Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Yes I had to get some bike stuff at Walmart. Ugh I hate spending money. I also had to take some out to get some one married well we still need to go and get it. It isn't My patriarchal Blessing it is great-grandpa Wilding's. I was doing family history and found out you can request ones of your ancestors. I got the package in the mail today. Mom you can tell me that some one died then not tell me who it was that is worse. I will just have to ask Melissa she will tell me she tells me everything. :) Wow 50 years that is super awesome! That is a funny about Ruby I bet she is the best. She so sounds like mike it is crazy. Can't wait to see her I have a fear that she want like me and I will want to love her like cwazy.  Yes I sorry about starting it out like that. I mother in English ward bore her testimony and her son is on a mission and his bike got hit by a car but he saw it coming and jumped off before and the mission office called her and she was crying the whole time now I feel real bad sorry. So before I start out this next story I am fine! Nothing happened. I fell off my bike this last week and it wasn't bad at all. We companion and I started to play tag on the bikes ( not on the busy road just in the neighborhoods) to have fun more fun while on the bikes and make us go fast to appointment when I say us I mean Me. One nigh going back to the apartment we were playing just that and I took a corner to fast and pulled back brake this time :) not front and rolled off my bike the opposite way of the corner so not into the comer. I didn't lean very good just how it isn't good if you don't lean right with the 4 wheeler so I flipped up onto the curb  laughing the whole time and nothing happened but We had a awesome laugh! Ok Another funny story. So we all know I was a garbage disposal at home when it came to food right? We also know that I am a very cheap person Like My Mom and will do anything to get the bargain! Like when you open Christmas gifts and say oh mom that is too much money and then she says clearance rack koles or something like that but if it is me it is like Dollar store, Family dollar, Goodwill, Or DI!!! However, We were given some food by a member and they was this Milk that had been frozen ever since it had been bought. So I put it in the fridge to make it liquefy  again so you could drink it. So during weekly planning went to get a cookie and milk with it and I start to drink the milk and my companion he comes from a family that doesn't buy off brand of care about deals or clearance. So he will not drink it. SO I start to drink it and it has a funny texture and then I am like maybe I shouldn't drink this? So I poured it out with the other milk then I found out while dumping the other milk other that it was just tiny little ice crystals and the milk tasted good and was good so It made me made that I wasted milk. Also my companion though it would be funny to say this whole last week that he was going to vacuum and not me because he knows how much I love it. So today he gapped the vacuum to tease me and so it was funny because when fought about it then I won and vacuumed. I got the sample of the carpet too! I want to take a nap on it! Sorry that my stories aren't very funny or entertaining this week. Our investigators are doing really good and are loving the gospel and feeling the changes in their life's. Transfers are coming up and I am getting nervous. I don't want to go or have my companion leave :) Truckie story time!!! So you can't control dreams so not my fault. So it is Bow season I am aware of that but it doesn't make me trukie but I had a dream that Mike and I were Bow hunting and I think doing missionary work in the dream too???? other people were there but I can't remember to well. However, We were set up on Wolf mountain in the pines and there Were Bull Elk Bugling all around, how it can do that on the mountain, and we were set up and calling them in and one huge huge bull elk stepped out and I pulled back shoot it and Mike shoot it before me! That made me mad because just how he did it with the spike and how dad did it with the big buck at Indian Creek. I thought I was young in the dream and needed the first shoot. However, I am not young anymore so I don't have that privilege. In my dream I thought that though. Then when I woke up I thought well I am old now so don't get that right anymore. hahaha I love you guys so so so much and feel of the love and prayers that you have for my and my companion. I miss you and pray for you always!! Don't worry I am super super save. We have stopped the game of tag to be for saver. So don't worry mom. :) :) Love you :)
A ghost picture 
Us doing weekly planning 
Boots!! I bought boots from Mexico!! My Ward mission lead owns a house there and boots are cheap!!

These are my companion’s boots he got  
We got lost in the area and found a golf course this is the end of the area

