Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th

First thing is first ok yes the People feed us pretty good done here I think I might come back just a LOT out of shape!! MY workouts in the mornings is more like stretching my body for the day ha!! Also I might come back a little chubby!! ha! But I have good news!! We almost had a baptismo yesterday!!! hahaha yea laughting like the girl off of Drop Dead Gorgous!! baha well The last person Elder Aguilar baptised is Nayalie who is 22 and she has a sister who is 15 Viridanna and we found out she wants to be baptised and she has been coming to church and had been reading her scriptures!!! We almost baptuzed her yesterday but she wanted to wait just one more week to feel a little more prepared and she hadn't had her interview yet she that was fine!! But it is going to be my first baptisum out of no ware!! Also last night was Betty Luna's bday. So we thought we would take a card over to her for her bday! Well it is sunday and it just had happened I had a Cupcake bday card I had in my drawer!!! SO we wrote on it and told her we loved her and that we got this cupcake card because without cupcakes we wouldn't even have know her!! But we when to her house and got her Dad and he was super nice!! Said that if she wants to be mormona that he approves! So we asked him to please give the card to her... and right in planning session her daught Lluvia called and said it made her mom cry and wanted to come back!!! ha so we will see how that goes! But this week has been a ton of finding for the month of sempteber! We have our good days and bad days!! bUt I am learning so much everday!! I am getting better and faster at understand the language better and my listening is a bit better than my spaeking but that is fine it is coming fast! I can believe Nathan goes out!! he will be the 7th missonary on the WIdling side of the family!! Crazy!! ALso where is Jake WIlding serving I forgot? Jackson hasn't been trannsferred in 7 months!? WHoa that is crazy!! I know I have the best family in the world!!! Oh also I will try and buy a cord I can put to the computer so I can also send pictures! Cuz pictures are good! :) I hope everything is good up there! I want to see how bug RUby Peal is now?! :D I bet she is growing so fast!! Oh also wriite in your blog Melissa that I am sorry to the people I haven't had time to write back and that I love there letters!!! I love you guys so much and know I have the best family in the world!! I don't really miss you guys that much cuz I dream about you a ton a nd they feel sdo really!! OH also tell Mike and JJ I had a dream we were at Mackay having a blast!! :P hahah Love you guys tons!! AMor ELder Wilding

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aug 20th

Storms and Bug Attacks
Dear, Familia and everyone I love!! last pday after playing soccer, which I am so bad at, My companion and I headed back to the apartment and he jumos in the shower and when he does that it starts to rain not to bad. then when he came out of the shower and put clothes on he knew I want to run out in the rain of course!! So I did and stood out in it for a little then I came back in a when I came back in that is when it started to have a real Texas storm!! So Elder Aguilar is like alright lets go and takes of running outside!! Hahaha I was so excited we ran arounfd the block with no shoes on It felt like we were like wild horses or something running and playing in the rain!!! bahaha It was so amaxing!!! then when we came back to the apartment we were soaked from head to toe like wet kitty cat!! bahaha It was awesome!! So now for the bug attack... our car the last 2 weeks has ants in it everytime and everywhere we get in and then when we are driving the crawl all over us!!!!! It is crazzy fun!! HOWEVer it does stop there the last 2 nights when we have came back home we have ants everywhere in our kitchen the first day and the 2nd in our bathroom everywhere!!!!! The first night I had a bag of salt on the counter full of ants so I grap it to run outside and throw it out... but Elder Elegi Locked it 3 time one with the nop and with 2 dead bults!!!!!! SO but this time The ants are running everywhere on my arm while Elder Elegi is trying to unlock it and I am screaming ahhhhhhhhhhhh Why did you lock the door!! haahaha so the have been so bad I think a hurricane is coming cuz all the bugs are trying to get inside!! OH also have been in a 3 way campanionship this week cuz we lost Elder Call he had to leave off his mission a week early to make it to school. ALso today we got a brand new car with 19 miles on it!! crazy!!! Also had to drop the Luna familia becuase they are so bad at coming to church but I think they will call back cuz when we told her we can't come back until they act more she wanted to cry and said but what about my baptism and we said yea you need to come to church and stop cancelling citas at the last moment. To prepare yourself there is things you ahve to do but she said she will come to church next weeek and call us when she has time? I praying they will cuz we only had ley de castidad and diezmo left to teach them. :( But we found out a girl whose sister got baptised right before I got here wants to be bapitsed and she has been taught everything and come to church and reads form the BoM!! SO mericals are everywhere still!!! Que mas? pues We still need to hit finding really hard!! Oh DAd and Mike I want 2 mission stories in a letter from both please!!? ALso bow season is coming so soon I want good detailed fun stories!! haha LOve you tons!!! See you bye!!! AMor elder wilding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stolen Pictures!

