Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10th

Dear Family and Friends!!
Yes I got the package and letter from Mis abuelitos!! Haha When I got the package I was so excited and eat 3 cookies with milk. Yummy i also bought sugar cookie dough cuz I can't miss out on that :) Also today it is 55 degrees brrrrrr I love the CD's too they help me out on my spanish studies!! :) The Idaho Calendar made my yell OH YES A IDAHO CALANDAR!!! Haha my roomates laughted at me :) Holy crap that is so exciting about Karster!!! Is it spanish speaking or english? I was prayin' for spanish :O Also super quick too!! That is sweet Dante is going on a mission too!! I am doing super good getting fat from all the food and christmas snacks :) I love Christmas so much really wanting some snow though. You'll have no snow? Que lastima! haha I am growing and learning everyday down here in the work of the Lord it is fun! :) That sounds bad about JJ back dolor. I wake up everyday a still have to strech my back cuz it is stiff but that is life. I think it doesn't help that no tengo mi lina! haha pero todo bien I love you guys so much a love your letters a cards and everything I am truely so blessed we the best family and friends. Melissa your quotes from the trip are the best!! ahahaahaha It seems just like yesterday we were headed down to California with are awesome quotes!! "I am going to open the door... are you ready?" bahahashahaha I love quotes ;p meaahhh well runing out of tiempo pero les vayan bien meahh. Os quierro con mi corazon!!  The Os was for Melissa Roberts! :) haha
Amor, Elder Wilding P.S. I love egg nog now until I look at the ingredients and saw that the first one is milk cream and knew that isn't too good for the body! meaah

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