Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

Hey Hey!! My roots that are planted up there!! If you can guess what song that comes from that would be awesome also it is in a TV show. Anyways how is the family doing!?!?!?! Happy Birthday to Melissa!!!!! Then Dad on the 13th!!! I think something else is happening on that date but can't remember? Ha-ha Jk Happy Wedding to Kenna and Alex!! I know I have probably been told and  it is on the announce but what Temple? Yes I will have to call the area doctor again because the Lamisil stuff I bought to attempt to fix it isn't working. I will probably have to get a perception. :( It has been raining like crazy and we got stuck in the rain on Saturday and well a lot more than just Saturday. However, on Saturday we when to do service for one of our investigators because we need some help we show you in work clothes and he wasn't there. So we did some stuff in his yard because he talked about what he wanted be done out side. So we moved this huge like pole of wood like a smaller telephone pole that had fallen against his house it was super hard to bring down but we man handled it like champs. That day we had to unload a truck that has bundles of clothes that the church makes from all the clothes from DI into the small old church across the road. While having a blast unloading it made me trunkie for DI shopping then it made me think of the Cowboy boots that I didn't buy there that fit me and were new also cool green. (before the mission) I wasn't able to buy the horns I wanted in Laredo but I have the money and I want cowboy boots! :) It is crazy that you received so much rain and us too!! I am doing so good and I have already started singing Christmas songs!! :P I think Also before I forget I had something sent to me for family history and I think I had it sent to the home address so if you get anything for me just forward it to the mission office. Also I know you guys are super super busy this week but I want pictures the new house of Mike and Kim and Pictures of the new house color and carpet Please.  :)  Also were you able to get the Priesthood line by any chance? I am think that is about everything? How is Mike doing up on his new job? Staying busy? Oh also I haven't had time to take my bike to the bike shop because we live so far from it but I might be going to that city for a dentist appointment of my companion and my bike is breaking down slowly but surly. So just see if I need more money transferred over? Also is my car broken down??? I am short for words this day I don't know why? I am thinking... We are working with a lot of people and awesome family members of a recent convert. Just Pray that there will come to church. Anything I can pray for you guys. I also have to thank you so much for also praying for my companion that means a lot too! He is doing good and improving in the language and teaching skills. He is a super awesome companion and we get along realty well. Ok story got one. So I can talk a lot we already have establish this but I love to pillow talk and so does my companion which is super good. The thing is we never can find the same day that we muster the energy to do it. So one will be talking and then pause just enough for the other to fall asleep and then will start talking again and scary the other and will wake them up and then we laugh and just say love ya night. It is fun I think that the letter that we got is so true the one that we got when Mike came home and said that he might want Dad or a younger brother to sleep in the same room with them. It is just goes along how I hated to be alone before the mission and I love that I always have some one with me it is the best. hahaha Oh Viva Mexico is coming up this Wednesday that is always a blast it is Mexican independence day and since I live in México it will be fun. There is a ward party for it so that will be fun. Down here on the 4th of July no one I mean almost no one celebrated it . We asked people what they did and say I did nothing I don't celebrate it and they have been living here for a long time it is crazy. The other crazy thing is when people tell us that they have lived in the USA since 1978 or 1980 or 20 years or 35 years or whatever it might be and they don't know hardly any English. some words and phrases to help them get by when they have to. Crazy stuff. I love you so much and think of you guys offend and miss you when I have time. Haha Jk  Anything that you want me to tell you? Any information?     I love you and stay dry. Tell Julianne   that I say hi and that I love her too

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