September 23, 2013

More fun stories!! First lets talk about the wreck!! Haha So we leave the apartment right after district meeting or something like that and we go to our first appoinment that is a set on with one of our investigators. To know a little bit about him he loves the Elders and always prays for us to have a safty on the bikes. So we start to head to his house and we get on the main road to shoot us up to his house and I notice that my gears and not working so I start changing them back and forth to see if they will slip the cable and start working cuz the cable wouldn't go. so We start going I am riding in the back of course 1st reason is because I am the slowest out of the companionship next if you are ever hunted with me or riddin on horses with me you would know I abor being in the front!!! Mike you are my witness to that. So my companion is in front I am looking down then up and then down and up it was like someone texting while driving not good. So the light turns red and we are a ways away from it but my companion starts to slow down a bit so then we don't have to wait so long to have it turn green. So this is all happening when I am not paying attention. So then I look up and it was to late by then. A little bit of back ground information before I move on is I haven't really been in any bike area before this so my back brake has hardly worked the whole time but I fixed it about a week ago. So this means my brain was super in the habit of using the front brake. So yes you know where this is headed already. So I look up and my companion is right there so I pull on the front brake as hard as I can making the bike buck forward trying to do a front flip. while this happened I was trying to stop and do everything to stop this from coming to pass. So I put down my feet on the road and start to run as fast as my little legs would go. While the bike is wedged between my grough and the momentom going forward. This all taking place on a busy road at a busy intersection. SO the bike won a set me flying into the bike of my companion. So in the air I think oh crap I am going to loose my teeth of the metal of his bike but I only lost 1 just kidding I didn't. However, All those years of playing volleyball paid off and I could finally use those awesome driving-fast moves for some good, because they don't help my with wrestling with Michael and my Companion learned that last week while horsing around haha, So I tucked to the left and took the inpact on the right side of the body of the tire. leaving a huge tire mark on my white shirt the whole day then while hitting the tire my legs were still tangled up in my bike and it catapulted me into the ground in the side of the lane of the road. Next thing a look at is cars are driving around my while a am face down in the pavement. then I look over and my companion asked what are you doing? He said he didn't see it but from and the fighting to not flip you said I was grunting and making a whole lot of noise the whole time down. So then I get up slowly because I didn't play football or wresting so my muscle memory wasn't use to that kind of going down to the floor only to pop balls up and makes great saves not of a bike or person throw you into the ground then land on you to kicxk you wkill you are down. I hope that you guys are laughing a crying from it I am trying to make it come to life but there are some hard words to spell in English. So I got up and just found out that it was a scaped bursed knee a shufted shoe and a couch in the finger and invidence on the shirt to tell people throught out the day. It was crazy! Then arriving to the ivestigators house he laughted and said I always pray for you!? HAHA So also the next morning I rose up really acky. However, the rain and clouds are all tired here and have taken a brake for now. We are doing good and are working a lot through are memebers and working to help bring their family members back and help the others that didn't recieve the gospel to have it. We live in an awesome small town and there are a lot of part members and relatives that live here tons of work to do. It is good. I hope and pray that I stay a long time because there is so much to be done and to be heard of this happiness. Also random Question do I Have insurance? Don't worry nothing is wrong or going to bewrong. Just good to know and to have? If not I have missionary isnsurance. ALso did I get a thing for family history in the mail if I did will you send it here? I am doing super good. This week I feel like Michael and am trying to getmoney so people can get married but this is only for one person not a ton. I love you guys so much I can feel of your prayers and love all the time keep praying for my, companion, and the people!! :) Love you so much!! I loved the pictures and the emails!! Talk to you later!! :D
Yes Mom I get along with my crazy awesome companion 
A double Rainbow I can't believe it!! You can't see it to well 
The moon on the morning 
Not everything in Texas is big
Sun Rise!

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

That is so good that the weather was good!! I am so happy that they are happy!! I love the color too!! Green and Yellow they are my favorites. We have been having so much rain and it is so green now it was brown like 3 weeks ago!! I have been running out of clothes because I have been getting so wet. It is because the apartments have 2 washers and 2 dryers and it cost a dollar in quarters to run each and we all know that I am way to cheap so I wait to make one big load and get the clothes back. I had to use one shirt twice and one pair of socks twice haha opps. It wasn't too bad. Not to scare you but a hurricane is headed for Mexico well I am also in Mexico so it will hit us a little at least the rain and winds some what it is in the golf gathering power. Mom I know that you are glued to the computer watching if it is going to head here but don't worry we are on the top apartment and they are made out of good heavy bricks and if not the our church just across the street is super super strong made out of center blocks and has everything we need. It is super small and low to the ground and has survived tons of hurricanes that is where the members go here in Mercedes. We are suppose to get 3-5 inches of rain!! Wahhoo I love the rain!! I also love riding in the rain in my bike a splash through the puddles because I am already wet so have fun. I fixed my bike so that is good. I am learning a lot about bikes and getting faster at fixing them. There was a double rainbow and I took a picture but forgot my camera today. I love the pictures of the wedding that is super awesome. On Friday I woke up and then when we were studying my companion told me hey your sister is getting married today!! Oh crap she is!!! I hit my forehead in denial and for being silly that I forgot. Then I said a prayer for them and it was good. I can't believe how big Ruby is!! That is so cwazy! Also Kenna looked like a princess for a Disney fairy-tale movie!! I am enjoying the work and am learning and growing a ton. I love this area a never want to leave! I think that I am getting a little bit back in shape from being on the bike? Well I hope so? What was the question that you asked in the bottom of the email I didn't understand? also will I be able to get another shirt from Missionary Mall? Well I can't thing of any new or different things? I love my companion a ton and we get alone really well. He is learning and growing so much. well Tuesday we had to ride to an appointment with an investigator and a member was coming and there was an inundation in the road. so It was so much fun plowing through it in the bikes to get there and when we got there we where wet head to toe. I love you and miss you a ton!! I am learning big a fancy words in English because so Spanish words are about the same to them however, the down fall is my English gets bad sometimes when the Spanish goes up. good Thing Spanish Is written how it sounds which saves me because I go back to sounds out the word out loud and writing it as it is say. The good thing is I asked our ward missionary leader whose is from Mexico and served in California as an English and Spanish missionary if sometimes it was hard to understand the Spanish here and he laughed and said yes. Thing of it as Swamp people Spanish. Just how Mom and I would watch Swamp People with Dad and he couldn't understand them. Sometimes it is like that here so it makes you a super good listener! :) I am rambling because I have more time but I am out of things to write if you couldn't tell? I love you guys so much and can feel of your love always. I have been bitten but a dog yet but I have kids to big ones chasing me on the bike and I kicked one so hard in the face a knocked it down to make it sit on its butt that was fun. Miss you and love you!!
LOVe, Elder Wilding

