Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Well if you have experiencent the end of a mission I hope that I am guessing this right because I never have. However, I commenced with the subject "Oh no it has started" Because there is a time that comes to pass that the family and friends slow down on there writing and communication with a missionary because they say that they can just tell me in person. haha Well I have been seeing this occure for a little bit now so it doesn't shock or bug me. :) Don't think that I am writing this so that you will write more and just wanted to write it to see if any concurr? I told it to another Elder a while back and then one Pday he called me over and said oh man it has started I laughted and said te dije bien eh. haha

 I am loving this area so much there as been so much work that it is crazy!! We have been able to gather a huge pool of people to teach which as been a huge blessing.

 I loved conference and everyone teased me that it was my last one in the mission field. My companion thinks it is funny to have a count down because he loves to watch me squerm and then roll my head back and say nooooo. I am doing super well loving every second that I have. I love working with sister missionaries they keep you on your toes and never a dull moment with them. My companion is a super good missionary and for not being out long he is second nature at what he does. I love to try and speak like he does the accent is so much better than the speakers here. the members make fun of it a little bit but it is a lot better spanish than the nasty spanish here. He helps out  a ton and I am prayer and hoping that he will be able to train we I'm gone. We have been doing super well here with the work. Just pray that we can help them progress and make it to church. Also I was able to fix my bike so hopefully it lasts just a little bit longer. The sisters had an extra in the back of their apartment and I borrowed parts off of it and then put it on mine.

Also my very first week here our President called us and said I will be at your apartment in about 2 minutes esta bien? good thing the apartment was in good shape and super clean. He came to do interviews which took a little while to do. Mine was super fast. He asked me a couple of questions then stated to say somethings and then smiled and said I will save those for the next interview. Oh man.

It has been so busy the past 2 weeks! Some many meeting and some much updating the area and working thing crazy. When I first got here Elder Lattanzio hadn't really been taught anything about an area book so that was fun. Tons of learning hard work. We working together super well. We laugh and have super much fun together. Also, he thinks it is funny to give my tips and pointers on dating because yes I have told him all my stories. He also had taken it apon himself to get me "into shape" 5 weeks till sexy. Well he is a riped guy and loves lifting weights and does realize that I am not and I am just skinny and weak. However, today he made my lift a lot and I threw up for the first time on the mission. I threw up 2 minutes before studies then started to cry just a liltte bit because I abhor throwing up!! I was in the bathroom and thought he had heard me because the door is right next to his chair but he didn't. I finally told him and he say give me high five I am so proud of you!! You did so well. I wasn't as happy as he was. I told him that I not yolked like he is and that I have never lifted like that. After I threw up I felt a whole lot better. I am just super tired now. Super that you had to read that but it is good memories.

My ankle is doing a lot better I played bball but went super easy on it and it didn't hurt. it still is a little bit still however that is ok.

And yes, Jackson is right this part is super crazy and scary! I don't want to return to the real world! Ugh Here is a list which I can say because most of are steps in the gospel... Dating, Eternal spose/marriage, school, career, job to pay for school, and some of the first things a mentioned a I have already had a huge shell for and the mission has slowly poured more onto that shell to make it nice and thick, which I love I can stay in there nice and warm and nothing to worry about. haha just thought that it would have been funny to include that list.

All is good though! I love the mission my companion and everything.

Elder WIlding.

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