Friday, February 27, 2015

Kyle is Home! (Like 9 months ago but I have been very busy)

The Night before Kyle came home Kenna, Alex, Colton, Natalie, Me, and Julianne got together to make signs! They were supper funny! I didn't get pictures of the other two but Natalie did! Kenna and Alex worked really hard on this Finish line poster! 
After months and months on the count down we were super excited to finally be a the airport even though the plane was super late! Michael Kim and Ruby made it there about 5 minutes before it landed! Even Debra was there on time!
I love this picture! Especially my Grandpa! 
My First Picture of him! He is super nervous and awkward! 
Kyle and Rudy's picture!  
I love this picture of us walking out! 
Natalie took this of us right after he gave me a hug! 
All of the siblings together together again! 
Courtney took this of Kyle meeting Ruby the first time! I seriously love this!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Last One! Ahhhhhh! I am so excited!

Yes I get to write one last time. :) Yes that will work to go meet with the Stake President that night it will all work better and be smoother that way just to get it done. I am doing fine I'm a l ittle nervous but a whole lot better.
Friday during Companionship innovatory I cried a lot just ask my companion. haha Then he started to cry just as much so it was haha yea. After that was done I walked out of the room and the other Elders saw me and I just said in a funny voice I broke down. haha It helped a lot to just cry and let it all out. I learned a ton through the tears. My companion is so boss I love him. He listen and helped. :) hahaÂ
However, this last week was the best of my mission we were able to have so much success!!!  It was amazing!!! Even the Sisters in the district and a super cool baptism with us!!! :) I had my exit interview with President last night. It was fast and not how I pictured it being. On that tone it was a lot better than what I thought. Haha We didn't even really talk anything about the mission or things like that. He just paused a moment looked up then looked back down at me and asked what my plans were after the mission for studies I told him the vague plans that I had and yes say no. haha opps. Elder What Profession are you going to go into? I said I don't know? He gave me super good council and gave me some homework to do before tomorrow.  Then he asked me about me companion but said it will an a not and o in Spanish which confused me. He grinned and said to find her? What things am I going to do? That I need to be not afraid and a lot of other things that I'll tell you in person. The whole time he was talking about getting an eternal companion I just smile with my face super red and embarrassed and would giggle just a little bit like Melissa. He gave some super to the point feedback and kept asking is that clear. I just smiled and said yes. :) It was exactly what I needed even if I didn't want it. hahaÂ
I told my companion about it and he laughed and told me that is what I have been telling you the whole time!! You understood you just didn't heed. haha Opps. haha Â
I know it won't be that hard to come back I think that I'm just making it seem to hard and to make a big deal out of it. Just one step at a time. If I seemed super shocked or scaried looking when I see you don't pay attention to it. I'll be fine.
These past 2 years have gone by so fast!!! It seems like 6 weeks ago we were eating at Hawain Grill and you guys were making fun of me because I couldn't eat. I know that it hasn't gone by fast for you guys but it has for me it is crazy!! I love my Mission so much and I love you guys so much you are the best!! :)   Â

Black light with baptismal clothing. haha 
Miracle on Saturday=Baptism on the last Sunday!!!! :) 

Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Well I hope you know that I haven't started crying yet. You should be so proud.  I almost did last night but held it in. I saw the aviation plans and that is a lot of flying I am going to be in shock again. I am glad that I will have Elder Sanderson with me the whole time or else I would have been lost. This are going good down here it has been so hot that It is crazy!! I have been able to get a very nice in breaded farmers tan. Then white if you pull up the sleeves again. Papa Murphy's pizza would be great! Also what is the schedule of meeting with all the people I have to meet with? I don't even know how the procedure works? That is okay about the car things happen. I won't lie so scared to go home. I promise that I have changed a ton but I am still the super fun-goofy me. I will be in withdraws just kind of how Michael was but give me some time to adjust. One thing you can do is the first couple of days I won't want to be alone by myself that is a big one. Other than that I will be fine.

Speaking of all those things Elder Grant one of the Aps went to our church this weekend and he was talking to me on some things and then he told me something that I didn't understand before. He said there is a difference between being trunkie and being smart and prepared. Haha Opps won't lie I haven't prepared well because I thought it was good. Well was I wrong then my companion gave me some example and I learned. Thought I would say that.  Also thanks to my wonderful companion that has helped me back into shape!! I feel that I am in a lot better shape than I was!! haha

Also any referrals on where I should look for a job? Any opening, people, or things that I could possible look into?

I also need to get my teeth cleaned it has been a long time. I need to have a wart on my hand frozen off I have tried everything for a year and it won't come off. My retainer adjusted. however those things will get done in their own due time.

