Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Story time! I finally thought of one even though I have a million. Oh man Robby!! Do I have the story for you!! So last night we final got to go meet a young couple who aren't members but had been taught a couple of times by the other missionaries in a members house and then they send the referral to us. So it is a young couple with a son that is 1. We go in a it is pure Spanish and we sit down and I look at the young guy and he looks just like you!! Could be your twin. It was weird when we started teaching his mannerisms were like yours and his hair and hair duo. I also thought that the way he was acting when we were teaching he would be just like you. I told him that and he just laughed. cool young couple! Haha the whole time we taught I wanted to talk to him like he was you haha. Give him a big huge and scare him haha. ( I wrote this to Robby first and didn't want to rewrite it.) Family!! Also tell the young women thanks for the package I loved it! So that is good that you think the Melissa story is funny. It is now. haha not then but it is crazy memories. Oh man dad you are just on the go everywhere!! We had dinner with the Stake President last night and they have 7 children and the penultimate of the kids asked me to guess what her favorite thing to do was and I asked her what it started with and she said G and I guessed very fast jumping!!!!!! Right???!!!  The whole family laughed at me and said no, no, no, G no j not much Spanish for you and I said not enough study of English. It was fun with all the family. Also one of their teenaged son said to me one time, after sitting with the kids at a ward party, how much time do you got in the mission? I asked slowly haha and he said well you are going to get married fast because you are so good with kids and they love you. I died when you said that and I said mm well more like 5 years after the mission that sounds better. We also had Stake conference this past Sunday it was pretty full which was good so full we didn't even find out investigator that came we texted him after and he said I looked for you too. He is a man that has investigated the church for a very long time and then stopped and then an answer to his pray was to go to the Mormon church so he came back again we have been teaching him for a while now. He is the investigator that reminds me or Don. I am still working on the bike problem. The day I called the mission about my bike is the day after the Senior Missionary who was over that had just finished his mission who was super good at his job! Bummer SO now the responsibility goes to the Assistants  to the President and they are super slow and getting back to people! We also have a new thing in the mission call the chain of command so I have to work through the Zone leaders to get ahold of them and that is the problem or I call the office and they are never there when I call. However, I will be fixing this problem soon. I think I got to the mission office in a week or two for a training with my greenie. How is Grandma doing? I love the story that aunt Mellonee had of her. I hope she is doing well. The area that I am in is mostly white people and a little richer in some part of the area I have learned and grown a great deal in this area. We have some people that we have been teaching but all of a sudden drop of the face of the earth then we hear from them again so that is always exciting. We were going to have a guy get baptized last week but last time I had heard of him he was at a gas station next to his house with no car for the car or money but we don't know where he went. he is another guy who has been learning about the church for a while also. I love you guys so much!!! I love this work and we are working super hard!!!! Till next time!! :)
Elder Wilding, Your son and Brother! :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


This is an email I sent to Kyle!

I got a called to day from a weird number. It was the Missionaries in my area wondering if I would still like to hear a message from them! I laughed at them and asked if they were LDS and then told them I was already a member, for my whole life! I said that may be my number was there by mistake probably because I was helping fellowship someone!  Funny! But then the more I thought about it the weirder it was so I decided to google the area code! It was from Texas! Specifically Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo and South Padre Island, Texas areas! Why are people from your area calling me like I am an investigator! The number was _________! So weird! Did you right my number down if an area book?
Love Ya,

This is what I got back from Kyle:

