Thursday, June 7, 2012

2nd Lost Email! May 24th

MTC is going super fast and slow!! :) Espanol is coming pretty good!! :) I tried to talk to 2 sisters at the Temple from Peru and I didn't undersdtand them at first then i did and had a good talk with them!! :) Ha TRC's for the first time ayer and IT was crazy how much I knew what the guy was talking about and how much I was saying in spanish!! Teaching lessons is super fun had cuz mi companero is having a hard time in the language and does really understand much but he is awesome and is growing a ton!!! I am staying so busy and tired I don't know what to do!!!! hahah Keep writing me I love it!! We are so pleased that dad took his job then a week later Hoku laided off people and he would have been!!! I am learning and growing so much here!! Having a blast everone in my district and zone our awesome and supportive!! Every one thinks I am funny but we all are!! Also please send more workout shirts about 3 and more or my costco workout socks please and a small goldbold foot container of foot poder would be so awesome!!! hahah Roomates would love that too!!! Loving the work and rthe gospel more and more everday!!!! Love everyone tons!!!          Amor Elder Wilding!!!!!!!

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