Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Family!!! I am doing super good!! The mission party was great!!! It was tons of fun. Crazy that the missionary count is up to 7 in the family right now. Also heads up if I am a little weird during the first part of the skpe don't worry about it. It just with be a shell shock. everything looks good I think? The member is good with computers so that is good. It has been a little warmer that is good. Come with lots of questions prepared and things because I love to talk but you know me. I can't think of anything really to write super sorry. Also I think there is a way that the member can make it so that I can skpe with you guys and Mike and Kim and see you all? I think it is just that your computer has to be the head computer. However, I don't know what that means? I will find out. That is crazy that the bakers will have 2 on a Mission.  I also received a letter from the Alabama Wildings and oh man have they all grown up a ton!!! It is crazy! I started writing them back and then we had to leave. I keep praying to get snow down here but it only happens every hundred years the snow that hits the ground and stays 1906 and 2006. My bike is doing good, knock on wood, it looks like it will last me so that is good. It if breaks down I am good friends with one of the office workers the one that had to call you about my wallet getting stolen and he says that they have tons of spare bikes that I could borrow in the office storage. I am doing good transfers are coming up super soon again they are on the 31st of this month. I will try and take more pictures I have been super bad at that. I also got my priesthood line so don't worry about that. My companion stills wants to open them because he knows that I hate to see them or open them before Christmas. But I have been winning so far. I am super sorry running out of things to tell you. We have been singing a ton for the wards Christmas song and I think that  I am getting better at singing!!! :) Also you know when I was little I couldn't endure only the 3 hours of Church, oh man was I a devil. Our small little area has 3 three lines of unit that cut/met and so We get to be at church from 8:45 to 5 and if there is a baptism 6. I love it though. It has almost been like that the whole mission your feet get little tired and be the last part your head will start to bob if you aren't careful. :) If the member catch you they just laugh and ask you afterward "Been working hard?" Opps  haha I love being a missionary and I love being a part of this wonderful family. How much of a blessing it is. I have people from different parts of the country if I know Wilding so and SO and Laugh and Smile and just say if they are Mormon and wildings Probably back in the line yes. Then say we come from people that had lots of kids. haha. Love you Guys tons!! Merry Christmas!!!! :) :D :P :<)
I decorated! 
Our Tree

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