Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Call!

Kyle opened his call on Thursday February 16th of 2012! It was a Thursday and he had a Volleyball game (city league) so we didn't open it until 10:00! We invited lots of People to come over to share in the experience including Daren and Mellonee's family on Skype and Clayton and Grandma and Grandpa Wilding on speakerphone! Julianne, Lydell, Makynsey, Natalie, Kenna, Kimberly, Michael, Our dad, Our mom, and Grandpa Kent! He is the most important because he bought us ice cream and the coveted Huckleberry Syrup to go on top! Kyle took a lot of time waiting to open it because he was telling stories :)! He opened it up and read it and yelled that he was going to McAllen, Teas! He said he was going into the MTC on May 9th then he stopped reading! Kynsey said keep reading! Then he said you will be learning Spanish! Then he yells Not Spanish I hate! Spanish I got a B in Spanish! We all laughed and then ate ice cream!
 "Is this a seat belt cutter" -Kyle 
Getting ready to open his call with a letter opener!

 Laughing after finding out that he is speaking Spanish!

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