Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

So yesterday was the best Easter in the world!!! haha SO this week in the district it looked like we were going to have about 7 baptisms! So that means lots of work and fun. Yesterday my companion and I were suppose to baptize a family of 3, however, one went to Mexico for the weekend; yes you can do that here when driving to Mexico is so close. The other one just didn't want to go to church and didn't fell like getting baptized and the parents didn't really push but that's okay. The sisters baptized a family of 3 a mom and 2 young daughters. they had been studing with the javoha Witnesses for 11 years!! So cool so hard to do if you know one of them. Then the other Elder baptized a cool lady also. the other sister, because their is 2 in the district, didn't baptize but at the same time they did. We tag teamed the family with them. Then Easter gets so much better!! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts there were so many miricles this week!!

So we were at the church for a long time cleaning up everything and taking home the clothes to wash them. We were super hunger also!! So we get home and I though in a big load of whites and start the Macaroni and Cheese because it is the end of the week and I am out of food. haha. then they start to Boil and we are having a fun time laughing talking then I hear something like a waterfall?? Que sera!? So I dash from the stove around the corner to the hallway and see the water runing towards me like a billon coackroaches!!! HAha of course I do my Wilding scream like the skinny guy off of nacho libre the one that looks like Jackson! hehe Then all of the Elders come to see and by that time it was super flooded so. With all the towels we had we channeled the water to go to the front door and out so it wouldn't run into the rooms anymore. Good thing it is all Tiel. SO we sweep it out with brooms. It was nice because today we didn't have to sweep or mop much. It was like most of the house had gotten flushed. So the rest of the night was cleaning the apartment and then eating afterwards. Fun!! :)
 My companion and I are loving the work!! There has been so much to do we don't have enough time!! He is super fun we have a blast. He was so excited that you wrote him back, Mom. I don't know what he wrote you the first tme but he smiled and said it was good. We compared the emails that we both received from you to see whose was the longest and I won not by much :p haha.  He told me to email his girlfriend last week which was a little bit akward for me at first because it was me. But it was fine.

It makes me laugh that you guys are so well at containing your excitement and joy for me coming home. I'm teased a lot by all the Elders in the apartment so it doesn't bug me to bad I'm use to it. It is  like how I have been able to take this so well Because my older brother is named Michael.

My ankle is doing a whole lot better it isn't at 100% yet I don't know how long it will be untill I can play volleyball like fast base good volleyball. :/ Ni modo. Whatever. My bike is hanging in there a member told my that I could use his if needs be so that is really nice.

Also last Pday I went tie digging for the first time in the mission we had tried in Laredo but they didn't have any ties. It wasn't to much fun because I am not to much into the ties like everyone else is. It was a new experience though. I can't think of too many other things to write. Anything you guys want to know? I send some pictures and I think some videos but I don't know which ones I had sent?

Oh yes this popped if you don't want it to be on the blog but it is so funny! So yes my mom is Tammy I think I get this from her... So I wake up my companion in the night fruectly. nope not because of snoring but because my fart are so loud and all of a sudden that there wake him up. haha It isn't my fault I have no controll they are so loud that they wake me up sometimes too. haha So he now uses earplugs. Which he talks in his sleep and it wakes my up and I love talking so the other night I though he was awake so i started talking to him but he ignored me then went to the bathroom and I tried to talk to him again but he said nothing and crawed back into bed. I was a little flusted but I went to sleep again then tried to talk to him again in the moring then I realized he had the earplugs in. Haha I told him what happened that night and we laughted.

Love you!!! :)

Look How big this Cow it! 
Alejandra Briones!! Her husband is a member! 
The sisters taught them about have way and then they moved into our area. 
 I am in white because I baptized one of the other sister investigators
the other elders in the apartment. Apartment white out! :D 
An inundation!! 

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