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

Hey Hey!! My roots that are planted up there!! If you can guess what song that comes from that would be awesome also it is in a TV show. Anyways how is the family doing!?!?!?! Happy Birthday to Melissa!!!!! Then Dad on the 13th!!! I think something else is happening on that date but can't remember? Ha-ha Jk Happy Wedding to Kenna and Alex!! I know I have probably been told and  it is on the announce but what Temple? Yes I will have to call the area doctor again because the Lamisil stuff I bought to attempt to fix it isn't working. I will probably have to get a perception. :( It has been raining like crazy and we got stuck in the rain on Saturday and well a lot more than just Saturday. However, on Saturday we when to do service for one of our investigators because we need some help we show you in work clothes and he wasn't there. So we did some stuff in his yard because he talked about what he wanted be done out side. So we moved this huge like pole of wood like a smaller telephone pole that had fallen against his house it was super hard to bring down but we man handled it like champs. That day we had to unload a truck that has bundles of clothes that the church makes from all the clothes from DI into the small old church across the road. While having a blast unloading it made me trunkie for DI shopping then it made me think of the Cowboy boots that I didn't buy there that fit me and were new also cool green. (before the mission) I wasn't able to buy the horns I wanted in Laredo but I have the money and I want cowboy boots! :) It is crazy that you received so much rain and us too!! I am doing so good and I have already started singing Christmas songs!! :P I think Also before I forget I had something sent to me for family history and I think I had it sent to the home address so if you get anything for me just forward it to the mission office. Also I know you guys are super super busy this week but I want pictures the new house of Mike and Kim and Pictures of the new house color and carpet Please.  :)  Also were you able to get the Priesthood line by any chance? I am think that is about everything? How is Mike doing up on his new job? Staying busy? Oh also I haven't had time to take my bike to the bike shop because we live so far from it but I might be going to that city for a dentist appointment of my companion and my bike is breaking down slowly but surly. So just see if I need more money transferred over? Also is my car broken down??? I am short for words this day I don't know why? I am thinking... We are working with a lot of people and awesome family members of a recent convert. Just Pray that there will come to church. Anything I can pray for you guys. I also have to thank you so much for also praying for my companion that means a lot too! He is doing good and improving in the language and teaching skills. He is a super awesome companion and we get along realty well. Ok story got one. So I can talk a lot we already have establish this but I love to pillow talk and so does my companion which is super good. The thing is we never can find the same day that we muster the energy to do it. So one will be talking and then pause just enough for the other to fall asleep and then will start talking again and scary the other and will wake them up and then we laugh and just say love ya night. It is fun I think that the letter that we got is so true the one that we got when Mike came home and said that he might want Dad or a younger brother to sleep in the same room with them. It is just goes along how I hated to be alone before the mission and I love that I always have some one with me it is the best. hahaha Oh Viva Mexico is coming up this Wednesday that is always a blast it is Mexican independence day and since I live in México it will be fun. There is a ward party for it so that will be fun. Down here on the 4th of July no one I mean almost no one celebrated it . We asked people what they did and say I did nothing I don't celebrate it and they have been living here for a long time it is crazy. The other crazy thing is when people tell us that they have lived in the USA since 1978 or 1980 or 20 years or 35 years or whatever it might be and they don't know hardly any English. some words and phrases to help them get by when they have to. Crazy stuff. I love you so much and think of you guys offend and miss you when I have time. Haha Jk  Anything that you want me to tell you? Any information?     I love you and stay dry. Tell Julianne   that I say hi and that I love her too

