Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31st

This is Kyle's email from today! Clearly he thinks faster then his fingers work but that is one of the greatest things about him!

Hey I am doing so good!! I sent the emails to mike and Miss so I am hoping they will come!! I will write a letter if I havee mopre time!! Please send my scripture case, more workout socks and workout shirts! That would be great!! The language is coming fast adnd I can feel your prayers and have so manyblessings!! I know now why i called to speak and cuz when we practice in class in spanish i get to excited and talk way to much and to fast!!! ahaha Tell everyone i am dojng so good and love the awesome letters!!! Pray for me i will pray for you!!!~ ahha also the vball is bad so when I come home I am going to be horrible haha!! Love everyone tons we are so blessed!!!! :)

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