Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Ok I sent my adress so you have it. :) Did you get my camera card? I sent it to yall. Since I have been here in Laredo We have been super blessed to have 2 baptisms already. We are getting along super good. I was in the MTC with Elder Sanderson and rode on the Plain with him. But love the other Missionaries in the apartment and having crazy fun here. I can't believe how fast my bday is coming up crazy!! I think I want the Movie The Testiments again and I will think of something here soon? I think just some money to sent Texas Long Horns to the house!!! :) haha How is everyone doing? Is it still cold and everything? Also you can send letters to the mission office too it just takes about 2 or 3 more days longer so that isn't bad. Yes you can send packages to my apartment... Just to other people who don't know I move around give them the mission office address so thinks don't get lose in the mail or sent to wrong address. I am glad to hear that you guys are doing good and that is Sad about Tia Mellonee's Gpa. We are doing good in the work are people are coming to church which is so awesome!! :) Tell Dad not to stress or worry or feel bad Stuff happens. Can't change it just have to look forward looking up to the heavens. Hay un Dicho... "A smooth sea never made a skillful Salior" HOW Cierto! I know that is so true! I am loving my mission more and more everyday and learning more too! Just keep praying for my companion, Investigators, and me :D I will don the same for you guys too! Tell me if you get my card cuz if not there goes my pics knock on wood. ALso less than half a mile from our apartment is a little ciezara pizza that is bad haha
Amor, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Trayer
Este semana pasada fue muy bien. Aunque habia enfermidad entre el apartmento. Tuvemos muchas bendiciones. Elder Sanderson y yo estamos aprendiendo cada dia y momento juntos.
Tuvemos un bautismal porque un investigator se movio en nuestra area y El Tenia un fecha por el 24 de Feb. Se llamaba Juan Gonzales. El tiene 9 anos pero su Papa asiste la iglesia porque esta esperando por un devoricio en Mexico para el sea bautizado.
Tambien hallamos 3 personas y uno de ellos era Santa y ella esta prepada ella fue a la iglesia y ya tiene mucho amistad entre la iglesia y firmo para ayudar el Sociedad Socorro como hacer platos de comida? algo asi?
Tambien El hermano Mungia recibio una respuesta del Libro de mormon y Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios y Fue a la iglesia con su familia porque todo de su familia es membrios. Para El este listo para su buatismal y nececita dejar fumando y tamando. El tiene muchismo apoyo de su Esposa porque no vivien juntos harita. Y su esposa esta muy ferte en la iglesia y tiene un gran testimonio del evangelio.
Sara Sanchez Ella no fue a la iglesia porque tuvo mucha de su famila aca en su casa. Ella todavia esta leyendo en el Libro de Mormon y orando cada dia.
Nuestro enfoce es enfocarnos en hallar y mantener nuestros investigators que tenemos hasta sus fecha. Estamos trabajando con algo al otro muy bien y eficasmente. Gracias por todo. Perdoneme por me malo el esribir en espanol.
Amor, Elder Wilding

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb 19, 2013

So I wasn't sure about posting this letter because it is so short but I decided to anyways! Crazy Kid!

No more time it has been a crazy week of having sicknesss hit our apartment my Companion, Elder Bosellman, and me all were sick :( hahah Love ya bye.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb 13, 2012

Dear Family,
I get to email today becuase I couldn't email President Because the computers would let us. So Crazy week! Where to start? Well Elder Hardin didn't want me to go which and he was funny. But on trannsfer day we are all outside about to say the pray when President yells "DONDE ESTA ELDER WILDING?" Estoy Aqui I replied and he says you are driving and leading the transfer crew to Laredo! Well I have no clue how to get to laredo, everthing is so flat until you get here and it is hilly on a bike, and the sister Misisonary driving the other tuck behind me didn't either so we had to get a GPS to get us there. So they are getting us all ready and I ask where are the keys and the other driver who drove it there still had them in his pocket so we had to wait for that. Then get gas and the machine asking for an extra code which we didn't know how to work? Did I say that It was me and then Another older sister in the mission and then us bringing 4 greenies and one guy who did a miny mission before his missoin up to Laredo so that was an adventure. Also it was funn to pass the trucks on the 2 way and the Sister missonary did not like that, of course I am good aty that Cuz JJ taugh me going up to Mackay all those years. :) So Elder Sanderson has had a really ruff 3 past months on his mission his companion was hard a hadn't baptized so he was so excited. We have had a blast and laughting like crazy at the mistakes we do. So story we knock on this lady;s door and she comes out like ralampico because of her dogs trying to get out and so Elder Sanderson Starts talking to her and she say espanol para me. Well he was speaking to her in spanish so he laughs a little then he goes on and she says to me que dijo? It was crazy she couldn't understand his accent so  we tease him about that. Meahhh It is fun in lessons when they say something and both of us donn't get it so we have to ask them again which is fun. :) We are learning so much together I love my compion. Did I tell ya that he is from Jacksonn Idaho? BY Rupert.
Pray for us and his family. Thanks Hope you laughted at the crazy adventure!
Amor, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Trayner
Now here in In Laredo. I am super excited to be working here with Elder Sanderson and to work in this area. I was flabbergasted when I found out we would be companions becuase Elder Sanderson told me on the plane that we were going to be put in an area together that was almost pure spanish. Well he guessed it right.
We have awesome investigators that we are working with that are preparing to be baptised. We had a super hard time to have appointments with them. The Verdin Family is past there date and now the Dad is leaving to McAllen for 2 weeks for work then he is going to be up North for three more days after that. We have fasted and prayed a ton that they are not falling into the pit of death.
Omar another investigator is doing everthing to be baptised except giving up the beer. We have been helping him understand the reasons and blessings with it. We taught him the plan of Salvacion and tied it back into the commandments.
We also found Sara last week who accepted a BD and is really good at reading. She was already for church when her daughter asked her to go somewhere with her and so she went but she is commited for church this week.
I am so excited to be working here with Elder Sanderson, he is doing really good he is being more confudent with his spanish and we have been studying together to help eachother out more. Just need to work on keep the people we have pregressing and work on finding and keeping them.
Amor, Elder Wilding

