Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Family!!! I am doing super good!! The mission party was great!!! It was tons of fun. Crazy that the missionary count is up to 7 in the family right now. Also heads up if I am a little weird during the first part of the skpe don't worry about it. It just with be a shell shock. everything looks good I think? The member is good with computers so that is good. It has been a little warmer that is good. Come with lots of questions prepared and things because I love to talk but you know me. I can't think of anything really to write super sorry. Also I think there is a way that the member can make it so that I can skpe with you guys and Mike and Kim and see you all? I think it is just that your computer has to be the head computer. However, I don't know what that means? I will find out. That is crazy that the bakers will have 2 on a Mission.  I also received a letter from the Alabama Wildings and oh man have they all grown up a ton!!! It is crazy! I started writing them back and then we had to leave. I keep praying to get snow down here but it only happens every hundred years the snow that hits the ground and stays 1906 and 2006. My bike is doing good, knock on wood, it looks like it will last me so that is good. It if breaks down I am good friends with one of the office workers the one that had to call you about my wallet getting stolen and he says that they have tons of spare bikes that I could borrow in the office storage. I am doing good transfers are coming up super soon again they are on the 31st of this month. I will try and take more pictures I have been super bad at that. I also got my priesthood line so don't worry about that. My companion stills wants to open them because he knows that I hate to see them or open them before Christmas. But I have been winning so far. I am super sorry running out of things to tell you. We have been singing a ton for the wards Christmas song and I think that  I am getting better at singing!!! :) Also you know when I was little I couldn't endure only the 3 hours of Church, oh man was I a devil. Our small little area has 3 three lines of unit that cut/met and so We get to be at church from 8:45 to 5 and if there is a baptism 6. I love it though. It has almost been like that the whole mission your feet get little tired and be the last part your head will start to bob if you aren't careful. :) If the member catch you they just laugh and ask you afterward "Been working hard?" Opps  haha I love being a missionary and I love being a part of this wonderful family. How much of a blessing it is. I have people from different parts of the country if I know Wilding so and SO and Laugh and Smile and just say if they are Mormon and wildings Probably back in the line yes. Then say we come from people that had lots of kids. haha. Love you Guys tons!! Merry Christmas!!!! :) :D :P :<)
I decorated! 
Our Tree

Monday, December 16, 2013

Decemnber 16, 2013

Dear Family!
I got the letter that you sent to me today it took 11 days to get here. However, I received the packages one on thursday on the other one on friday. I loved loved the cow tails. Mine came on thursday and when I was opening it I found tons of Moms hairs ok only about 5. Then I saw them so I searched for more and I found one of Melissa's hairs only one. Haha it reminded me when I would fine them in my underware and everwhere baha(You can take that part out for the blog) hehe. then My companion received his and was shoked. I think he was super excited and grateful he just isn't very emtion showing. I think he was excited because he took the magnetic Christmas tree from the fridge and made a place for all the presents under the filing capnet and decorated which is huge for him. He also said that that is the most present he has ever gotten in a Christmas. Yes I also spent 27 dallors and Christmas Cds. I have been playiing them ever chance that I can get. :) haha My roomate love it. Also my Mission President only says Skpe and that is it??? I found a member that has skpe!!! :) Haha So will Christmas Eve at 6:00ish Work?? So that would mean 5:00ish your time. hopefully the skpe will work with Mike and Kim? Suuper sorry only skpe. also only 45 minutes too. It has been pretty cold still here but today we have a pretty day. Also there was snow here ok not really snow but it was drizzling and the rain was tinny tinny snow pelets that were only the size of a burgur (moco) from Frosty the snow man's nose. :) of course it was nothing but I was streching it to be. No you don't need to sent my sweater I was just wondering if I still had it? I think here in Walmart they have hugly christmas sweaters so I will look. Thta is what I heard. That is super sad to hear about Sarah. :( I will keep on praying.  I loved the cups that kenna gave you guys there are super awesome!!! I love the Elf ones!! It is so good to reflect on the past year to see of all the many grand blessing that the Lord has bestowed upon all of us. I love this time that we have to celbrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, to help out everyone, and to spread the Christmas spirit, just how Dad spreads his veggiemit on toasted bread. HA I try to throw in smilies here and there to make it come alive and be funny. I also talked in Spanish ward the first time and had talked in the mission. I won't lie it was bad but the spirit helped me so that is good. It was bad becuase right before sacrement we had to run over to an ivestigators apartment and lets just say she had some huge problems happening with her boyfriend. so I showed up super late while me companion was speaking because I was with Elder Sanderson my old companion from Laredo he is now my zone leader. So she came with her 3 kids and I forgot my notes and say tons of wrong things in the grammer of the languge of spanish but I told them I am not very good at speaking English or Spanish and they laughed and I keep stoping to ask if they understood me. They would shake their heads in agreement so that is good. They complimented my on my Spanish afterwards and I said thanks. I reminded my when Kenna, ANd Melissa would say the people only say your good at dancing because it is like the handicap people I just laughed to my self it was good though because the spirit helped and I wasn't so nervous. :) Love you know time. So tell me if anything needs to change for the time. Love you!!! :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Family!! :) How is everything going?? Yes it has been super cold here but I have been prepared so it isn't to bad. We also have a heater in the house a normal one that is like the AC so that is good too! I just a super quick question the camera card you bought me did you buy it at walmart. It is because I meant to say to you send me my old one that has pictures from the missoin. So I don't need the one you sent me I can sent it back? Or keep it for the future if it might be needed? Yes I got the package from Melissa and grandpa all on the same day.  My roomate love the cookies. :) Also we have a new rule in the mission!! We can Skpe our families if we find a member with it. Also only 45 minutes and no short phone call home to set up the time. Our mission President has asked to try and only have family so we aren't trying to kick off the girlfriend at the begining which is good I don't have a girlfriend.  So it can be on the 24th or the 25th. Anyday works for me so you choose the day and the time and get back to me. Choose probably after 6 for me here. Also found out that we can listen to any kind of Christmas music if it is bumping and jumping or to loud with crazy beats. I died when I heat this I scream because I don't have any Christmas CDs!! :'( And the rule is only till now and christmas so it is whatever. I am going to buy at least one CD but don't know what one? I can talk to you guys through the program of Skpe so get it or find a place I am still looking for a member a lot of people don't have computers here so I will be looking. If not I will just to call you be phone. Also so glad you guys weren't to truckie today because today is my 19 month mark so only 5 more months. It isn't truckie to say it because it is the truth and I can't change it or hit from it. I also went to family dallor it is only about 5 minutes from the apartment on a bike to stop and look for cheap Christmas CDs but they didn't have any. It is crazy to think 2 years ago I was working there at Christmas time. MY companion bought some candles and they smell super good. We also have a little ceasars close by again. :) YES!! Down fall for 6 months till sexy but whatever. I loved the shirts that were in the package I went off for about 10 minutes explaining everything on them to everyone in the apartment and there weren't as thrilled as I was and they didn't get any of it aha. I won't lie I totally forgot about "Come snuggles with mama" SO when we ride on Pday or to the church with the zone leaders in the van in the back of the van The grennie fights my off when I try to grap him and Say come snuggles with Mama he is just like NAtalie so that is super fun. The greenie remembers the commercial so that is good. That is super good that Dad has been having a lot of work how is he liking it? Does he get tired. I bet he can listen to thing a lot. One of my recent converts listen to the Book of Mormon countless of times in his truck before we met with him it was super cool. :) ALso the heat was broken is the CHurch this Sunday so there was no heat and no hot water. SO we had to boil a ton of water because there was 2 baptisms yesterday. All the members were super cold. I am doing super good. HAve been loving the Advent and everything that comes with it. Also I looked up the word Oregon in all the emails and I only found the one that you told me that Dakota was going there but it not it is whatever. No worries. One an update on how I am doing? Pues You can say I love the mission. Love the work. I love Advent and Christmas?? I don't know?  Well I got to go love you so much!!! Get back with me on what time for the phone call?? Love yous!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

