the lesson and we found out she has a husband.
  However, the lesson is following out and we are teaching to her needs and she is loving it. So so spiritual. So we are teaching and in the middle of it She asks. Hey where is your church? Invite me to your church!! (another symbol) We can come right? Why haven't you done that!?

  We are dying! Well we usually invite at the end of the lesson but us. Will you come to church with us on Sunday?
     So we keep going in the lesson. We teach about the Holy Ghost and (another symbol but this one we figured out was baptism) Asking her how it would be to be completely clean and have the guide of the spirit?! So I go to commit her to baptism but she keeps talking about how she is feeling right then and and stuff like that, So I finally ask her, Betty will you follow the example of Christ and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost by someone having the authority of God?
   Right as I stop right! She asks when!?!?! Ha oh my goodness! Usually they say yes or no or maybe or something to that effect. And when they say yes that is when you tell them when they hold the baptism service. But she was so excited she skipped the yes no part and went to the other!
    So I tell her August 19th. Then I am to ask her 16 and 10 year old. But, before I can she points to her daughter and says she told me a couple of months ago she would be baptized. She tells me ask my 2 girls. My youngest is to young right?!?! I am dying cuz the other times I committed people it was no. The new missionary "verdecito" gets to do all the invites to be baptized.
    So I asked the 16 year old and she said yes with a huge smile. Ha also the 4 and 10 year girls started playing in a small tiny pool at the end of the lesson so I committed A GIRL IN A POOL!! She said Yes! Haha I love the mission!
    They ended up not coming to church because they got a flat in their car and she didn't know how to change it. So she had a donut on that day and could drive far cuz it is far and we are in Mexico and the calles are rough!  But went back to see if she was alright and asked her to see if her husband wanted to, but he isn't interested but she said oh I don't care we are still in! :) Pray for them like crazy I know there is going to be bump in the road pray we can overcome them!!
    ... Hey look me up on google maps and you can see my apartment :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23rd 2nd letter!- And 1st missionary experience

Sorry the Car broke down!!! MY red car has always been tons better than the green one anyways!! :P I just bet it is hot!! haha Things are going so good down here it is crazy!!! Language is going super good and fast!!! I can feel your prays everyday!! :) Crazy story... Doing planning in the night about 9:15 and get a knock on the door?? Who could it be? My companion opens it and it is a mom and her 2 daughts selling cupcakes for money. She tells what she is doing and asks if we would buy one. I said yes I can if I can give you a card and a book? haha She looks at my puzzled? So I explain what we are cuz we are still in church clothes. BUt then I go look for so money and can't find some so I go back to the door and my companion is finding out where she lives? She lives in our area!!!! Crazy cuz our area starts like 7 mile away!! So I tell her that there is a reason why she came and knocked our door!! That I don't beleive in cowinistines (SP) I tell her we have a way to bless her life and have less stress and more happiness. (She speaks english) Right now another blessing ha!! And she just opens up and starts crying and telling us how she is feeling like god is touching her when we opened the door and started talking!! She is telling us all her needs to teach to!! Yes that makes it so much better!! OH this happened wednesday night!! Out of time I will write in letter!! Pray For matt manuel!! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd

Letter to Robby from Kyle (forwarded by Kyle to me):
ROBBY!!!! My first area is not America!! All the Dogs and Cats still have all all they reproductive parts and have like no hair!! I am in MExico!! the poor part of mexico it is crazy!! The poeple for the most part are super nice they love their Bibles though!! Ohh yes all the Dogs and Cats are Pregnant!! It is crazy funny!! So jealous you go tot hold Ruby!! OH it is KEnna Bday yesterday and Kim's is coming up! :) LOve you tons I pray for you and hope life is treating you right!!! :)   :) Amor ELder Wilding!!
More info for blog! :) (that is  all the note I get)

Letter to Julianne from Kyle:
Ju Ju!! We had a HUGE TExas rain storm down here it was awesome!!! :)Time is so short down here and flying like crazy!!! As Kenna or Melissa gone up to Mackay with you!?! Tell them I say it is a commandment for Elder Wilding to go!! :) haha LOVE you MOSTEST!! :)

No email to my parents this week!

