Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Dear family and friends!! I sometimes get confused while emailing who I am senting it back too haha. Elder Hardin and I had a Baptism yesterday!! It was ED!! He was so prepared!! the 2 people I have baptized so far look like mom and then Ed likes like Dad. Eriqueta is dark and as a body, hair, face, and skin like mom and ED is short white, bold, has a laugh a little like Dad. Crazy Wierd!! They are just barely older than you guys!! It is crazy how you see your family in the people you teach jaja. Elder Hardin Baptized him and messed up on the words then started agian then baptized him then we had to do it again cuz he might had said something wrong? It is becuase that is the first baptism he did in english all the other english investigators his companions baptized. I am doing good we are doing really good in the work together Elder Hardin as helped me out a ton in the work and my chinese digo spanish. hahaha I thank you for the prayer for My companion and I. We can feel them everday. I am loving the work everyday that I have out here. I love your stories I can't belive all the snow and cold. Don't worry time goes so fast that the spring will be here super soon. I will send my camera card this week so you will have it. I didn't know shawn was getting married or that Kenna was and is dating Alex or that Molly esta pregnant. crazy i want to hold a baby so bad it is hard not being able too do that. We can feel your prayers becuase we are being so blessed in this work everyday. I am running out of things to say cuz I can't think of any funny stories to tell? jaja Oh I have one the Sustaita family is redoing their floor in thier trailer and I feel through one of the boards you put down and walk on after you tare it out and scraped my leg it didn't really hurt I just felt dumb but then say well I am not me if I don't do something like that. Also we help our investigator Juani get this bug frig in her house and the doors wouldn't come off. That was fun becuase we really didn't know the name of the tools that well in english so spanish was super fun to try and figure that out. but we got it in. I think that is everything I can think of? Love ya all tons!!!
Amor, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Trayner
Last night we were super blessed to see a baptism of Ed. It was an aswesome expierence to see another prepared person to choose to fallow Jesus Christ.
This week we tried hard to make the last weeks finding efforts turn into new investigators in was a little slow at the start and payed off all in the last night.
Lupita had her interview and is doing really good towards her baptism next week. We also were blessed to have her younger sister Mari and younger brother Frankie both exect a BD for the 24th of Feburay! They all came to church again this week too.
Their neighbor Isaac we had a lesson with him and his family along with Fankie and Mari. They all excepted to be baptised all together.
Juani our other investigator didn't come to church we are going to find out what happened. She is a nice lady that is living in a little camp trailer with her 2 little hijas.
I thank you for the help and love that you do for me and all the missionaries. I can't remember if I told you that I love you too! :)
Amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14th

Dear, Family and Friends.
First look up Luke 7:37 and you will love it!! Look for the funny thing in there and tell me if you find it? Also I forgot to ask a long time ago what happened to the Boise temple and the remodling? Yes I got my card ready when I got home after emails and got my temperary licence card. Also I think for just incase I need and insurence card or a copy of the front and back if you can't give me one? Something like that? That is awesome about all the snow it just barely got cold again today. I will have to find out more on email I think that if other people email I will just take a picture and read it later It has to do with having the email time for your family? That is super sad about Knzie and Chris :( I can't remember if they were married in the temple. Time is going so fast it is crazy!! HAhah Karlee is now almost a missionary!! Crazy!! Yeah tell Clayton comparing yourself to other missionaries can kill someone just be better than you were the day before that is why it is called the present! :) The guy that we are teaching ride now, Ed, Is super awesome and looks a lot like Bruce Wilos. And all also went to alot of thing in temple square at all the christmas stuff also walking into the temple and then turning around when guys in white suits started walked toward him hahaha. I think I forgot that Shawn was getting married that is crazy!! Also I didn't know that Kenna was dating Alex that long or even dating crazy! hahaha I am so greatful for the prayers that you have for me and My companion they are so awesome I can't remember if i told you to Pray for his family too. It is nice to have prayers for the missionaries families too. :) I forget a lot of thing I just sit down and type and forget something that you guys have told me. oops haha I love my companion and this work so much I have never been so blessed and learned so many things!!! I love you guys with all of my heart and pray for you guys!! Take picture of all the snow :) I got my flu shoot and hated it!!!! MY shoulder tuwitched and flexed when the needle was in and then it hurt so bad!!! I can out of the booth with me holding my arm while it was dangling there like a dead fish. And then started to whine and The other elders started to laugh at me and then the other lady at the desk. It hurt for like 3-4 days!!! haha Well love ya tons!!!!!!!!!!
Amor Elder Wilding!!! :)

Dear, President Trayner
This week we were able to have more success in more places and struggled in others. All and all in was a good week.
We had the interview for Ed to be baptized next weekend we moved up his date a week becuase he his super ready. He hasn't missed on day of church or one appointment had he watch most of the D&C movies and liked them. He is doing really good living all the commandments. He is another huge blessing in our area.
Lupita and her family came to church. Lupita is doing super good she is reading in the Book of Mormon and almost feels ready for her Baptism. Still working with her little brother Frankie and her little sister Mari and they both came to church too.