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 10, 2013

Well My computer last week and this so My email is small...
Well my apartment is less than a mile from the boarder and you can see
the mexico from my window. Not going to lie there and helicoppers in
the sky and boarder patrol a lot :) Also we somethings work less than
2 football fields next to the rio Sweet! Also we just follow the
spirit and we will be safe. Elder Sanderson and I work really good
together and have funu all the time. I am on a bike and lots of Hills
so I am so sore!!! :)
ELDer Wilding

PS From Melissa- I think Kyle was so tired that he really couldn't put a sentence together!

Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4th 2013

That is so crazy about Robby and Aleesha!! Yeah that this crazy about the super bowl your right it doesn't matter to me at all. I found out that I am getting Transferred to Laredo texas Right next to the boarder!! My companion is Elder Sanderson I was in the mtc with him he was up in the north for a long time so we will see how we can teach in the spanish language together!! I am pretty nervous it is going to be crazy!! I Elder Sanderson is from Idaho too so that will be fun. I don't have that much time to write today but I have learned so much from my first area that it is crazy I am going to miss my companion and the area but I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else. yup so tell people not to send anything to my old adress I won't be there. I am glad that you enjoyed my stories everyday down here is a story which is fun! I can't believe I will be the one that knows the most spanish in my next area cuz sometimes I don't know what people are saying to me which is bad I am nervous! haha but, I know that the Lord will help us and bless us though. I can't think of to much to say this time I don't know why? Well I canthink of a few all the Elders in my apartment make fun of how fat I am... not like pancita wise but like mentally like how I get a little granchy without food and how I say mmmm when i eat my food Elder Hardin tells my that I am sinning with Glutany. I think is how it is spelled? Oh are recent convert Ed said the closing prayer in Sacrement meeting!!! It was my heart swell with joy as I saw him walking up there to go say the prayer. The D&C scripture is true that if you save one soul your heart with be filled with so much joy! :D I love you guys so much I hope the snow and the weather is treating you guys right cuz I hear Laredo is super Hot!! ahaha Love you tons keep praying for my New and old companions please!! ") love ya bye! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 28, 2013

That is crazy about your calling and all! Wow Justin's papers are already in that is so crazy!! I think if you put 100 dallors more in there I will be ok and fine. Yeah My companion and I are so bleesed to have another Baptism! We also had president stand in on confirming Ed ayer. I see babies and want one and also want to hold them bad but I can hold their little hands then I am fine. Also had you had the time to find my pristhood line by chance? Also I have a funny story I think you might like. So Elder Hardin and I were eating and his lunch he made it fast and ate it fast while I was still making mine then he went into the room to take a nap and once I finished making my lunch yup you quessed I went and sat on my bed and ate my lunch cuz I hate to be alone so I ate there so I wouldn't be. Then today and I was cleaning the bathroom and a came up and hit my head on the capnet door and it really hurt then I started cleaning again then smacked my fourhead on it and then laughed and shut it and thought to myself I bet my life is super funny for our father in heaven to watch. haha I have learned so much with being with Elder Hardin he is teaching me so much and we are super blessed by the Lord. I love your prayers and we can feel them everyday that we are out here. Everyone his getting sick down here too! I haven't got very sick knock on wood. Also did you fine out anything about the insurence card? So crazy how fast the time is just slipping through are fingers right now. I love ya tons. Also my companion hates my singing it is super funny cuz I think it is a sin for me to sing the spanish hyms haha.
Love, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Tranyer
Things are going pretty good up here in Edinburg North with Elder Harding and I. We had the confirmation of Ed Russow and then he received the Aaronic socerdocio the 3rd hour which was super awesome to see how far he has come and hope much he is growing in the gospel.
We also had the baptism of Lupita which was spiritual for their family and you could tell she was very happy. It was cool becuase her brother Frankie I could tell felt the spirit when he saw his older sister be baptized. Mari and frankie are doing pretty good working towards being baptized on the 25th of febuary.
We also had the awesome oportunity to go over the Bonilla's house and have Sister Bonilla's parents there. We think that sister Bonilla set it up becuase her mom wants to know more and see how see can change her family. Her Dad when we came in shook our hands put on his boots and then snuck out the back door and left. We had a lesson with Patrica, that is the mom, and she has a ton of question but can all be answered in time and is hesitate to be become Mormon and not have her husband change. She didn't end up coming to church. Also she use to go to La Vista a long time ago.
We are hoping to have more appointments with the Gonzales family that was out of town and get them working towards their baptism.
Things are looking really good if we can just have some more lessons with our people and get them coming to church.
Amor, Elder Wilding