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16th

Oh my heck this has been the craziest most funnest week of my life!!!!!!!! I loved the plane so much!! haha everyone on it was laughting at me cuz I keep talking to Elder Sanderson!! Look at the clouds the montains!! haha! I got my bike and I got my a blanket, sheets and a pillow. If you want to send those sheet but I don't really need them now. How did you know I need a camelpack and lights when I keep looking through my backpack all that stuff in there I needed! haha MY Compainion is awesome!! I open the letter to see where I was going and I am in Edingberg North, which is the slum parts of mexico up here! I was so pumped when I read my trainers name!!! Elder Aguliar I knew when I read it he was a native speaker so I am so excited about that!! haha Yeah tell melissa the language is super crazy!! Ha Elder Aguliar has told me I am an answer to his prayers like 5 times :) becuase I had great teachers that pushed us to speak the language in the MTC. He says wow your spanish is pretty good!!! He asks did you know alot but the miss?! haah but I guess his other companion had been out here for 6 months and hated speaking and learning the language. So he told me I prayed and prayed I would just get someone who loved speaking (ha I love speaking and 90% down here don't speak english!) and at least trying to talk to people and learn! haha His parents are for Guatemala but he is from Maryland. He has been speaking both languages his whole life!! He told me I am better than some people who have been out for 8 months but that is the lord not me. Right now it is super hard to find people to teach because everyones trainers are surranded by fence and no truepassing (sp) and huge huge un-neutered dogs!! Or the people we have appointments with will forget or won't be there or be busy or their husbands aren't home and the don't want to come out side and talk cuz it is too hot. I am doing great though I have never been so happy it is awesome!! Oh it waS  fine for my bike to get in  late becuase I am driving my Campanion doesn't have his driving record in. But I am loving this crazy culture and all it has to offer haha. We go to 6 hours of church too becuase we have a spanish and english ward so we have to go to both. I can feel your prayers so much! Elder Wilding 902 Chinese street  apartment #6 Endingberg is my address you have to look up the zip code!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that you get to go to Stanley!! And that everone is doing ok!! Glad Ruby is so awesome!! :D Love love all your letters!! Tell JJ I got to see fireworks but nothin' like hers!!! Hope all is awesome! I pray for you everyday!!! I can feel all your prayer and the blessings that we have and are recieving!! Love everyone tons!!!! LES QUERRO MUCHO CON MI TODO CORAZON! VAYA CON DIOS! TODO TRANQUEILO AUQI Y ALLA!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1st Email from the Mission President

10 July 2012

Brother and Sister Wilding,

   We had the privilege of meeting your son, Elder Wilding when he arrived at the McAllen International Airport. He looked great and appears very anxious to go to work.
   We are grateful to have Elder Wilding in the Texas McAllen Mission. Already he has impressed us as a well-prepared young man with a great spirit and a desire to serve the Lord. He has had excellent training and orientation at the Missionary Training Center in Provo in preparing for missionary labors here in South Texas. Your support from home will be of great value to him as he serves his mission.
   Elder Wilding‘s first assignment area is in the Edinburg Zone. His first companion is Elder Aguillar who is from Utah.  Elder Aguillar is an outstanding missionary, and your son will receive excellent training under his direction. Their address is as follows:

902 Chinese #6
Edinburg, TX  78539

   We thank you for sharing your son with us. We are confident that he will bless the lives of many people here in South Texas while serving as a missionary. May the Lord bless you abundantly while he is in the mission field and always.
With warm regards, 
Stephen J. Trayner, President
Sister Sandy Trayner
Texas McAllen Mission

Saturday, July 7, 2012

June 28th (Special Letter)

