Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Well I hope you know that I haven't started crying yet. You should be so proud.  I almost did last night but held it in. I saw the aviation plans and that is a lot of flying I am going to be in shock again. I am glad that I will have Elder Sanderson with me the whole time or else I would have been lost. This are going good down here it has been so hot that It is crazy!! I have been able to get a very nice in breaded farmers tan. Then white if you pull up the sleeves again. Papa Murphy's pizza would be great! Also what is the schedule of meeting with all the people I have to meet with? I don't even know how the procedure works? That is okay about the car things happen. I won't lie so scared to go home. I promise that I have changed a ton but I am still the super fun-goofy me. I will be in withdraws just kind of how Michael was but give me some time to adjust. One thing you can do is the first couple of days I won't want to be alone by myself that is a big one. Other than that I will be fine.

Speaking of all those things Elder Grant one of the Aps went to our church this weekend and he was talking to me on some things and then he told me something that I didn't understand before. He said there is a difference between being trunkie and being smart and prepared. Haha Opps won't lie I haven't prepared well because I thought it was good. Well was I wrong then my companion gave me some example and I learned. Thought I would say that.  Also thanks to my wonderful companion that has helped me back into shape!! I feel that I am in a lot better shape than I was!! haha

Also any referrals on where I should look for a job? Any opening, people, or things that I could possible look into?

I also need to get my teeth cleaned it has been a long time. I need to have a wart on my hand frozen off I have tried everything for a year and it won't come off. My retainer adjusted. however those things will get done in their own due time.

Oh man how time flies!! I love you guys tons!!! I am so blessed to have been able to serve here in this mission and to learn and to grow. If you have any questions you can write them. :)
Love Elder Wilding
Tega Puppies
Look how Tan! 
Carne Asada 

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