Monday, August 20, 2012

Aug 20th

Storms and Bug Attacks
Dear, Familia and everyone I love!! last pday after playing soccer, which I am so bad at, My companion and I headed back to the apartment and he jumos in the shower and when he does that it starts to rain not to bad. then when he came out of the shower and put clothes on he knew I want to run out in the rain of course!! So I did and stood out in it for a little then I came back in a when I came back in that is when it started to have a real Texas storm!! So Elder Aguilar is like alright lets go and takes of running outside!! Hahaha I was so excited we ran arounfd the block with no shoes on It felt like we were like wild horses or something running and playing in the rain!!! bahaha It was so amaxing!!! then when we came back to the apartment we were soaked from head to toe like wet kitty cat!! bahaha It was awesome!! So now for the bug attack... our car the last 2 weeks has ants in it everytime and everywhere we get in and then when we are driving the crawl all over us!!!!! It is crazzy fun!! HOWEVer it does stop there the last 2 nights when we have came back home we have ants everywhere in our kitchen the first day and the 2nd in our bathroom everywhere!!!!! The first night I had a bag of salt on the counter full of ants so I grap it to run outside and throw it out... but Elder Elegi Locked it 3 time one with the nop and with 2 dead bults!!!!!! SO but this time The ants are running everywhere on my arm while Elder Elegi is trying to unlock it and I am screaming ahhhhhhhhhhhh Why did you lock the door!! haahaha so the have been so bad I think a hurricane is coming cuz all the bugs are trying to get inside!! OH also have been in a 3 way campanionship this week cuz we lost Elder Call he had to leave off his mission a week early to make it to school. ALso today we got a brand new car with 19 miles on it!! crazy!!! Also had to drop the Luna familia becuase they are so bad at coming to church but I think they will call back cuz when we told her we can't come back until they act more she wanted to cry and said but what about my baptism and we said yea you need to come to church and stop cancelling citas at the last moment. To prepare yourself there is things you ahve to do but she said she will come to church next weeek and call us when she has time? I praying they will cuz we only had ley de castidad and diezmo left to teach them. :( But we found out a girl whose sister got baptised right before I got here wants to be bapitsed and she has been taught everything and come to church and reads form the BoM!! SO mericals are everywhere still!!! Que mas? pues We still need to hit finding really hard!! Oh DAd and Mike I want 2 mission stories in a letter from both please!!? ALso bow season is coming so soon I want good detailed fun stories!! haha LOve you tons!!! See you bye!!! AMor elder wilding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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