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Feb 13, 2012

Dear Family,
I get to email today becuase I couldn't email President Because the computers would let us. So Crazy week! Where to start? Well Elder Hardin didn't want me to go which and he was funny. But on trannsfer day we are all outside about to say the pray when President yells "DONDE ESTA ELDER WILDING?" Estoy Aqui I replied and he says you are driving and leading the transfer crew to Laredo! Well I have no clue how to get to laredo, everthing is so flat until you get here and it is hilly on a bike, and the sister Misisonary driving the other tuck behind me didn't either so we had to get a GPS to get us there. So they are getting us all ready and I ask where are the keys and the other driver who drove it there still had them in his pocket so we had to wait for that. Then get gas and the machine asking for an extra code which we didn't know how to work? Did I say that It was me and then Another older sister in the mission and then us bringing 4 greenies and one guy who did a miny mission before his missoin up to Laredo so that was an adventure. Also it was funn to pass the trucks on the 2 way and the Sister missonary did not like that, of course I am good aty that Cuz JJ taugh me going up to Mackay all those years. :) So Elder Sanderson has had a really ruff 3 past months on his mission his companion was hard a hadn't baptized so he was so excited. We have had a blast and laughting like crazy at the mistakes we do. So story we knock on this lady;s door and she comes out like ralampico because of her dogs trying to get out and so Elder Sanderson Starts talking to her and she say espanol para me. Well he was speaking to her in spanish so he laughs a little then he goes on and she says to me que dijo? It was crazy she couldn't understand his accent so  we tease him about that. Meahhh It is fun in lessons when they say something and both of us donn't get it so we have to ask them again which is fun. :) We are learning so much together I love my compion. Did I tell ya that he is from Jacksonn Idaho? BY Rupert.
Pray for us and his family. Thanks Hope you laughted at the crazy adventure!
Amor, Elder Wilding

Dear, President Trayner
Now here in In Laredo. I am super excited to be working here with Elder Sanderson and to work in this area. I was flabbergasted when I found out we would be companions becuase Elder Sanderson told me on the plane that we were going to be put in an area together that was almost pure spanish. Well he guessed it right.
We have awesome investigators that we are working with that are preparing to be baptised. We had a super hard time to have appointments with them. The Verdin Family is past there date and now the Dad is leaving to McAllen for 2 weeks for work then he is going to be up North for three more days after that. We have fasted and prayed a ton that they are not falling into the pit of death.
Omar another investigator is doing everthing to be baptised except giving up the beer. We have been helping him understand the reasons and blessings with it. We taught him the plan of Salvacion and tied it back into the commandments.
We also found Sara last week who accepted a BD and is really good at reading. She was already for church when her daughter asked her to go somewhere with her and so she went but she is commited for church this week.
I am so excited to be working here with Elder Sanderson, he is doing really good he is being more confudent with his spanish and we have been studying together to help eachother out more. Just need to work on keep the people we have pregressing and work on finding and keeping them.
Amor, Elder Wilding

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