Monday, August 6, 2012

August 6th

AWWW Mom I wanted to read that with you! I told you to wait in the letter. THank you guys so much for the letters and the prayers that you send me!! :) Our investigators are so up and down right now it is crazy haha it is good for the soul I guess? :) Everyone who we talk to asks if we get to watch the olympics we tell them no we don't get to watch tv :) OH I you guys didn't need to buy me a coat remember I have mike's for his mission :/ also will you make me a line of my preisthood like All the Back to Jose Smith. :) Also check me bank account I had to use some money for somethings will you check me debit. :) OK to the Hording story so EPIC! :) nOW i CAN TRUELY say that mom you aRe now that bad hording :) haha but get going on your basement for MIke and KIm :) SO we go to a memebers house in the sisters area cuz we have have a couple that needs help with cleaning and moving things with their shed. The Ortados are they names a  lady she is 69 and a guy about 40 :) Its awesome!! But there shed isn't that big or that bad. SO it was tons of fun working with the sisters but Hermano Ortado's asks if we can go to their storage unit to get more boxs... this is where it gets crazy!! We pull up to the unit a he is like just wait! We open this storage unit thing yea the door is wide a tall but it can't be that bad right? WRONG! :D the storage unit is about 22 feet high 30 wide and 40 feet in!!!! With boxs up to the cieling in the back!!!! IT is huge and a million boxs of nothing really, but in her eyes memories. There is rat poops and mice poops everywhere! they have riped all the newspaper out and cockroach stuff everywhere on top of the boxs!!! uck!! Que wackala!! it was so gross!! IN the boxs, we had to check them to see it there was mice, rats, or coachroaches in them, there was a cdouple of sweet stuff from her trips to south America but most of it was hers from her old house and everything from her moms house everything!! I thing that is why she hords? Because she was super close to her mom at least I think from watching the shows? :) But The Luna family is doing pretty good. We haven't even taught them the restoration because evertime we do they cancell! Ha OH is there any way you can cancel the coat and get yours moneys back? sorry about that!! Oh my companion just showed me new buttons :p! MY first baptismo is on Aug. 19th!! Coming up so fast!! :)   Tell everone I am doing so awesome and great down here loving every minute I have!! OH what dates does  Clay and Nathan go in? CLay is next wednesday? SOrry my letters are so scatter brained!! :) Ha oh and Volleyball is alright starting up!! Crazy!! That year went so fast!! ha!! LOve ya tons!! :)

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