Oh yes so about that... So my last companion love him to death but he had some problems with playing jokes and being obedient. So about that super sorry that that happened. Well so the story starts when my companion and I are cleaning the area book out which the other missionaries before us were not too well at keeping it up to date. However, the missionaries before that did save investigators numbers under an investigator section so I come up with the idea to call the numbers to see if the people would be interested again. So I look for a name that isn't spanish so my greenie could call so it would be in english. SO I look and find a name that is super white so I handed the phone to him and then he calls it. He starts to talk then says oh your a member? Oh for your whole life? So I am think oh sweet a less active in our area no one knows about we'll visit them! then I hear him say the name aloud and signal for him to hang up! to not talk more. Then I have the most shocked face in the whole world like how did that number get in the phone?!? Then the spirit of my conscience tells me that is was my last companion before hand I think he got it when I said it to the member that called you for college stuff. I was not happy with him. So my greenie called you during weekly planning. Super duber sorry. We earazied your number from the phone completely so that won't happen again we laughed then went on with more planning. So don't worry I am being obedient and not writing your information in area books. It is the craziest thing that you were the first person we called. weird is the right word. So don't call the number you have because that would be us. haha fun to laugh about now. super wiered out too.  My greenie was just glad it was in english he didn't mind. Love ya!

Oh I love this story! How I miss this boy!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

Family!!! :)
Yes it is suppose to be in the 30s on friday down here. Oh man that is crazy that Grandma fell. That is super good that Koda is doing great! well things are going great here. Funny thing that dad asked about my bike because it broke down in me last week. It is still rideable but the gears would change anymore it is stuck in 2 Or 3 and then 7 on the big one. So it is a chanellege to ride sometime. However, I believe that the mission has a good amount of extras and they said that they might lend my out one till the end of my mission or there is a member that might sell me a newer one for a better price. SO don't worry I will get that taken care of.  This past week was a good one. also i have a crazy story and you will have to ask Melissa about it. I am running out of things to write again super sorry. My companion is doing well. We get along good. He is doing well and is enjoyed the learing experiences out here. He don't understand my humor sometimes so that is fun. I can only think of one story but it isn't good. It was on monday I called to get my card activated and I was on hold for ever and then one of the elders told me it is a Holiday I bet that they are closed?. yup there were. We played Volleyball on Pday if was fun. I like playing but at the same time I don't because it shows me how bad I have gotten and how out of shape I have become. I go to spike the ball and can't jump high enough to get on top of the ball. I just laugh that is all I can do. It isn't competative volleyball either like rallies. The work is going a little bit slower. We have been working super hard and smart. most things aren't working but those are the times that you grow the most. The time that you talk to people and they reject you just helps to know that you are so much closer at finding that person that is waiting for you and is ready to hear the gospel. I know that the success will come maybe in changing ourselves or planting seeds. It will speed up here soon. I can feel your prayers always and love all the love and support that you have for me. Haha I doubt I could live down stairs it is so dark and I would be all by myself. that is just wierd. :) Haha next week I need a list of questions because I am running out of things to say? oh yes tell Sydnee that that is to funny that she ran a stop sign that is worse than driving on the wrong side of the road in your driving test. Crazy to hear that everyone in their family is taller than Aunt Mellonee. I wish that I would have grown taller on the mission but I didn't there is still tons of time though. Oh I also took care of my licence to extend it I sent it in about a day or 2 ago. also is my pin number still the same for my new card I had that question that i needed answered?? Love you tons!
Con carino, Elder Wilding