These are from Kyle's Mission Precedent's wife's Blog!

August 13th!

HEy HEy! Our investigators skepped church so we have to move back their date a week!! :( I am so glad Clay did so well!! Call him for me and tell him I love him so much!! ;) I can feel your prayers for me everday!! I am so proud of you guys!! :) To sum this week up I would have to say Greenies out in the field volleying it up!! :) hahaha Elder Aguilar had to go to training for 3 days putting me with the other greenie Elder Stott in the other district! :) ha We did awsome lessons together!! ha It was only to 5 oclock on 2 days then 3 on the last but it was awesome! ha! We even did 2 lessons in spanish together!! :_) Also taugh the Law of chastity ha that was crazy!! to this girl who is 17 and wants to get baptised but doesn;t want to keep the LOC. I need the movie the testiments that can go to spanish and english also the D&C videos that will go to spanish and ebglish cuz I am in a bilengual mission :) Look back on your emails and you will find it. :) Yeah crazy stuff in my blessing. I just wanted to snuggle with you mom and read it together eating chips :P OH we went back to the storage unit again and saw a mouse and a million cockroach things in the boxes!! ugh!! We are having a hard time finding ask Shawn Lemmon what he did for finding down here in the heart land of texas that worked for him? :) where you able to cancelle that coat order? :/ It was a slower harder week this week. But we are hoping it will be different. It was cuz our horario was different this past week. Really need to hit finding really hard. I know I have the best family in the world thanks for all your prayers! Did we win on Medal count??!!? How did vball do?! Ha I am doing so good I love the work and love my Campanion so much. Oh my campanion is so funny cuz he is kind of a girl sometimes. Like gets frustrated over the littlest things and of course I tease him but it a good loving way and it makes him laugh! :) IT is becuase he is the youngest of 3 sisters ha jk.. I love that you are praying the lords investigators! It makes me so happy!! I know I have the best family in all the world!! Pray that I can be bold with my investigators went they don't keep commitments but also in a loving way. It is super hard!! :) ALso to know in what manner to say it. I love you guys all with all my heart!!!!! Tell Melissa and Kenna they have to go to a couple of century vball games and tell me how they will be doing :) I love you and pray for you everyday. Also ask MIKe and Dad on good ways to find? LOts of homework I know... ALso I want those lime green sheets :) LOve you AMor, Elder Wilding!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6th

AWWW Mom I wanted to read that with you! I told you to wait in the letter. THank you guys so much for the letters and the prayers that you send me!! :) Our investigators are so up and down right now it is crazy haha it is good for the soul I guess? :) Everyone who we talk to asks if we get to watch the olympics we tell them no we don't get to watch tv :) OH I you guys didn't need to buy me a coat remember I have mike's for his mission :/ also will you make me a line of my preisthood like All the Back to Jose Smith. :) Also check me bank account I had to use some money for somethings will you check me debit. :) OK to the Hording story so EPIC! :) nOW i CAN TRUELY say that mom you aRe now that bad hording :) haha but get going on your basement for MIke and KIm :) SO we go to a memebers house in the sisters area cuz we have have a couple that needs help with cleaning and moving things with their shed. The Ortados are they names a  lady she is 69 and a guy about 40 :) Its awesome!! But there shed isn't that big or that bad. SO it was tons of fun working with the sisters but Hermano Ortado's asks if we can go to their storage unit to get more boxs... this is where it gets crazy!! We pull up to the unit a he is like just wait! We open this storage unit thing yea the door is wide a tall but it can't be that bad right? WRONG! :D the storage unit is about 22 feet high 30 wide and 40 feet in!!!! With boxs up to the cieling in the back!!!! IT is huge and a million boxs of nothing really, but in her eyes memories. There is rat poops and mice poops everywhere! they have riped all the newspaper out and cockroach stuff everywhere on top of the boxs!!! uck!! Que wackala!! it was so gross!! IN the boxs, we had to check them to see it there was mice, rats, or coachroaches in them, there was a cdouple of sweet stuff from her trips to south America but most of it was hers from her old house and everything from her moms house everything!! I thing that is why she hords? Because she was super close to her mom at least I think from watching the shows? :) But The Luna family is doing pretty good. We haven't even taught them the restoration because evertime we do they cancell! Ha OH is there any way you can cancel the coat and get yours moneys back? sorry about that!! Oh my companion just showed me new buttons :p! MY first baptismo is on Aug. 19th!! Coming up so fast!! :)   Tell everone I am doing so awesome and great down here loving every minute I have!! OH what dates does  Clay and Nathan go in? CLay is next wednesday? SOrry my letters are so scatter brained!! :) Ha oh and Volleyball is alright starting up!! Crazy!! That year went so fast!! ha!! LOve ya tons!! :)