Oh man how time flies!! I love you guys tons!!! I am so blessed to have been able to serve here in this mission and to learn and to grow. If you have any questions you can write them. :)
Love Elder Wilding
Tega Puppies
Look how Tan! 
Carne Asada 

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

So yesterday was the best Easter in the world!!! haha SO this week in the district it looked like we were going to have about 7 baptisms! So that means lots of work and fun. Yesterday my companion and I were suppose to baptize a family of 3, however, one went to Mexico for the weekend; yes you can do that here when driving to Mexico is so close. The other one just didn't want to go to church and didn't fell like getting baptized and the parents didn't really push but that's okay. The sisters baptized a family of 3 a mom and 2 young daughters. they had been studing with the javoha Witnesses for 11 years!! So cool so hard to do if you know one of them. Then the other Elder baptized a cool lady also. the other sister, because their is 2 in the district, didn't baptize but at the same time they did. We tag teamed the family with them. Then Easter gets so much better!! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts there were so many miricles this week!!

So we were at the church for a long time cleaning up everything and taking home the clothes to wash them. We were super hunger also!! So we get home and I though in a big load of whites and start the Macaroni and Cheese because it is the end of the week and I am out of food. haha. then they start to Boil and we are having a fun time laughing talking then I hear something like a waterfall?? Que sera!? So I dash from the stove around the corner to the hallway and see the water runing towards me like a billon coackroaches!!! HAha of course I do my Wilding scream like the skinny guy off of nacho libre the one that looks like Jackson! hehe Then all of the Elders come to see and by that time it was super flooded so. With all the towels we had we channeled the water to go to the front door and out so it wouldn't run into the rooms anymore. Good thing it is all Tiel. SO we sweep it out with brooms. It was nice because today we didn't have to sweep or mop much. It was like most of the house had gotten flushed. So the rest of the night was cleaning the apartment and then eating afterwards. Fun!! :)
 My companion and I are loving the work!! There has been so much to do we don't have enough time!! He is super fun we have a blast. He was so excited that you wrote him back, Mom. I don't know what he wrote you the first tme but he smiled and said it was good. We compared the emails that we both received from you to see whose was the longest and I won not by much :p haha.  He told me to email his girlfriend last week which was a little bit akward for me at first because it was me. But it was fine.

It makes me laugh that you guys are so well at containing your excitement and joy for me coming home. I'm teased a lot by all the Elders in the apartment so it doesn't bug me to bad I'm use to it. It is  like how I have been able to take this so well Because my older brother is named Michael.

My ankle is doing a whole lot better it isn't at 100% yet I don't know how long it will be untill I can play volleyball like fast base good volleyball. :/ Ni modo. Whatever. My bike is hanging in there a member told my that I could use his if needs be so that is really nice.

Also last Pday I went tie digging for the first time in the mission we had tried in Laredo but they didn't have any ties. It wasn't to much fun because I am not to much into the ties like everyone else is. It was a new experience though. I can't think of too many other things to write. Anything you guys want to know? I send some pictures and I think some videos but I don't know which ones I had sent?

Oh yes this popped if you don't want it to be on the blog but it is so funny! So yes my mom is Tammy I think I get this from her... So I wake up my companion in the night fruectly. nope not because of snoring but because my fart are so loud and all of a sudden that there wake him up. haha It isn't my fault I have no controll they are so loud that they wake me up sometimes too. haha So he now uses earplugs. Which he talks in his sleep and it wakes my up and I love talking so the other night I though he was awake so i started talking to him but he ignored me then went to the bathroom and I tried to talk to him again but he said nothing and crawed back into bed. I was a little flusted but I went to sleep again then tried to talk to him again in the moring then I realized he had the earplugs in. Haha I told him what happened that night and we laughted.

Love you!!! :)

Look How big this Cow it! 
Alejandra Briones!! Her husband is a member! 
The sisters taught them about have way and then they moved into our area. 
 I am in white because I baptized one of the other sister investigators
the other elders in the apartment. Apartment white out! :D 
An inundation!! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

April 14, 2014

haha Dad that's super crazy that he went to San Antonio that is super close to where I am. So close that one time 4 Sisters took a wrong turn and ended up there opps President wasn't to happy about that then laughed about it later because it was just so sisters. haha That I super crazy about Gmas bday. We were able to have a baptism yesterday!!!! :D It was a fun one. Luis is a 9 year old boy from a less active family that we have been able to help. It also looks like we will be baptizing a part-member family of 3 this up coming week so be praying for them! :)