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

That is good to hear that everyone is doing good and staying busy love it and the time passes fast. :) Don't fell bad I wasn't sad or hurt that I didn't hear from you. I got  the announcement of Kenna and Alex and got over whelmed for a couple seconds just kidding the time passes so fast I didn't expect it in the mail so soon. I am glad that Grandma is doing good. How is great grandma doing I was on and it said she is still living so that is good. :) I also want to know if my car is dead or still working? :) Oh man oh did Kenna hurt her back? :/ This week went super fast that it was crazy. The rain isn't has bad as it has been up there. Wow last winter you had tons of snow now this crazy weather! Tell Melissa that the Equator is changing with the seasons too. :P haha I love my companion he is improving in Spanish so well and fast and it makes me so proud of him. He tells me he wants me to take him hunting after the mission well teach him how. Speaking oh hunting we when to the Lyle house on Sunday, A member in the other Elders area to eat with them, and they are a pure white-big Mormon family living down here. Think of our cousins house in Mud lake and that is their home and land. But he got to taking about hunting because he found out that I loved it and he kills 200 animals a year down here and his stories of hunting were out of this world!! I felt like the Amish kids at the house of Kim and Penny watching the TV!! they were crazy stories about pigs and pig attacks and how big they are!! It was awesome! Tell JJ that I got her letter and the pictures and loved them. My companion loved the big moose one. Haha he also say that Michael has a cute little tummy:) Jk  I forgot the camera connection so no pictures sorry. So I want to tell you and embarrassing story I am only telling you if you can be mature and also because I think the story that Mike told us when he was on his mission and Pooped his pants trying to make a blue dart Is worse. However, I sense I started to be in this area and on the bike almost anywhere we go. I had developed a rash thing down there. I tried everything to relief the pain and burning and itching but nothing would work. One Elder had so jock itch stuff that helped a bit. I held of for a while to call Sister Maluenda to tell her so I could get something to help I was way to embarrassed to call her and explain it to her in Spanish. So I texted her the best I could looking up the right words and then sent it and about 5 minutes later she called and I about died my companion said hey she is calling us and I ran in the bathroom and locked it so I didn't have to answer it. I felt like Mellissa as I did it. So I opened the door and answer it and she asked me where the rash was. I responded that I don't really want to say it and don't know the correct way to say it in Spanish. She laughed and took it very well. While I was dying and my face was bright red and could speak Spanish I was to nervous. Long story sort I had to text it to her in English sop she could send it to the area doctor and then he called us. Also had to talk to her about going to the dentist my companion has to cavities. You can take this story out before you put it on the blog. If you want I don't care. So that happened and I just needed to go to the store and buy cream that would help stop it. It is working so don't worry. So now on the more spiritual side of this we had a lesson last night with our investigator Jesse that has nothing and is going through a super rough time and has no family here and we taught it to him last night and the spirit was so strong in the lesson and he reads the bible and knew so key points that helped us testify of the Word of our Heavenly Father pushing forward to all the earth. He knew the scripture that says something like go forth baptizing in the name of the father of the son and the holy ghost. We shared the first vision and right after that teas were in his eyes and he said that he believed it. He wanted to know if it was true and his said a prayer to know if it was true and receive and answer the spirit was so strong it felled his little one bedroom house with power. The house that my companion and I had to climb through the window to get in because the door was locked don't worry he told us to do it. So it you don't remember my companion is 6 6' and played college football as a quarter back and he got stuck in the window and couldn't get through and I was already in and he was struggling trying to do it by himself and I turned around and saw his hands on the floor trying to craw in and the blind stuck on his butt bahaha I was all I could to not die or laughter. As he got in and on his feet he looked at me with the funniest face and said that was hard. Can you tell I got the computer with spell check this time? Yes!! :) I am loving the mission and learning more and more about the gospel. That is super cool that Lazy Lex went through the temple. oh yes if you want to send me the clip outs that is fine. I know that I am blessed with the best family in the world that loves me so much!! I can fell you prayers and love for my companion and I everyday I love you a ton and pray for ya and miss ya. Anything that you need me to do any thing you want to know or write more about or to write about. If you can't tell I sit at the computer and write whatever my brain throws up at the keyboard. So just tell me if you want to know about anything? Love you so much
Elder Wilding