We worked super hard to find this week. We recieved some awesome referrals from the Bonilla family that Sister Bonilla's family all live in our area. We went by her parents and her little sisters that live together there were bussy but seemed nice and proming. Then we went by her older sister who came to church a lot went she was 12 and her and her husband want to have a lesson in the Bonilla's house together. Also when by an old investigator and talked to his mom and she wasn't to interested but now wants her whole family to come to church and help from God. She has 7 kids and is living with her oldest son.
Our work this week is now to make sure that the BD go down and to turn all these awsome prepared people into investigators.
We are doing really good Elder Hardin and I and are excited for this next week to come.
Amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7th 2013

Dearest Family and Friends!
My lincence will be heading to the Mission office and I haven't recieved my card yet. The temp is pretty cold no snow I like it I like having to bundle up and be warm. We had members that don't have any heat and they are not use to the qweather and they had to bring all the materies out in the living room and use their stove for heat which isn't quite to good for the Carbon dioxide :/ Last week we did super good on people coming to church and this week we only had one which is better than none. really you are doing the whole down stairs? Tell Dad I want a Wood burning pot belly stove down there to the right over the gun safe on the wall!! OHH that would be so nice!!! :D Take my  blanket a curl up next to it!! Then grap anything that will snuggle with me, Snuggle and watch movies bahaha meaahh! :p I can feel and see anwsers to your prayers for me and my companion everyday that we are out here in the Lord's great vine. haha the sickness is going around super bad down here. My companion got a flu shot right after we went to a members house and we walked in at it looked like the black flu hit!! Like 3 people laying down sick in the living room and 2 others walking around like Zoommbies. Then My companion loves it when I run over to sister Sustaita who is sick who has a sickness of some sort then run over and touch my companions arm hahah ops ;) Oh man Karlee leaves so fast!! That is crazyy she just got her call!! Well Love you tons got to go!!! :)
AMor, Su Hermanito Elder Wilding! :)

Dear, President Trayner
This week was a better week we have more investigatiors that are really good at keeping appointments so it was easier to have some more members present for our lessons. We had a harder time on finding this week it is a part member family where the mom is a member and stopped going to church when she got married and starting going to the Catholic church with her husband. We had a lesson with her and her 3, one who is 6 years old, boys and they all expected BDs. The boys names are T.J. who is 18 and wants to be a soldier of God, I told him once he knows it is true he can serve a mission and be a soldier of God haha; The other boy is Andrew who is 13 who is a super cool kid too. They told us that the hard part will be getting their Dad to meet with us is what they said. They didn't come to church and we are hoping to have a lesson with them tomorrow.

Ed Russow came to church for the 3 week in a row! He is progressing really good we taught him the Restoration and he told us that he knows that Joseph Smith is a true prophet. Next we taught him the word of wisdom and he had a tea problem but he gave us all his tea, which was a lot, and said he would stop drinking it.

Then our other investigator Henry dropped us and said that his health is too bad and he wants to be taught in the future. We testified to him and he was sad that he and to stop meeting with us.

Lupita the investigator in the other part member family didn't come to church. We are working with her to have her own answer to know that it is true.

Amor, Elder Wilding

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013

Dear, Family and friends!! :) I am so happy to have a new full year to be a missionary down here en the best place ever!! It is freezing down here and I am not use to it at all!! It is like 45 degrees can you believe it!!? ALso raining! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family I can fell your prayers everyday!! I want you to also always to remember to pray for my campanions tambien. Elder Hardin isn't having a hard time or anything like that but it would be nice if he had a few more prayers heading out to his direction and his family members. We are doing so much better with the work here we had 4 people come to church which is pretty much the highest the area has had for almost more than a year I think. So that is a huge blessing!! The mission finished up the year with baptising the second highest baptizing #! Our goal this year is to finally brake 1200 in a year!! Pray for that # too!! It would be so amamazing to be here to see our mission make history down here!! :) that is so sweet you had the oprotunity to go to the temple con Karlee!! I Love ya so much!! Oh also for new years we got to watch forever strong!! It was sweet!! haha Love ya!!
AMor, Elder Wilding

Hopefully shawn will read it to you and can understand my bad spanish!! haha
Dear, President
Como ha estado? Voy a ecribir en espanol. Ojala sepa ud. las cosas por que soy malo con ecribir en ingles y tambien en espanol. :)
haha La ultimo semana era muy bien tuvemos mucho exito con traer los investigatores a la iglesia. Tuvemos 4 investigatores 2 con fechas de baptimal!
Ed Russom vino. El es el hombre que fue a la temple square y las missioneras lo hablaban aceca del libro de momor. El tiene dos domingos in a row a la iglesia. De rampente El recibio una respesta del libro de momor ayer!! El lo leia varios vezes!!
Luego, Lupita con su familia vinen tambien. La madre de ella es un miembro pero sus hermanos no son. Frankie y Mari vinen ellos son hermanos de Lupita.
Henry no vino y no le vemos esta semana pero vamos alli hoy para que sepamos la razon El no vino?
Por Hallar esa era un pocito deficil solo hallamos dos nuevo investigatores :/ !que lastima!
Elder Hardin e yo estamos trabajando duro tambien con nuestros miembro que viven en nuesta area y tambien estamos conociendo mas miembro que no viven en nuestra area para que tengamos mas miembros presente y nuestros investigator tagan cuates y amistad.
estoy agradacido para tener un nuevo ano en mi vida como un missionero aqui en la mejor lugar en todo el mundo. Ojala supiera mi carta en espanol. Los amo mucho!
Amor, Elder Wilding