Sunday, May 13, 2012


For all of those that know my family well these pictures will not be a surprise! As we were watching Kyle pack on Tuesday (and the other days) before he left for the MTC we noticed that Kyle packed for his mission like he packed for Indian Creek when he was little, a lot of stuff!
 First as every Wilding knows if you are taking any liquids you must put them in a plastic bag! Notice that Kyle has two things of sunscreen, one for the apartment and the other for his backpack! The big black bottle in his left hand is 3 in One shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!
 You can never have to much mouth wash! He was really worried about having enough!
 His suite case!

 More Stuff! I am not sure what is in these bags but I am sure that he will fill them!
 You can never have enough vitamins! A daily vitamin and calcium chew for Kyle! 
His bag he got from Costco to fit in his Costco size stuff!
We kept making fun of him saying that he was going in state and didn't need to pack all this stuff but he really wanted to take it! At least he will be prepared!

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