This is a letter to Michael, Kim, Melissa, and Kenna!!! I just want to tell you guys I love you guys so much!!!!! Also I have the best family in the world!!!! You have shaped your younger brother into a good person and I am very very greatful of you guys. I see and hear of the other missonaries stories and family and what they went through!!! Yo gustaria dego mi testimo. Yo se que yo tengo mejor famila in la tierra hoy Yo se que la Iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los Ultimos dias es verdaderro yo se que Jesucristo es nuestros salvador y conoce por nuestro nombres y ama nos mas tanto nostros saberamos. Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta verdaderro y enviaba a la tierra en estes Ultimos dias. Yo amo me familia y mis amigos con todo mi corazon. yo se que mis padres son el mejor padres y aman nos con sus corazons y yo se que ellos estan orando por nos cada dia. Yo dijo este cosas en el nombre de Jesucristo amen. I also love all the people around me that helped me all our extended family and JJ and everyone!!!!!! Love you all!! Les querro mucho!! Todo tranquielo! Amar Elder Wilding!!

Translation of Testimony done by Shaun Lemmon:
I would like to say my testimony. I know that I have the best family in the world. I know that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and he knows our names and he loves us so much more than we will ever know. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and was sent to the earth in these last days.  I love my family and my friends with all my heart. I know my parents are the best parents and love us with all their hearts and they pray for us every day. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28th

Yes I got my package and loved it!! how did you know I was low on my pills!!! :) ha I leave in 10 days hhaaaaaa i am so nervus but excited at the sametime!! Somedays I think I am ready and others I am not ha. I just keep praying the spanish and the spirt will keep coming!!! :) Ha that was Elder Sanderson in your card he is super funny he was like tell me something funny to write to your mom?! :) Ha he is super funny he pretty much loves me he is from jackson/Rupert Idaho going to McAllen Texas and hopes that we will be put as greenies together and not have trainers I always laugh and tell him no!! We would not know any spanish!! He says we would have so much funny trrying so hard to! hahha I hope you guys aren't going to crazy getting ready for indian creek and all with out me!!! :) How much did the package and how much is my bike going to costo to ship? Everything is going really good here this week we had all the new mission presidents here it was crazy cuz they cut off half the luch room and it was crazy!!! the summer is the worst time for the mtc cuz there is so many missionaries!! so many!! the showers are getting better cuz i found out the secret to make them work better! :) don't turn them on all the way!! haha I loved all my pictures exspecially the million ones of Kenna's hair ;p hhah I am so excited for Ruby I think I am going to pee my pants in excitement!!! Mike the sprinkler thing with Kim is awesome!! KIm and Mike so prtoud of you with school and everything!! Melissa!! I love how ever letter you say oh this one isn't so good ha I love them all!! Kenna I loved your crazy guy stories!! ha Mom don't go to crazy getting ready for indian creek todo tranqueilo :) Dad also you too how is work going don't go to crazy!! Do you getting to go to Indian creek this year!! JJ I am so sad i can't help you with projects in Mackay! I am also so  sorry about jackson again :( I hope my mom and family are helping you out and being super supportive!! :) Thanks for all your letters I love them sooo much!! oh haha so my campanion is going bad fast and so he wrote his mom and she sent him bosley and rogain bahahah his mom is so awesome also his brother has been on a mission since feb and xcame home:( so his mom called the mtc to make sure her other boy wasn't coming home so we got called in the front office he met with a ounseler but he is doing great!!! Also all the genarl authorities were here for new mission pres and also got to see L. Tom Perry and Ballard super cool!!! I was like 5 people short of getting in the devotion tuesday but my companion got in that is how close I was!! so I had to go to overflow and I would have seen like 9 authorities!! all good!!!!!!!!!! Les querro mucho!!!! Todo tranqueilo!! Amar Elder Wilding!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Monday, June 25, 2012

Holy Cow Funny!