I still love my area and my companion so much!! It has been so busy and tons of work I love it!! :D Elder Lattanzio wrote you an Email mom. So read it I don't know what it says? haha I don't really know what I want to eat when I get home? Hamburgers on the grill with Idaho Mashed potatoes no French fries!! , however, Do you'll remember how I didn't eat anything before going in to the MTC well it is going to be just the same. So save it for a few days after :) haha

So while reading your letters I can tell that you are starting to get really trunkie and it makes me laugh a smile then get nervous for 2 seconds then it goes away. :) haha Today I am suppose to write Elder Lattanzio girlfriend a letter. haha He told me to go on a date with her afterward and I just laughed and it my Melissa voice said no.. haha. I feel so old in my apartment because they are all 19 and I am 21 and guess how old My companion's girlfriend is??? Guess, Guess, Guess, Yup 16! So I think I can meet her after the mission but not a date she was born in 1997! Wow.

Any new word on My card? My bike looks like it will last me the rest of the time so that will be nice.

Haha also something really funny is I didn't want to take my suit to the dry cleaners so I put my suit in the washing machine on cold and on delicates and it came out perfect and a whole lot cleaner!  I put it in because if it got wet from the rain or something like that it would start to smell like wet dog. Yuck.

If my car isn't fixable that is fine don't worry about it. It has a ton of miles anyways I think it is time for a new one. If you want to sell it that would be fine. I could buy one of those 500 dollar ones from the impound or fine a steal. Being capricious I want a Subaru Baja 4WD and Ac or an outback JK but really dream car. All the other Elders like at cool cars that drive by and I could care less about them. In my last area I learned what Mercedes Benz were. haha whatever though.  IS the old green car stilling working? I saw one the other day for sell and it reminded my of it? I am doing tons better about freaking about about the world and things like that. I had a spaz in the car with my companion and we laughed and then he gave me some good advice so everything is super good now.

I might have to apologize if I am not able to get all the gifts that I want to get you guys! I hope to have some time. If not I will order the things off the list that I have on Ebay.

I also spoke a short talk in Spanish yesterday the Bishop asked the some missionaries that day to do it! So I noted on the things that I wanted to say and it was so much better this time!! I just laughed when I messed up in Spanish and told them to nod their heads if I said something then asked them If I said it correctly. I told them that I get nervous in front of tons of people even though I love, love talking. they laughed so it went really Well. My companion speaks it so much better than the people do here it is crazy! Last week I had a few people ask me if I was still learning because they compare me and my companion but they forget he is from Argentina. Love you guys a ton!!! :)

This is Kyle's Companion's letter:

How are you doing?

This is Elder Lattanzio, your sons companion. I just wanted to say thank you for raising him the way that you did, he is SO much fun to work with and be around. I'm sad that you are stealing him back in three weeks, cuz it has honestly been so much fun. He's a super hard working missionary and he makes everyone around him be pumped up to go and do work! I am really enjoying being his companion.

Also, he has common sense, I like people with common sense, I'm sure a lot of that comes from the parents, so thank you for that :)

Elder Lattanzio
A Frog!!! 
Luis our first baptism as companions

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Well if you have experiencent the end of a mission I hope that I am guessing this right because I never have. However, I commenced with the subject "Oh no it has started" Because there is a time that comes to pass that the family and friends slow down on there writing and communication with a missionary because they say that they can just tell me in person. haha Well I have been seeing this occure for a little bit now so it doesn't shock or bug me. :) Don't think that I am writing this so that you will write more and just wanted to write it to see if any concurr? I told it to another Elder a while back and then one Pday he called me over and said oh man it has started I laughted and said te dije bien eh. haha

 I am loving this area so much there as been so much work that it is crazy!! We have been able to gather a huge pool of people to teach which as been a huge blessing.

 I loved conference and everyone teased me that it was my last one in the mission field. My companion thinks it is funny to have a count down because he loves to watch me squerm and then roll my head back and say nooooo. I am doing super well loving every second that I have. I love working with sister missionaries they keep you on your toes and never a dull moment with them. My companion is a super good missionary and for not being out long he is second nature at what he does. I love to try and speak like he does the accent is so much better than the speakers here. the members make fun of it a little bit but it is a lot better spanish than the nasty spanish here. He helps out  a ton and I am prayer and hoping that he will be able to train we I'm gone. We have been doing super well here with the work. Just pray that we can help them progress and make it to church. Also I was able to fix my bike so hopefully it lasts just a little bit longer. The sisters had an extra in the back of their apartment and I borrowed parts off of it and then put it on mine.

