Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17

Dear, Family and Friends.
Don't know quit where to start with this letter but I will try and to my best para que sepan esa... Well start out with Monday we went to the mall trying to get a picture with Santa cuz Elder Stewart has done it for his life every year. it was to much money though so we didn't. We looked at watches and decided we don't have that much money. But i felt like a sin walking throught the mall it was been a long time sense I went to the mall and the whole world is going down in like 5 days!! the things that where in there... lets just say I wasn't in the Idaho Pine ridge anymore. But then tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Stewart in my area and he drove the car and lets just say on the night a guys want to come rob 5 cars in our nieghborhood he forgets to lock the car and you know how I hate having a wallet and everything well it was in there and got stolen with everything in there and about 15 dallors. haha Also found out on the day of the zone christmas meeting day so i had to tell president and work with the mission office people on the day that know one is there haha. But know I am find I have enough food cuz you know me and my geines form mom i am enough in my food storage... Also I am not going to be transfered haha I will be serving my 2 years in Edinburgo northe por 2 anos meaahh. :p I so though I was going cuz I have been in my greenie area for a long tome but nope I am excited there is still so much work top be done in this area. I also recieved the packages last monday too!!! :) I also want a christmas tree so bad I have been buying smelly stuff at walmart that are like pine tree smell. Also on tuesday will Elder Stewart We taught a lesson to Eriqueta my recent convert and she read jacob 5 in the Book of mormon and wanted to understand it so we read it with your and explained it... and of course I can't explain it that good in English or know the words in English so in Spanish I just sat there smiling not knowing quit everything and when she would ask a question I just looked at Elder Stewart. Also in the Lesson I kept hearing something like female turkeys.... and I was confused and sure eniough her neighbor had turkeys. Also did you send pillow xcases for the little gift exchange in the mission cuz my compainoin got Idaho spuds and a pillow case that looks like something JJ made and another Elder in my zone got on tooo!? :) aLSO FELL alseep in Sacremtt meeting and about fell over on a member until he helped me and pushed me back up he was lughting at me hahah I have no more time but have more to say love yo ton s and knew you werre making cookies yesterday !1

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