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014

Family!    Actually the lord works in weird ways but they always come out good. I had to pay for a part for the washing machine back in November and the office lost my recite and so I had to call them a ton of times because they are slow and it paid off because they just but that money back on my mission card so I had an extra 43 dollars. As a spare that I could have gotten to if needed. So no worries :) also we were able to see the miracles and have some cool finding experiences!! Even had a whole first lesson in Spanish and my new companion invited him to be baptized and he was really excited so that was fun. My companion did get almost the whole lesson because the guy spoke fast and had a heavy accent. It was good. I am so glad to hear that my system was still up and running! :) I can see Grandpas face already.   I teach some of the missionaries to clean better and to have silly systems like that. they usually call me their mom and I just tell them no I'm the heifer  and then I get to explain to them what it means and how all the Evans use it :p haha. It has warmed up I bit here so that is good.  that is crazy Wyoming will do that. Do we still have our black washing machine? I ask because ours here as been braking down and I have learned a good amount on trying to fix it myself. So it reminded me of when we had those same problems. I final fixed it all the way!! After all it was a stupid connection that was loose in on the side where it was hard to see so some times the connect would go that the lid was down and sometime it wouldn't work the it would get the connect and go. So I have learned more and new things about the washing machine. I am glad to hear that my letters sound just like me I try really hard to have them that way. That is super good to hear about how good Alexis is doing in Canada. She is a trooper because I would be so cold up there right now. haha I also forgot to tell you that on New year eve we had the opportunity to watch Mulan  and it was the best it took a lot not to sing along. ( I might have already told you that but I can't remember or not?) Training is fun I learn a lot to so it is super fun. He is a good missionaries and works hard. haha you has the greenie sickness where he can fall asleep almost anywhere at the drop of a hat. especial in the almost 9 hours of church. :) I am trying the think of more things to write but I don't know? And right now I have about 15 more minutes. haha that is how it is when you have more to write and when you can't muster out and more you are left with all the time in the world. Anything that you guys want to know next time questions? I don't need anything I am doing super well.  oh so last Pday I final found a Mable Bar donut!! They don't have those down here. I am got outside of Walmart and I couldn't wait so I start devowerign it and then it had pudding it the middle. I wasn't to happy but I still ate then and enjoyed them. I am adding all these little faces because I have extra time.   We got stuck in the rain last night and it was cold because we both didn't have any jackets.              Love you guys so so much!! Thank you so much for the prayers!! I could feel them so much this past week and I feel them all the time. I am so glad that I have you guys as my family!! :D Love you!!  Until next time! Love Elder Wilding!!!! :)    

Monday, January 6, 2014


Dear Elderman,
Thank you for pushing my car and me to safety.  I really thought I was going to be hit by ongoing traffic on the expressway.  Your quick actions to push my vehicle out of danger was a God send.  God bless your bravery and kindness .  I will always remember you as my New Years Eve Angels.

Happy New Year,
Alma Galvan

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January 6 2014

Hey hey! Well My companions name is Elder Sessions and he is from North Caroline. A lot of my companions have been from the East. This week has been good it was a little warm yesterday then it got really cold again. Ok not has cold as it is up there. So stories of Transfers!!!! Oh yes transfers always are and epic adventure. So... It was the night before transfers and we get a text from the Zone leaders that all the trainers have to go down to McAllen to get there new greenies! So all the transfer plans were taken off of the McAllen soil. Then we find out really late in the night what they are. so then next day comes. I am riding down with Elders Muitalo and Hachet and then I am in the back with SIster Peterson. Not award I am funny when we jump in the car I turn to Sister Petterson who is young in the mission and is training too, however, I look at here as I telling her and drawing a line down the car seat in the middle of us and tell her in a little-fun kid voice "that is your side of the square this is mine I don't cross this line and you don't cross your. I said while shaking my head. We all laughted it was funny. LAter, we are 30 minutes late to transfers like always and so I get the and take off my rain coat it was raining that day and I still have a sweater underneath because that is how cold it is. right? But the say right when I get there Elder Wilding come to the front. We were all seated in the chapel and so I go to the front not knowing what is going on. with no name tag on because it was on my name tag. Standing in front of everyone and then asking to I sit and wait what am I doing. One of the APs says Elder Sessions you with be with elder Wilding in the zone of Harlingen in the area Medical center. So My companion stands up in the crowd so I start to walk down to greet him right. NO You wait for him to walk up and give you a hug in front of everyone then. YOu walk down and find you seats. Yea everyone was laughing cuz I AM fun and I had no name tag of any idea what was going on. so the was fun. my new companion though I was funny.  So that was fun. Oh man I love what Grandpa whore on Christmas Duck dinasty!!! That picture made me trunkie jk. Oh man oh much I love my grandpa!! Tell him I love the outfit and him too. Elder Vawdry a other Elders greenie and I got to teach primary and be in there for opening exercises. Ohj man the little kids were so cutie!!! Then we go to teach the old kids the plan of salvation. they were little brats and oh how much I am my moms child. We had fun teaching them though. my bike is still hanging in there if it rains my gears don't work so that is fun. We also took a short cut that turned into a huge memory. There was so much clay-mud that our wheels stopped spinning and then we had to clean them out to make them work it is like when my car got stuck in the snow drift do mad that the wheels wouldn't spin. We could pick up the bikes and carry them out so that was the good part. So did you get all my emails last week? So that is super crazy that there is no sno up there. We have had a lot of rain and it has been a rainer colder year down here. What a blessing. Still had those days were it was enough to melt the white shirts on your back.Ruby is super cute!! When is her birthday again? So I am doing super well here. The only thing you could do is pray that we can find more people to teach and that the 2 people that we have can be able to make it to be baptized this week. There are a Mom and a SOn. They little in a womans refuge which we can't go to or near so we have to met you at an elementry school and walk to a members house to have lessons. She can't use her phoine thre so getting a hold of her is the tricky part she has to be 2 streets away to use it. SHe is super super awesome and loves the gospel and is so prepared. SHe is a trooper she has been through a ton this past month. she is a huge blessing. I love this work so much!!! :) I love you guys a ton!!! :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 30 2013

