Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letter to my Mom: June 14th

Here are parts and pieces of Kyle's Letter to my Mom! But not in order of how he wrote them but by story! First to finish the story that his last letter: So we go to do serve and the lady she is new working at the MTC looks at my name tag and says Elder Wilding!?!? Yup! Why?! Cuz do you have a older brother named Michael Wilding haha yes this is getting crazy  spokey! She says A Michael Wilding Baptized my dad and I will never forget him ever ever. So I start asking questions to confirm is is my brother, "What does he look like!" She: "Well, whoa, nothing like you at all! Short way shorter than you, way darker hair not built like you at all; short shocky build oh but he as green eyes closer to yours!!!" Be this time I am dying! Well I tell her everything you  just said explains everything my brother looks like Me: "Well when was your dad baptized?" She names the pretty much exact years Michael was serving! By this time I have huge chills running and jumping up and down my spinal cord! I ask "where does he sort of live?!" Her: I think north of here!? This crazy to crazy I am dying! Me: "What City" I think here in Utah in Ogden but she didn't real  know just a guess? I still am thinking this is to crazy! Oh wait to make this story more intense and everyone is wait and hanging on the edges of the couch in thin living room on Sunday evenings! [Yes mom reason this aloud to the family and at the beginning get super excited while reading it will get everyone attention!] I forgot to say, on purpose, about 4 questions or around that I ask wait don't you speak Spanish?? Where are you from Peru  oh I still has huge chills but hopes and dreams of it being our Mike come crashing down like snow off of Jenny's shed in the winter on a warm sunny day! I tell her oh dang  my brother served in San Paulo Brasil (which isn't true it was Porte Alegre North).  But everything you said was my brother through and through. But she tells me her dad's conversion  story... Sh says "I asked the missionarys how can I get my dad to met with you guys so you can live the gospel I am the only member in my family and it kills me. Elder "Wilding" says hey tell her dad that you want us to teach you can't be alone with us when we teach you!? Her: "oh bonito idea Bien Hecho! Di Papa I want to just sit in the room I need you to be there I can't be there alone!? (Such a good plan) Listo me Hijo. (ok daughter) So they start out and Elder Wilding invites her to share you humble but so so powerful testimony about the gospel and the church. She told me I was so nervas I have never said my testimony infront of any of my family members. So I did and the  espirtu Santo touch my dads carozon... he wanted to be baptize and 3 weeks late! Lizte so I tell her I will run back to me room and grap my camera cuz I had gym after so I had time. Just so she could see a picture and well we all know sure enough it wasn't our "Michael". But super sweet scary static story! Her name is Gabriela Diaz so if anyone is bored on facebook one day or in Famliy history and wants to try and find a Michael Wilding in Orem or Odgen Utah that would be sweet!! ... Also about to weeks in meet a Elder Branden Wilding from St. George Utah I asked him what most of his Wildings looks like and he said darkest blonde and I said like dish water!? He laughed and said yes he said around under 6 feet I said ha yeah so I am probably am cousins with him. Girl that was in my zone said there is a girl with the last name that teaches at the MTC cuz this girl was like 3rd cousins according to her parents! :) ...I am doing good on the not missing lots lots or think about you to much :P cuz you know me and my dreams a I am crazy sweet dreams of hanging  with fam and they feel so real! Ha it is a huge blessing cuz I sleep and hang with you guys. In some of my dreams you guys talk to me in Spanish  ha and I talk back :) Those are the dreams that I don't know what we are saying... Thing I have stain stick stuff cuz I spell all the time! ha also could you look up how to take stains out from wash some chap stick in with your clothes and not realizing it is in there till your done with drying them it was my darks halt of them including I 2 gray ants and any grey under amor shirt dang it Heiol! Should I stain stick all the spots with Nap-rafill soap and wash them in hot cuz it is wax or in cold?
This one was super long but really fun! We think the Michael Wilding is our Cousin that is about the same age as my brother but we are checking with his sister on the facts! So we will see!

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