Also my very first week here our President called us and said I will be at your apartment in about 2 minutes esta bien? good thing the apartment was in good shape and super clean. He came to do interviews which took a little while to do. Mine was super fast. He asked me a couple of questions then stated to say somethings and then smiled and said I will save those for the next interview. Oh man.

It has been so busy the past 2 weeks! Some many meeting and some much updating the area and working thing crazy. When I first got here Elder Lattanzio hadn't really been taught anything about an area book so that was fun. Tons of learning hard work. We working together super well. We laugh and have super much fun together. Also, he thinks it is funny to give my tips and pointers on dating because yes I have told him all my stories. He also had taken it apon himself to get me "into shape" 5 weeks till sexy. Well he is a riped guy and loves lifting weights and does realize that I am not and I am just skinny and weak. However, today he made my lift a lot and I threw up for the first time on the mission. I threw up 2 minutes before studies then started to cry just a liltte bit because I abhor throwing up!! I was in the bathroom and thought he had heard me because the door is right next to his chair but he didn't. I finally told him and he say give me high five I am so proud of you!! You did so well. I wasn't as happy as he was. I told him that I not yolked like he is and that I have never lifted like that. After I threw up I felt a whole lot better. I am just super tired now. Super that you had to read that but it is good memories.

My ankle is doing a lot better I played bball but went super easy on it and it didn't hurt. it still is a little bit still however that is ok.

And yes, Jackson is right this part is super crazy and scary! I don't want to return to the real world! Ugh Here is a list which I can say because most of are steps in the gospel... Dating, Eternal spose/marriage, school, career, job to pay for school, and some of the first things a mentioned a I have already had a huge shell for and the mission has slowly poured more onto that shell to make it nice and thick, which I love I can stay in there nice and warm and nothing to worry about. haha just thought that it would have been funny to include that list.

All is good though! I love the mission my companion and everything.

Elder WIlding.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Family, No I haven't ordered anything from Arazona. Crap. haha Also I my bike broke down all the way so I think that I might after to borrow a members or buy a bike at a pawn shop or Walmart soon?  I love my new area it is almost Spanish so I love it!!! haha I love love my new companion I wish that I could stay with him longer. He just got done being trained and he is a super good missionary and can teach and do everything. Well the district that I am in has 2 sets of sisters and another set of Elders that live with us. They district is doing so weell they are on fire. the only thing that they are lacking a little was keeping the area book up todate and a little bit of obedience issue which it is all good now.

Elder Lattanizo is the name of my companion I am braking him which I have never done in the mission. He is from Argentina and has the coolest accent in the whole world. He speaks spanish correctly too which is a plus. He has lived in Utah ever since he was 7 so he is teaching me spanish and English because both are better than mine. He corrects me all the time because I tell him to. He didn't know to much about the area book or things like that so he has learned super fast he will probably train when I leave or become the district leader. He was super nervous to get me and to kill a missionary but he told me " It is funny you don't even want to go home" I told him that I might have a brake down and if he sees me crying in the future that I am okay. Also he is Italin!!! 7 Out of his 8 great grandparents came over from Itally!! Isn't that so cool! He thinks that our family culture and back ground is rich and cool but it is so cool to look at others.

 Also we don't have to many miles on the car each month so we have to bike also. We also got a brand new 2014 toyota Corrola on Saturday It is so boss! We had a malabu chevy, yea, Never buy one. I have driven 2 old ones in the mission and a brand new one and they are the pits!!! stupid cars. The corrola has a voice programer on it that only responds to my companions voice!! it is so cool I have pictures!! I am so excited to be here they is so much work to be done I haven't had anythime to catch up on it.

I won't lie I was super nervous to work with Sisters I never have done that has a district leader. My companion laught and told me that if I could couch girls volleyball and even 14 year olds that Sisters are nothing. They are so awesome though. The other night at 10:26 I get a call from them and all 4 live together they are laughting like crazy and ask me if they can ask me a question? It was sister Price on the phone and she starts telling me that on monday that they forgot to buy toilet paper and they were out and need some right then. SO they wanted permission to got to the store super close by to get some. haha I laughted and told them to just call a member girl to get some and bring them some. This was saturday night so they couldn't go the next day on sunday and get some. I aslo told them if nothing works to just take a roll from the church until they could get some. Everything work out okay. haha. My ankle is doing great I fell almost back to normal i still can't play sports though.

I am doing super well working hard and loving every minute if it. I can't feel the love and prayers from you everyday! Love you guys tons!!! I am so excited for general Conference!! :P

Elder Stirling Made this! It is Taylor Swift with some of him in it haah 
He is as white as my just has Italin Hair 
The new car!!!! He wasn't to drive it