Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Drop off!

There are no pictures at the actual drop off! Michael and I decided we didn't want to remember that event anyways!
 In the Van (My Granpa's we borrowed it)!  We meet Robby in Provo and then went to lunch at a Hawaiian Grill! Something happened that we thought could never happen! Kyle didn't EAT!!! He was so nervous! It was pretty funny because he went to the bathroom about 100 times and claimed it was just because he didn't get to poop at his regular time! 

 Oh how I am going to miss him!
 The whole gang (almost Kimberly was rocking her board tests in Ogden)!
 We held it in pretty well! I hit the sidewalk I lost it! Then when ever we look at each other it was harder to hold it in! he gave each of a hug then grabbed his bag and walked off as a Missionary! We got back in the car and My mom made me put on sunglasses cause she didn't want to see me cry! He will be a good missionary! He has a genuine love for people and the gospel!

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