Saturday, February 2, 2013

January 28, 2013

That is crazy about your calling and all! Wow Justin's papers are already in that is so crazy!! I think if you put 100 dallors more in there I will be ok and fine. Yeah My companion and I are so bleesed to have another Baptism! We also had president stand in on confirming Ed ayer. I see babies and want one and also want to hold them bad but I can hold their little hands then I am fine. Also had you had the time to find my pristhood line by chance? Also I have a funny story I think you might like. So Elder Hardin and I were eating and his lunch he made it fast and ate it fast while I was still making mine then he went into the room to take a nap and once I finished making my lunch yup you quessed I went and sat on my bed and ate my lunch cuz I hate to be alone so I ate there so I wouldn't be. Then today and I was cleaning the bathroom and a came up and hit my head on the capnet door and it really hurt then I started cleaning again then smacked my fourhead on it and then laughed and shut it and thought to myself I bet my life is super funny for our father in heaven to watch. haha I have learned so much with being with Elder Hardin he is teaching me so much and we are super blessed by the Lord. I love your prayers and we can feel them everyday that we are out here. Everyone his getting sick down here too! I haven't got very sick knock on wood. Also did you fine out anything about the insurence card? So crazy how fast the time is just slipping through are fingers right now. I love ya tons. Also my companion hates my singing it is super funny cuz I think it is a sin for me to sing the spanish hyms haha.
Love, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Tranyer
Things are going pretty good up here in Edinburg North with Elder Harding and I. We had the confirmation of Ed Russow and then he received the Aaronic socerdocio the 3rd hour which was super awesome to see how far he has come and hope much he is growing in the gospel.
We also had the baptism of Lupita which was spiritual for their family and you could tell she was very happy. It was cool becuase her brother Frankie I could tell felt the spirit when he saw his older sister be baptized. Mari and frankie are doing pretty good working towards being baptized on the 25th of febuary.
We also had the awesome oportunity to go over the Bonilla's house and have Sister Bonilla's parents there. We think that sister Bonilla set it up becuase her mom wants to know more and see how see can change her family. Her Dad when we came in shook our hands put on his boots and then snuck out the back door and left. We had a lesson with Patrica, that is the mom, and she has a ton of question but can all be answered in time and is hesitate to be become Mormon and not have her husband change. She didn't end up coming to church. Also she use to go to La Vista a long time ago.
We are hoping to have more appointments with the Gonzales family that was out of town and get them working towards their baptism.
Things are looking really good if we can just have some more lessons with our people and get them coming to church.
Amor, Elder Wilding

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