Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13th!

HEy HEy! Our investigators skepped church so we have to move back their date a week!! :( I am so glad Clay did so well!! Call him for me and tell him I love him so much!! ;) I can feel your prayers for me everday!! I am so proud of you guys!! :) To sum this week up I would have to say Greenies out in the field volleying it up!! :) hahaha Elder Aguilar had to go to training for 3 days putting me with the other greenie Elder Stott in the other district! :) ha We did awsome lessons together!! ha It was only to 5 oclock on 2 days then 3 on the last but it was awesome! ha! We even did 2 lessons in spanish together!! :_) Also taugh the Law of chastity ha that was crazy!! to this girl who is 17 and wants to get baptised but doesn;t want to keep the LOC. I need the movie the testiments that can go to spanish and english also the D&C videos that will go to spanish and ebglish cuz I am in a bilengual mission :) Look back on your emails and you will find it. :) Yeah crazy stuff in my blessing. I just wanted to snuggle with you mom and read it together eating chips :P OH we went back to the storage unit again and saw a mouse and a million cockroach things in the boxes!! ugh!! We are having a hard time finding ask Shawn Lemmon what he did for finding down here in the heart land of texas that worked for him? :) where you able to cancelle that coat order? :/ It was a slower harder week this week. But we are hoping it will be different. It was cuz our horario was different this past week. Really need to hit finding really hard. I know I have the best family in the world thanks for all your prayers! Did we win on Medal count??!!? How did vball do?! Ha I am doing so good I love the work and love my Campanion so much. Oh my campanion is so funny cuz he is kind of a girl sometimes. Like gets frustrated over the littlest things and of course I tease him but it a good loving way and it makes him laugh! :) IT is becuase he is the youngest of 3 sisters ha jk.. I love that you are praying the lords investigators! It makes me so happy!! I know I have the best family in all the world!! Pray that I can be bold with my investigators went they don't keep commitments but also in a loving way. It is super hard!! :) ALso to know in what manner to say it. I love you guys all with all my heart!!!!! Tell Melissa and Kenna they have to go to a couple of century vball games and tell me how they will be doing :) I love you and pray for you everyday. Also ask MIKe and Dad on good ways to find? LOts of homework I know... ALso I want those lime green sheets :) LOve you AMor, Elder Wilding!!

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