Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31st

This is Kyle's email from today! Clearly he thinks faster then his fingers work but that is one of the greatest things about him!

Hey I am doing so good!! I sent the emails to mike and Miss so I am hoping they will come!! I will write a letter if I havee mopre time!! Please send my scripture case, more workout socks and workout shirts! That would be great!! The language is coming fast adnd I can feel your prayers and have so manyblessings!! I know now why i called to speak and cuz when we practice in class in spanish i get to excited and talk way to much and to fast!!! ahaha Tell everyone i am dojng so good and love the awesome letters!!! Pray for me i will pray for you!!!~ ahha also the vball is bad so when I come home I am going to be horrible haha!! Love everyone tons we are so blessed!!!! :)

Lost Email: May 17th

Loving the MTC!!! :) Food is the best!! My Pday is on thursday so today had to do tons of laundry cuz it has been like 9 days since last time!! My campanion and and roomates are the best!! Camanion is from south jordan lives like 2streets over from BRad and Tara on Cody Circle but he doesn't know them. One roomate us from Dallas texas ansd he owns like 200 instruments crazy cuz he is super smart oh he is Elder Larson! the other is elder Allred and he is from Meza Arizona and played vball in highschool he was a outside hitter so that is really fun!!! Tell Clay I am so excited for him!!! Crazy!!! Tell him to not stress the first coupleof days getting into the routen cuz the couple first days SUCK!! HAHA so bad misson language but then it gets so much better!!! Only have 30 mins to email so that es muy malo!! But that's alright! people in my District are the best and also in zone!! tell people there is like no time to write people cuz you only can on your pdays! I will try really are to write them bak!!! Tell everone that i love all the letters!!! Cuz my district gets super jealous of them all!! Well running out of time cuz i wasted this my whole time trying to learn how to email and log in the write way!! Dumb but super not time to write emails love ya tonss!!!! :) con amor!!

Reason for lack of Post!

So when I made this blog I figured I could post parts of the letters or emails that Kyle sends to my mom and me! When I have received only one liner emails and my mom hasn't received any! That is right my mom has not received an email from Kyle since he has been gone! He also sent us all letters and not her! This is what is great about my mom, she didn't feel bad she just read everyone else letters. She knows that he is safe and that is all that matters! The weird thing is that Kyle thinks he sent her an email! In my letter it says read mom's email! I think he has the email wrong so in my letter to him I send him the rights email address and tried to explain to him how to forward his old emails! So the reason I haven't posted is because I really have no knew information!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

First Email from Kyle!

This is Kyle's first email to me:
Here is my email no time to write no time!! love ya tons!! :)

I hope my mom got a better one!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Letter Home!

Here is some of his First letter home:
  First day at the MTC is crazy! Have a companion named Elder Barker from South Jordan Utah! Ask Brad and Tara if they know his family. He is going  to the Kemption Chile...well somewhere in Chile but sweet! I KNOW! He is super cool down to Earth guy I feel like we can learn and grow from each other here at the MTC! I am a little overwhelmed about getting lost all the time here cuz I do! Ha cuz first off went to the wrong building at first so huffed bags 5 floors up that was fun! Then went from office to office trying to find out why the key was so dumb! Found out  wrong building. So huffed bag down then up 5 more floor at different building.  Feel like there is a lot to learn here and learn from other missionaries about what to say and not to say!  Still ate a little but eh just nerves I guess I will be super hunger tomorrow morning. Ha I feel like half the older missionaries got voted most friendly in high school is's crazy! I love everyone in the family and know that I have the best family. Know that I am ok and doing great! ...
            Elder Wilding

That is most of his letter!

The Drop off!

There are no pictures at the actual drop off! Michael and I decided we didn't want to remember that event anyways!
 In the Van (My Granpa's we borrowed it)!  We meet Robby in Provo and then went to lunch at a Hawaiian Grill! Something happened that we thought could never happen! Kyle didn't EAT!!! He was so nervous! It was pretty funny because he went to the bathroom about 100 times and claimed it was just because he didn't get to poop at his regular time! 

 Oh how I am going to miss him!
 The whole gang (almost Kimberly was rocking her board tests in Ogden)!
 We held it in pretty well! I hit the sidewalk I lost it! Then when ever we look at each other it was harder to hold it in! he gave each of a hug then grabbed his bag and walked off as a Missionary! We got back in the car and My mom made me put on sunglasses cause she didn't want to see me cry! He will be a good missionary! He has a genuine love for people and the gospel!


For all of those that know my family well these pictures will not be a surprise! As we were watching Kyle pack on Tuesday (and the other days) before he left for the MTC we noticed that Kyle packed for his mission like he packed for Indian Creek when he was little, a lot of stuff!
 First as every Wilding knows if you are taking any liquids you must put them in a plastic bag! Notice that Kyle has two things of sunscreen, one for the apartment and the other for his backpack! The big black bottle in his left hand is 3 in One shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!
 You can never have to much mouth wash! He was really worried about having enough!
 His suite case!

 More Stuff! I am not sure what is in these bags but I am sure that he will fill them!
 You can never have enough vitamins! A daily vitamin and calcium chew for Kyle! 
His bag he got from Costco to fit in his Costco size stuff!
We kept making fun of him saying that he was going in state and didn't need to pack all this stuff but he really wanted to take it! At least he will be prepared!

Kyle's Farewell "Speaking"

Kyle spoke on April 22, 2012! He talked about service as a missionary and through the church! He gave a really good talk! For all the people that helped raise him it was a very proud moment! We ate dinner after church in Julianne's back yard! There was a lot of people there! From Volleyball friends to both sides of the Family!

The pictures I took have no rhyme or reason! But they are proof that it all happened! 

The Call!

Kyle opened his call on Thursday February 16th of 2012! It was a Thursday and he had a Volleyball game (city league) so we didn't open it until 10:00! We invited lots of People to come over to share in the experience including Daren and Mellonee's family on Skype and Clayton and Grandma and Grandpa Wilding on speakerphone! Julianne, Lydell, Makynsey, Natalie, Kenna, Kimberly, Michael, Our dad, Our mom, and Grandpa Kent! He is the most important because he bought us ice cream and the coveted Huckleberry Syrup to go on top! Kyle took a lot of time waiting to open it because he was telling stories :)! He opened it up and read it and yelled that he was going to McAllen, Teas! He said he was going into the MTC on May 9th then he stopped reading! Kynsey said keep reading! Then he said you will be learning Spanish! Then he yells Not Spanish I hate! Spanish I got a B in Spanish! We all laughed and then ate ice cream!
 "Is this a seat belt cutter" -Kyle 
Getting ready to open his call with a letter opener!

 Laughing after finding out that he is speaking Spanish!