Family and Friends!!!! :) Well do they have Huckleberry jam at the store? I also need you to send stamps about 20 will do. Thanks. Also you can send the packages to the apartment that is fine I will get them.  I also want, but you don't have to find it or find it before Christmas but I am just asking to have everyone keep your eyes peeled, a hugly Christmas sweater!! :P That reminds me Michael didn't seal my Green wool sweater right I love that thing. :D Sorry I am so Capricho about all these Christmas gifts. I can't think or the word in English but I think is something like to whim?? You can look it up on the intenet Spanish to/or English dictionary. My companion loves knives like hunting type he also likes to make wallets out of Different colors of duct tape like, Cool 3d  Camo and I will try and think of other things. It hasn't been to cold here latly. That is great that you haven't recieved any snow and that it has been so warm. Can you tell that I am learning more words in English even though my grammers is getting worse. I learned the word Advent today with my companion it said it on his calendor so we looked it up I wonder if Spanish has a similar word? Umm
No need to worry all the BYU stuff is done before the first after texting my President 3 times, 1 phone call, and 1 voice mailto see if he recieved the recommendation to pass it along he called my back and said si Elder. Also after telling him in Spanish that I just had stepped in Mud up to my ankle. Being Embarrassed when he told me that he didn't understand me. I thought it was for the bad Spanish tghen I realized that it is because I needed to tell him the back gound to the story like the setting and ect. Haha so it is nice to know that I have the same personality and silly mistakes in Spanish. HA Thanksgiving was super good we were able to good to a members house and eat yummy rolls and turkey then we went to our Investigatores home and they are from Niguragua and they are humble people and so very nice. They taught my companion and I new words that they use in there country for turkey, Mop, and otther things. My companion had never heard of them. ALso I am learing to speak in Voz it is a different form of speaking in Spanish so it is cool. They could say my Last name so I told them to just Say Elder Salvaje which means savage or wild in Spanish. No like the same meaning of Savage off of Pocahis like the song the white men sing. It is because when I first heard that word I that song came into my head and my companion said no not like that. I still have the habit of busting out into song, only in the apartment, when someone says a line or word from a song it is like Melissa or Kenna. We are doing super good out here working hard and see the miricles and the blessings. I love you so much!!! :-)) HAHA this is me smiling with my double chin. I will make I list of things you could send my companion. LOVE YA.