Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28th

Yes I got my package and loved it!! how did you know I was low on my pills!!! :) ha I leave in 10 days hhaaaaaa i am so nervus but excited at the sametime!! Somedays I think I am ready and others I am not ha. I just keep praying the spanish and the spirt will keep coming!!! :) Ha that was Elder Sanderson in your card he is super funny he was like tell me something funny to write to your mom?! :) Ha he is super funny he pretty much loves me he is from jackson/Rupert Idaho going to McAllen Texas and hopes that we will be put as greenies together and not have trainers I always laugh and tell him no!! We would not know any spanish!! He says we would have so much funny trrying so hard to! hahha I hope you guys aren't going to crazy getting ready for indian creek and all with out me!!! :) How much did the package and how much is my bike going to costo to ship? Everything is going really good here this week we had all the new mission presidents here it was crazy cuz they cut off half the luch room and it was crazy!!! the summer is the worst time for the mtc cuz there is so many missionaries!! so many!! the showers are getting better cuz i found out the secret to make them work better! :) don't turn them on all the way!! haha I loved all my pictures exspecially the million ones of Kenna's hair ;p hhah I am so excited for Ruby I think I am going to pee my pants in excitement!!! Mike the sprinkler thing with Kim is awesome!! KIm and Mike so prtoud of you with school and everything!! Melissa!! I love how ever letter you say oh this one isn't so good ha I love them all!! Kenna I loved your crazy guy stories!! ha Mom don't go to crazy getting ready for indian creek todo tranqueilo :) Dad also you too how is work going don't go to crazy!! Do you getting to go to Indian creek this year!! JJ I am so sad i can't help you with projects in Mackay! I am also so  sorry about jackson again :( I hope my mom and family are helping you out and being super supportive!! :) Thanks for all your letters I love them sooo much!! oh haha so my campanion is going bad fast and so he wrote his mom and she sent him bosley and rogain bahahah his mom is so awesome also his brother has been on a mission since feb and xcame home:( so his mom called the mtc to make sure her other boy wasn't coming home so we got called in the front office he met with a ounseler but he is doing great!!! Also all the genarl authorities were here for new mission pres and also got to see L. Tom Perry and Ballard super cool!!! I was like 5 people short of getting in the devotion tuesday but my companion got in that is how close I was!! so I had to go to overflow and I would have seen like 9 authorities!! all good!!!!!!!!!! Les querro mucho!!!! Todo tranqueilo!! Amar Elder Wilding!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Monday, June 25, 2012

Holy Cow Funny!

My mom's Birthday is on Tuesday and today a Card came in the mail that said:
       I think all the birds at the MTC whishpered to me that it is your Birthday?! I tihnk you are turning 35!? I think?! I am sorry I won't be able to make it?! :) I hope you know that you are the best woman and Mom in the World! Like Don Robinson said, you and Dad did some work hahah JK, have raised an amazing family in this el tierra de loco! I pray for you all the time and I can feel your prayers also! I pray your not stressin life right now :) Cus it is your Birthday! Thank you for all the love that you have poured down for me! And helping me always though hard times. I love how you always knew when I was down or something bugging me. Ans I love how I know I could tell you anything no matter big or small and you would listen and love me and want to help me out so much! I could see it in your eyes! The true love that you have for me and your family and everyone around you! LE OVUERRO MUCHO! todo tranqueilo! Amar, Elder Wilding
P.S. Everyone loves the eyes you gave me@ They thing their are so Awesome! At the temple we found out when you look at me from the side my eyes look bright sun yellow. So we took pictures outside cuz it was temple walk day on Sunday. So I have pic and it is cool.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wilding!
This is your son's companion. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Elder Derek Barker

Happy B-day Mom! This is your son's best friend in the zone. He has told me all about you! Have a great one!
 Love, Elder Barth :)

Dear Wilding's Mother
      I have heard amazing things about you, you also have an amazing son he is truely a great missionary!
 Elder Chris Brown

Happy Birthday  
Love, Elder Blatter

I love you because you gave me Elder Wilding. Thank you for concisiving him in a sleeping bag 19 years ago at your family Reunion. Love You!
-Elder Sanderson

