Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Letter Home!

Here is some of his First letter home:
  First day at the MTC is crazy! Have a companion named Elder Barker from South Jordan Utah! Ask Brad and Tara if they know his family. He is going  to the Kemption Chile...well somewhere in Chile but sweet! I KNOW! He is super cool down to Earth guy I feel like we can learn and grow from each other here at the MTC! I am a little overwhelmed about getting lost all the time here cuz I do! Ha cuz first off went to the wrong building at first so huffed bags 5 floors up that was fun! Then went from office to office trying to find out why the key was so dumb! Found out  wrong building. So huffed bag down then up 5 more floor at different building.  Feel like there is a lot to learn here and learn from other missionaries about what to say and not to say!  Still ate a little but eh just nerves I guess I will be super hunger tomorrow morning. Ha I feel like half the older missionaries got voted most friendly in high school is's crazy! I love everyone in the family and know that I have the best family. Know that I am ok and doing great! ...
            Elder Wilding

That is most of his letter!

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