Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26

Dear, Family and friends!!
Wow it was crazy to hear the voices of the fam! haha I think that you guys can be able to know more that is happening down here on my mission is to go on my email after I have looked at Presiedents email and the APs email if you want? There is a translation button on the top If President writes in Espanol? :) I am so happy to have been able to talk to everyone and I hope that you know I am super happy haha changing everyday in a good way but as you heard I am still happy goffy me which is good!!? :) This one  is going to be short cuz I want to send my card home here really soon!! LOve you tons!! And Melissa I love your email!! Justin yes i approve as him as your boyfriend I am so happy for you guys!!!! Send me the anouncements!!!! Meaaahhh :p

(I am not dating anyone! I am going to have a blog to explain my part)

Dear, President Trayner
I am so excited have had the oportunity to have my first Christmas as a missonary here in McAllen Texas Mission.

We have been working to find more investigators this past week to make all our other numbers to go up too. We were blessed to have Herny come to church in this bussy time of the year his wife dropped him off becuase his eyes aren't that good enought to drive. He sounded like he was planing on coming back next week.

We were also blessed to have a guy named Ed come to church he has been taking lessons on the phone with the missonaries in Salt Lake and has almost finished the book of Mormon!

I love working with Elder Hardin he has and is teaching me a lot of good things. We are working together really good and hope to make the work fly in the area.

Also I want to share how I am greatful to have talked with my family it wants me to be better at the work everyday and be a better missonary. One thing that i though was a cool experience I had talking with them is My Mom asked me if I felt like I was on a vacation? I answered yes to her question pretty fast and they just laugh and then I explained why... I think of a vaction as being fun and full of laughter, learning, and I lot of other things. However, writing in my journal afterwards I thought and wrote that my mission is a vaction but more a journey in my life and for my life para siempre. Vacation/Journey meaning growing, learning, praying, growing closer to my heavenly Father, searching, being greatful for every moment and thing, loving, laughing, understanding, and a lot more that I could put write down.

How wonderful is it to be a missionary!
Amor, Elder Wilding

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