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 21

Yeah I found my preach my gospel at home before I left. :)  You can send that stuff to me now if you want? Well I forgot to tell you I saw JAce Hanson here at the MTC about 3 weeks ago!!! Crazy!! I didn't thing it was him? But it was he has a wierd knee problem where his knee caps are hitiing his bones? so he is bone on bone so he is here at the mtc finishing up his last few months!! ALso had a change to see the outside world twice, also forgot to tell you, my companion had to have a root canal done on one of his teeth. So we have been out twice for that and we are headed out again today for a quick check up. Pretty sweet!! Oh also got my patriartical blessing monday!!! It was so awesome!!! So quick side note you know how you have to have the paper they give you? Well we got out of class to do do my blessing and right when we get out of the build I realize I left the paper in our residence hall!! Which is in the very back of the MTC!! And the build we were going to to get it do was on the other side of the mtc also!! So it is 3:55 and dang hot!!! We are in suit jackets so we run and run and run!! Get to 1m and late about 3-4 minutes we made good time!!! GEt there out of air trying to say hi to Branch pres and Brother LAmbert. Sweating like crazy they thought it was funny!! haha But the experience was like nothing I have ever had before!! Oh it was so wicked!! :) Also can't believe July 9th is coming up so soon!! Crazy time is truely flying!! :) SO today is P day and the Laundry room is closed cuz they had a bad gas leak last night!! SO we wake up at 6 to do laundry and it has the laundry room is closed for June 21st on the doors. So as of today I have just about zero clothes if they don't get it fixed!! Yes also if you could find out if that was Uncle Glades Micheal Wilding that would be awesome!! Send a picture of him if you can get it I want to find out if this is the guy!? Also tell the girls to send family pictures too! :) Ha I heard about the sand tournament from Kyns :) that is sweet you saw JEnna!! :) Mom I love the letters you write cuz I have to read them 3 times to get all of it. :) ha no periods just sit down and write. :) Michael didn't like my friends to be contined ha!!? Everything is going good here the language is coming so fast I can feel your prayers everyday! :) Indian creek is coming so soon!! Glad everyone is having fun fishing and getting tan! I think if we didn't go to Cali I would be fried whenm I go to Texas!! Cuz there are 3 other IDaho boys in my zona 1 in my districto and they are so white!1!! So hopefully I won't get to burned cuz you don't get Tan in the Mtc that is for sure!! haha Tell melissa the Hannah thing on facebook is so funny!!! :) Well got to go love ya tons!! oh do we know if michael and Kim have to move in? And congrats Michael!!!!!! 
Les querro mucho!!! Todo tranquielo!!! Aman Elder WIlding!!!!!

Update on the other Michael Wilding! I messaged Kristy his sister on facebook! He did go to Lima Peru and she is calling him to confirm! But super cool story!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letter to my Mom: June 14th

