Friday, June 22, 2012

June 21

Yeah I found my preach my gospel at home before I left. :)  You can send that stuff to me now if you want? Well I forgot to tell you I saw JAce Hanson here at the MTC about 3 weeks ago!!! Crazy!! I didn't thing it was him? But it was he has a wierd knee problem where his knee caps are hitiing his bones? so he is bone on bone so he is here at the mtc finishing up his last few months!! ALso had a change to see the outside world twice, also forgot to tell you, my companion had to have a root canal done on one of his teeth. So we have been out twice for that and we are headed out again today for a quick check up. Pretty sweet!! Oh also got my patriartical blessing monday!!! It was so awesome!!! So quick side note you know how you have to have the paper they give you? Well we got out of class to do do my blessing and right when we get out of the build I realize I left the paper in our residence hall!! Which is in the very back of the MTC!! And the build we were going to to get it do was on the other side of the mtc also!! So it is 3:55 and dang hot!!! We are in suit jackets so we run and run and run!! Get to 1m and late about 3-4 minutes we made good time!!! GEt there out of air trying to say hi to Branch pres and Brother LAmbert. Sweating like crazy they thought it was funny!! haha But the experience was like nothing I have ever had before!! Oh it was so wicked!! :) Also can't believe July 9th is coming up so soon!! Crazy time is truely flying!! :) SO today is P day and the Laundry room is closed cuz they had a bad gas leak last night!! SO we wake up at 6 to do laundry and it has the laundry room is closed for June 21st on the doors. So as of today I have just about zero clothes if they don't get it fixed!! Yes also if you could find out if that was Uncle Glades Micheal Wilding that would be awesome!! Send a picture of him if you can get it I want to find out if this is the guy!? Also tell the girls to send family pictures too! :) Ha I heard about the sand tournament from Kyns :) that is sweet you saw JEnna!! :) Mom I love the letters you write cuz I have to read them 3 times to get all of it. :) ha no periods just sit down and write. :) Michael didn't like my friends to be contined ha!!? Everything is going good here the language is coming so fast I can feel your prayers everyday! :) Indian creek is coming so soon!! Glad everyone is having fun fishing and getting tan! I think if we didn't go to Cali I would be fried whenm I go to Texas!! Cuz there are 3 other IDaho boys in my zona 1 in my districto and they are so white!1!! So hopefully I won't get to burned cuz you don't get Tan in the Mtc that is for sure!! haha Tell melissa the Hannah thing on facebook is so funny!!! :) Well got to go love ya tons!! oh do we know if michael and Kim have to move in? And congrats Michael!!!!!! 
Les querro mucho!!! Todo tranquielo!!! Aman Elder WIlding!!!!!

Update on the other Michael Wilding! I messaged Kristy his sister on facebook! He did go to Lima Peru and she is calling him to confirm! But super cool story!

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