My mom's Birthday is on Tuesday and today a Card came in the mail that said:
       I think all the birds at the MTC whishpered to me that it is your Birthday?! I tihnk you are turning 35!? I think?! I am sorry I won't be able to make it?! :) I hope you know that you are the best woman and Mom in the World! Like Don Robinson said, you and Dad did some work hahah JK, have raised an amazing family in this el tierra de loco! I pray for you all the time and I can feel your prayers also! I pray your not stressin life right now :) Cus it is your Birthday! Thank you for all the love that you have poured down for me! And helping me always though hard times. I love how you always knew when I was down or something bugging me. Ans I love how I know I could tell you anything no matter big or small and you would listen and love me and want to help me out so much! I could see it in your eyes! The true love that you have for me and your family and everyone around you! LE OVUERRO MUCHO! todo tranqueilo! Amar, Elder Wilding
P.S. Everyone loves the eyes you gave me@ They thing their are so Awesome! At the temple we found out when you look at me from the side my eyes look bright sun yellow. So we took pictures outside cuz it was temple walk day on Sunday. So I have pic and it is cool.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wilding!
This is your son's companion. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Elder Derek Barker

Happy B-day Mom! This is your son's best friend in the zone. He has told me all about you! Have a great one!
 Love, Elder Barth :)

Dear Wilding's Mother
      I have heard amazing things about you, you also have an amazing son he is truely a great missionary!
 Elder Chris Brown

Happy Birthday  
Love, Elder Blatter

I love you because you gave me Elder Wilding. Thank you for concisiving him in a sleeping bag 19 years ago at your family Reunion. Love You!
-Elder Sanderson

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 21

Yeah I found my preach my gospel at home before I left. :)  You can send that stuff to me now if you want? Well I forgot to tell you I saw JAce Hanson here at the MTC about 3 weeks ago!!! Crazy!! I didn't thing it was him? But it was he has a wierd knee problem where his knee caps are hitiing his bones? so he is bone on bone so he is here at the mtc finishing up his last few months!! ALso had a change to see the outside world twice, also forgot to tell you, my companion had to have a root canal done on one of his teeth. So we have been out twice for that and we are headed out again today for a quick check up. Pretty sweet!! Oh also got my patriartical blessing monday!!! It was so awesome!!! So quick side note you know how you have to have the paper they give you? Well we got out of class to do do my blessing and right when we get out of the build I realize I left the paper in our residence hall!! Which is in the very back of the MTC!! And the build we were going to to get it do was on the other side of the mtc also!! So it is 3:55 and dang hot!!! We are in suit jackets so we run and run and run!! Get to 1m and late about 3-4 minutes we made good time!!! GEt there out of air trying to say hi to Branch pres and Brother LAmbert. Sweating like crazy they thought it was funny!! haha But the experience was like nothing I have ever had before!! Oh it was so wicked!! :) Also can't believe July 9th is coming up so soon!! Crazy time is truely flying!! :) SO today is P day and the Laundry room is closed cuz they had a bad gas leak last night!! SO we wake up at 6 to do laundry and it has the laundry room is closed for June 21st on the doors. So as of today I have just about zero clothes if they don't get it fixed!! Yes also if you could find out if that was Uncle Glades Micheal Wilding that would be awesome!! Send a picture of him if you can get it I want to find out if this is the guy!? Also tell the girls to send family pictures too! :) Ha I heard about the sand tournament from Kyns :) that is sweet you saw JEnna!! :) Mom I love the letters you write cuz I have to read them 3 times to get all of it. :) ha no periods just sit down and write. :) Michael didn't like my friends to be contined ha!!? Everything is going good here the language is coming so fast I can feel your prayers everyday! :) Indian creek is coming so soon!! Glad everyone is having fun fishing and getting tan! I think if we didn't go to Cali I would be fried whenm I go to Texas!! Cuz there are 3 other IDaho boys in my zona 1 in my districto and they are so white!1!! So hopefully I won't get to burned cuz you don't get Tan in the Mtc that is for sure!! haha Tell melissa the Hannah thing on facebook is so funny!!! :) Well got to go love ya tons!! oh do we know if michael and Kim have to move in? And congrats Michael!!!!!! 
Les querro mucho!!! Todo tranquielo!!! Aman Elder WIlding!!!!!

Update on the other Michael Wilding! I messaged Kristy his sister on facebook! He did go to Lima Peru and she is calling him to confirm! But super cool story!