Here are parts and pieces of Kyle's Letter to my Mom! But not in order of how he wrote them but by story! First to finish the story that his last letter: So we go to do serve and the lady she is new working at the MTC looks at my name tag and says Elder Wilding!?!? Yup! Why?! Cuz do you have a older brother named Michael Wilding haha yes this is getting crazy  spokey! She says A Michael Wilding Baptized my dad and I will never forget him ever ever. So I start asking questions to confirm is is my brother, "What does he look like!" She: "Well, whoa, nothing like you at all! Short way shorter than you, way darker hair not built like you at all; short shocky build oh but he as green eyes closer to yours!!!" Be this time I am dying! Well I tell her everything you  just said explains everything my brother looks like Me: "Well when was your dad baptized?" She names the pretty much exact years Michael was serving! By this time I have huge chills running and jumping up and down my spinal cord! I ask "where does he sort of live?!" Her: I think north of here!? This crazy to crazy I am dying! Me: "What City" I think here in Utah in Ogden but she didn't real  know just a guess? I still am thinking this is to crazy! Oh wait to make this story more intense and everyone is wait and hanging on the edges of the couch in thin living room on Sunday evenings! [Yes mom reason this aloud to the family and at the beginning get super excited while reading it will get everyone attention!] I forgot to say, on purpose, about 4 questions or around that I ask wait don't you speak Spanish?? Where are you from Peru  oh I still has huge chills but hopes and dreams of it being our Mike come crashing down like snow off of Jenny's shed in the winter on a warm sunny day! I tell her oh dang  my brother served in San Paulo Brasil (which isn't true it was Porte Alegre North).  But everything you said was my brother through and through. But she tells me her dad's conversion  story... Sh says "I asked the missionarys how can I get my dad to met with you guys so you can live the gospel I am the only member in my family and it kills me. Elder "Wilding" says hey tell her dad that you want us to teach you can't be alone with us when we teach you!? Her: "oh bonito idea Bien Hecho! Di Papa I want to just sit in the room I need you to be there I can't be there alone!? (Such a good plan) Listo me Hijo. (ok daughter) So they start out and Elder Wilding invites her to share you humble but so so powerful testimony about the gospel and the church. She told me I was so nervas I have never said my testimony infront of any of my family members. So I did and the  espirtu Santo touch my dads carozon... he wanted to be baptize and 3 weeks late! Lizte so I tell her I will run back to me room and grap my camera cuz I had gym after so I had time. Just so she could see a picture and well we all know sure enough it wasn't our "Michael". But super sweet scary static story! Her name is Gabriela Diaz so if anyone is bored on facebook one day or in Famliy history and wants to try and find a Michael Wilding in Orem or Odgen Utah that would be sweet!! ... Also about to weeks in meet a Elder Branden Wilding from St. George Utah I asked him what most of his Wildings looks like and he said darkest blonde and I said like dish water!? He laughed and said yes he said around under 6 feet I said ha yeah so I am probably am cousins with him. Girl that was in my zone said there is a girl with the last name that teaches at the MTC cuz this girl was like 3rd cousins according to her parents! :) ...I am doing good on the not missing lots lots or think about you to much :P cuz you know me and my dreams a I am crazy sweet dreams of hanging  with fam and they feel so real! Ha it is a huge blessing cuz I sleep and hang with you guys. In some of my dreams you guys talk to me in Spanish  ha and I talk back :) Those are the dreams that I don't know what we are saying... Thing I have stain stick stuff cuz I spell all the time! ha also could you look up how to take stains out from wash some chap stick in with your clothes and not realizing it is in there till your done with drying them it was my darks halt of them including I 2 gray ants and any grey under amor shirt dang it Heiol! Should I stain stick all the spots with Nap-rafill soap and wash them in hot cuz it is wax or in cold?
This one was super long but really fun! We think the Michael Wilding is our Cousin that is about the same age as my brother but we are checking with his sister on the facts! So we will see!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14th!

Hey my long lost family!!! Que hay de nuevo!?!? :) I am loving the MTC more and More!! I am doing good!! Elder Brown the missionary who was having a hard time is doing so much better!!! I am so happy about that!! :) I had to give a talk which was just my testimony in spanish in scacriment cuz we didn't have much time infront of the MTC pres. cuz our branch pres got released. Ha are new branch pres. wife came up to me and said i loved your testimony I felt the spirt but I only got jesucristo ha! :) I am doing really good the language is coming along so fgast!! My district made it a goal this late monday to not speak any english only when we are learning new principles in the gospel!!! It is fun cuz I love talking so I makes me learn it fast if I want to talk!! Also it makes you relize you know more than you actually do!!! :) MY companion is picking up on it so much better too!! :) Thanks for all the love and support I can feel all your prayers!! I am doing laundry right now so I don't remember the scripture I picked out? i will write. ALso I need my pin # I think I forgot it?! OPS :/ Sorry i can still use it here cuz i just sign a pick!! tell Grandpa I loved loved the cookies!! So did the people in my district and zone!! They were like dang these are so good!! ahah the weather is getting so hot and I am so jealous you uhligans get to go swimming!! Not fair!!! :p i am so glad to hear everything is going so good!! How is Dad's new job? The up stairs bathroom as new sink and tile!?!?! This is cazy next thing you are going to send is the back yard as green grass you can mow and the down stairs is clean and there is carpet!?!? Que es esto?!? Haha What is this!? haha Kim's date is coming up so quick!! hey i want pictures of the family like one we took at IC last year and i want picts of IC and other ones of fun stuff of our fam i have Nothing!! So I had the craziest craziest experience last saturday!! I was doing serve in the morning and the lady who speaks spanish looks at my name tag and says WILDING!! hA Ya why? Your brothers name is Mike or Micheal Wilding!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait whoa yes!! Hey baptized my dad!! Wait wait what!! And this girls is like so excited and about to cry!! She says but he does look anything like you only the green eyes... Ok this is when in Friends it says contine at the end of the very last episosed and it is so intense!! They stupid computer is going to kick me off!! I will right the rest in a letter haha! Sorry I am so mean!!! LEs Querro mucho!! Todo Tranqueilo!!! AMor Elder Wilding!!!!!! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 6th (almost a month out)

