Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pictures (email December 26th)

So when talking to Kyle on Christmas we made him feel guilty about pictures! Here are some pictures going all the way back to the MTC! I sure do love this boy!
This is Kyle's MTC companion! I don't remember his name!

This is Kyle's first baptism!

This is Kyle and Enrqueta with his companion for Ohio!

December 26

Dear, Family and friends!!
Wow it was crazy to hear the voices of the fam! haha I think that you guys can be able to know more that is happening down here on my mission is to go on my email after I have looked at Presiedents email and the APs email if you want? There is a translation button on the top If President writes in Espanol? :) I am so happy to have been able to talk to everyone and I hope that you know I am super happy haha changing everyday in a good way but as you heard I am still happy goffy me which is good!!? :) This one  is going to be short cuz I want to send my card home here really soon!! LOve you tons!! And Melissa I love your email!! Justin yes i approve as him as your boyfriend I am so happy for you guys!!!! Send me the anouncements!!!! Meaaahhh :p

(I am not dating anyone! I am going to have a blog to explain my part)

Dear, President Trayner
I am so excited have had the oportunity to have my first Christmas as a missonary here in McAllen Texas Mission.

We have been working to find more investigators this past week to make all our other numbers to go up too. We were blessed to have Herny come to church in this bussy time of the year his wife dropped him off becuase his eyes aren't that good enought to drive. He sounded like he was planing on coming back next week.

We were also blessed to have a guy named Ed come to church he has been taking lessons on the phone with the missonaries in Salt Lake and has almost finished the book of Mormon!

I love working with Elder Hardin he has and is teaching me a lot of good things. We are working together really good and hope to make the work fly in the area.

Also I want to share how I am greatful to have talked with my family it wants me to be better at the work everyday and be a better missonary. One thing that i though was a cool experience I had talking with them is My Mom asked me if I felt like I was on a vacation? I answered yes to her question pretty fast and they just laugh and then I explained why... I think of a vaction as being fun and full of laughter, learning, and I lot of other things. However, writing in my journal afterwards I thought and wrote that my mission is a vaction but more a journey in my life and for my life para siempre. Vacation/Journey meaning growing, learning, praying, growing closer to my heavenly Father, searching, being greatful for every moment and thing, loving, laughing, understanding, and a lot more that I could put write down.

How wonderful is it to be a missionary!
Amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17

Dear, Family and Friends.
Don't know quit where to start with this letter but I will try and to my best para que sepan esa... Well start out with Monday we went to the mall trying to get a picture with Santa cuz Elder Stewart has done it for his life every year. it was to much money though so we didn't. We looked at watches and decided we don't have that much money. But i felt like a sin walking throught the mall it was been a long time sense I went to the mall and the whole world is going down in like 5 days!! the things that where in there... lets just say I wasn't in the Idaho Pine ridge anymore. But then tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Stewart in my area and he drove the car and lets just say on the night a guys want to come rob 5 cars in our nieghborhood he forgets to lock the car and you know how I hate having a wallet and everything well it was in there and got stolen with everything in there and about 15 dallors. haha Also found out on the day of the zone christmas meeting day so i had to tell president and work with the mission office people on the day that know one is there haha. But know I am find I have enough food cuz you know me and my geines form mom i am enough in my food storage... Also I am not going to be transfered haha I will be serving my 2 years in Edinburgo northe por 2 anos meaahh. :p I so though I was going cuz I have been in my greenie area for a long tome but nope I am excited there is still so much work top be done in this area. I also recieved the packages last monday too!!! :) I also want a christmas tree so bad I have been buying smelly stuff at walmart that are like pine tree smell. Also on tuesday will Elder Stewart We taught a lesson to Eriqueta my recent convert and she read jacob 5 in the Book of mormon and wanted to understand it so we read it with your and explained it... and of course I can't explain it that good in English or know the words in English so in Spanish I just sat there smiling not knowing quit everything and when she would ask a question I just looked at Elder Stewart. Also in the Lesson I kept hearing something like female turkeys.... and I was confused and sure eniough her neighbor had turkeys. Also did you send pillow xcases for the little gift exchange in the mission cuz my compainoin got Idaho spuds and a pillow case that looks like something JJ made and another Elder in my zone got on tooo!? :) aLSO FELL alseep in Sacremtt meeting and about fell over on a member until he helped me and pushed me back up he was lughting at me hahah I have no more time but have more to say love yo ton s and knew you werre making cookies yesterday !1