family!!! I loved all the gifts that you gave me!!! My companion also loved all the gifts that he received too!!! :) Christmas was the best!! WE had 3 meal appointments!!! I was stuffed. I don't need anything for right now I am doing good!!! Also I am getting some shirts from the elder that is going home they are a lot whiter so that is nice. Transferres are tomorrow and I training!!!!!!!! :) I am getting a new fresh missionary the first one that I have gotten right off the plane. I am a little nervous but it will be good. Just pray that we can find more people to teach. Also from the gift exchange I got the vocal point Cd!! WHat a miracle right! I also got home made brittle and a note pad for writing letters. I loved talking to you and seeing your smiling faces you all seemed so happy it is awesome!! Sad I didn't get to see KIm, Mike, and Ruby but I got to hear them. I am very proud of you guys for not cry when I hung up. Did you afterwards. I didn't. However, I felt it like Kim and I would say. Also super sorry about asking about the kid thing sometimes my filter is off. Sorry :/ I liked the come back that Kim had though it was a good one. Mom your email isn't working what is your other one your gmail. So I am sending this to Melissa's email. Oh wow Dad was is Dallas that wasn't too far away!!!! He might come down here hahah jk. We have lots of Wing stops down here and they use Idaho popatoes. I like me some of them fries. My companion also got me huckle berry jam for Christmas how nice. Even red huckle berry. There are at the winter Cabin oh super cool!!! JAJA I didn't realize that I say that a lot. haha How much snow do you have? How much snow its at the cabin?! wow For New Years we will be watching a disney movie at the Church so we aren't outside on new years. The options are Finding Nemo, Lion king, and Mulan I hope for Mulan that is what I put my vote in for. I am so glad that we got to skpe I total forgot that I needed to sent up an account so one of the other missionaries was very nice and let my use his. so that was a live saver. When i first got on you could see my but I couldn't see you at the begining I have to accept the video it was very cool to hear all your voice so awwwww. :) I also have so blue ties to send to Mike I hope that they will work well. I love you guys tons. Love you!!! :) :D

All Ties on Pday. Trick is all of these ties are from one Elder who is leaving in 2 days!

Christmas Morning
Fat Fingers 
Christmas CDs to me! 
New Shirt and Old! 
This Cat would not shut up all night! Meow Meow Meow Meow
The other Elder put this on there for me! 
Wow Mira look Christmas Tree Cakes 
Christmas at a members house! 
Merry Christmas from Texas! Look at the grass on Christmas Day