Sorry I will be try lots better at writing longer. Well the language is coming super fast it is crazy!! Ha my Distrist has made a goal to not speak anymore english has much as possible by monday!!! Ha I think well maybe I think I am ready? My window doesn't open cuz it is weilded shut everyones is ha! We got a new district in our Zone last week and also one yesterday. They seem really cool! A poor guy in the room next to us is having a super ruff time but it is only been a week. It is hard to see people go home cuz you have such a love for them! We have had 2 go home in our district and 2 go to the mtc in spain. the new guys in the room next to us said he was going to fight!! He is suuuper cool and he feels bad cuz he said he never saw himself as a missionary that needs so much help but me and my compainion gave him some great advance and gave him a hug and I told him we love him and will fight for him!! ALso it is funny to see has the days go by how some people complain about there companions by not just saying this I think me and my companion have the best relationship in our district!! WE had compainion invatory I Elder Barker goes to tell me something and he is super serious looking.. He says " Um I was thinking you are to happy!" Ha I thought he was going to lay into me and tell me somethibg like do you ever shut up! haha But I am so blessed to have a family like you guys!! I am working hard and loving the work!! I am making friends like crazy I don't know how many of the guys tell me I laugh, smile, and are happy, and to nice! Pues you guys have raised me some what right! :p Our "investtigators" are coming along great haha well we are doing so good with one that everyone in our district is having a super hard time with and the other one that everyone is having the easiest time with we are having the worst but todo tranquilo! oh did I tell you we had to teach in spanish like our 2nd or 3nd day here!!? haha we also have to teach and to TRC's in spanish but it is so crazy and amazing cuz when we go in there i can understand most of it and speak well some but lots better than when I am not teeaching haha! Tell everone I am so jealous that you guys get to go swimming!!! :P also tell Mike to write me about if he goes to the floom! Hey i want to know how KIM and the Baby are doing ah eh!? ha ALso how is Nat doing!? TEll Shawn Lemmon I am doing fantastic and loving the MTC! ha Everone in my district wants out but i love it ha! Tell him the language is going good!! Love you all tons!!! And I can't believe it has amost been a month since you guys havwe dropped me off at the curb!! Oh mom I haven't had the opportunity to help anyione at the curb yet!! But if i do thtat will be funny!! Oh also working still I getting my patriarticaly blessing! :) I need maybe my gray workout shirt with "nobody trains to be runner up" and "Lyger vball" and sock and my scripture black case. and one more shirt? There will probably be more? ha AMor Elder Wilding!!!

2nd Lost Email! May 24th

MTC is going super fast and slow!! :) Espanol is coming pretty good!! :) I tried to talk to 2 sisters at the Temple from Peru and I didn't undersdtand them at first then i did and had a good talk with them!! :) Ha TRC's for the first time ayer and IT was crazy how much I knew what the guy was talking about and how much I was saying in spanish!! Teaching lessons is super fun had cuz mi companero is having a hard time in the language and does really understand much but he is awesome and is growing a ton!!! I am staying so busy and tired I don't know what to do!!!! hahah Keep writing me I love it!! We are so pleased that dad took his job then a week later Hoku laided off people and he would have been!!! I am learning and growing so much here!! Having a blast everone in my district and zone our awesome and supportive!! Every one thinks I am funny but we all are!! Also please send more workout shirts about 3 and more or my costco workout socks please and a small goldbold foot container of foot poder would be so awesome!!! hahah Roomates would love that too!!! Loving the work and rthe gospel more and more everday!!!! Love everyone tons!!!          Amor Elder Wilding!!!!!!!