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th

Dear Family and Friends!!
Yes I got the package and letter from Mis abuelitos!! Haha When I got the package I was so excited and eat 3 cookies with milk. Yummy i also bought sugar cookie dough cuz I can't miss out on that :) Also today it is 55 degrees brrrrrr I love the CD's too they help me out on my spanish studies!! :) The Idaho Calendar made my yell OH YES A IDAHO CALANDAR!!! Haha my roomates laughted at me :) Holy crap that is so exciting about Karster!!! Is it spanish speaking or english? I was prayin' for spanish :O Also super quick too!! That is sweet Dante is going on a mission too!! I am doing super good getting fat from all the food and christmas snacks :) I love Christmas so much really wanting some snow though. You'll have no snow? Que lastima! haha I am growing and learning everyday down here in the work of the Lord it is fun! :) That sounds bad about JJ back dolor. I wake up everyday a still have to strech my back cuz it is stiff but that is life. I think it doesn't help that no tengo mi lina! haha pero todo bien I love you guys so much a love your letters a cards and everything I am truely so blessed we the best family and friends. Melissa your quotes from the trip are the best!! ahahaahaha It seems just like yesterday we were headed down to California with are awesome quotes!! "I am going to open the door... are you ready?" bahahashahaha I love quotes ;p meaahhh well runing out of tiempo pero les vayan bien meahh. Os quierro con mi corazon!!  The Os was for Melissa Roberts! :) haha
Amor, Elder Wilding P.S. I love egg nog now until I look at the ingredients and saw that the first one is milk cream and knew that isn't too good for the body! meaah

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd

Fmaily and Friends!!! I had to buy new tread and things for me bike because of all the thones I keep getting tons of flats. The weather is still pretty dang warm. So time is have to wear my jacket but that is in the night when we are outside teaching lessons. No we have so decoration but not a ton that is super sad about all the rain. Yes we watched the first pres message it was super good I thought of dad when it talked about recieving :) ;) No it isn't to cold to buy winder stuff sometime in the day I think it is perfect Idaho swimming weather haha.  I hope decorating goes super fun maybe you with find all the lost DVDs. :) That is so awsome that everyone trips were super fun and exciting!! :) Time is flying so fast for me right now it is crazy!! Watch all the awesome christmas movie I sing the songs ha a ton. Did Karlee recieve her call yet?!?!?!?! That is super crazy! I now before ya know it christmas will be here :0 haha Oh also JJ thanks for the Card I loved it!! I can't remember if I said that last time or not? haha I love you guys tons!! :) Oh also I am getting so out of shape it is super funny. I think if I never hit a bike area I will have to be working out hard to even play vball or anything for that mattter like I use to. :)

This week was a little rough to have set-sitting down lessons with our investigators. We have to move a change some dates with our investigators. It is becuase they are progressing a little bit slower than we want and hope. We didn't have any BD's at church which kills everything else. Our goals are to have more lessons so then coming to church doesn't seem so big for them.

We are having tons of sweet things happening in our area we had an old investigator come to church with her sister who is a member. Also trying to work with two part member family.
One is the Quentilla family and the husband isn't a member but knows that the Book of Mormon is true and gets his family to church and he comes too! We just need to have a good lesson on what is his doubt or what is he wanting for?

The other is the Soliz family the husband is a member and the wife is a strong willed Christian. Brother Soliz final came to church and knows he has to set the example for he family for them to accept the gospel. Oh alsoo has a son of 13 of age.
We are set a new Bd we and old investigator Eric and all his needs were the restoration and we taught it and he said the prayer to know if these things are true and he recieved an answer right there on the spot!

We are trying hard to work smart and with our members more and more it is a little slow right now but I know it will pick up here super soon.
Amor, Elder Wilding