Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Family!! :) How is everything going?? Yes it has been super cold here but I have been prepared so it isn't to bad. We also have a heater in the house a normal one that is like the AC so that is good too! I just a super quick question the camera card you bought me did you buy it at walmart. It is because I meant to say to you send me my old one that has pictures from the missoin. So I don't need the one you sent me I can sent it back? Or keep it for the future if it might be needed? Yes I got the package from Melissa and grandpa all on the same day.  My roomate love the cookies. :) Also we have a new rule in the mission!! We can Skpe our families if we find a member with it. Also only 45 minutes and no short phone call home to set up the time. Our mission President has asked to try and only have family so we aren't trying to kick off the girlfriend at the begining which is good I don't have a girlfriend.  So it can be on the 24th or the 25th. Anyday works for me so you choose the day and the time and get back to me. Choose probably after 6 for me here. Also found out that we can listen to any kind of Christmas music if it is bumping and jumping or to loud with crazy beats. I died when I heat this I scream because I don't have any Christmas CDs!! :'( And the rule is only till now and christmas so it is whatever. I am going to buy at least one CD but don't know what one? I can talk to you guys through the program of Skpe so get it or find a place I am still looking for a member a lot of people don't have computers here so I will be looking. If not I will just to call you be phone. Also so glad you guys weren't to truckie today because today is my 19 month mark so only 5 more months. It isn't truckie to say it because it is the truth and I can't change it or hit from it. I also went to family dallor it is only about 5 minutes from the apartment on a bike to stop and look for cheap Christmas CDs but they didn't have any. It is crazy to think 2 years ago I was working there at Christmas time. MY companion bought some candles and they smell super good. We also have a little ceasars close by again. :) YES!! Down fall for 6 months till sexy but whatever. I loved the shirts that were in the package I went off for about 10 minutes explaining everything on them to everyone in the apartment and there weren't as thrilled as I was and they didn't get any of it aha. I won't lie I totally forgot about "Come snuggles with mama" SO when we ride on Pday or to the church with the zone leaders in the van in the back of the van The grennie fights my off when I try to grap him and Say come snuggles with Mama he is just like NAtalie so that is super fun. The greenie remembers the commercial so that is good. That is super good that Dad has been having a lot of work how is he liking it? Does he get tired. I bet he can listen to thing a lot. One of my recent converts listen to the Book of Mormon countless of times in his truck before we met with him it was super cool. :) ALso the heat was broken is the CHurch this Sunday so there was no heat and no hot water. SO we had to boil a ton of water because there was 2 baptisms yesterday. All the members were super cold. I am doing super good. HAve been loving the Advent and everything that comes with it. Also I looked up the word Oregon in all the emails and I only found the one that you told me that Dakota was going there but it not it is whatever. No worries. One an update on how I am doing? Pues You can say I love the mission. Love the work. I love Advent and Christmas?? I don't know?  Well I got to go love you so much!!! Get back with me on what time for the phone call?? Love yous!!

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