Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 6th (almost a month out)

Sorry I will be try lots better at writing longer. Well the language is coming super fast it is crazy!! Ha my Distrist has made a goal to not speak anymore english has much as possible by monday!!! Ha I think well maybe I think I am ready? My window doesn't open cuz it is weilded shut everyones is ha! We got a new district in our Zone last week and also one yesterday. They seem really cool! A poor guy in the room next to us is having a super ruff time but it is only been a week. It is hard to see people go home cuz you have such a love for them! We have had 2 go home in our district and 2 go to the mtc in spain. the new guys in the room next to us said he was going to fight!! He is suuuper cool and he feels bad cuz he said he never saw himself as a missionary that needs so much help but me and my compainion gave him some great advance and gave him a hug and I told him we love him and will fight for him!! ALso it is funny to see has the days go by how some people complain about there companions by not just saying this I think me and my companion have the best relationship in our district!! WE had compainion invatory I Elder Barker goes to tell me something and he is super serious looking.. He says " Um I was thinking you are to happy!" Ha I thought he was going to lay into me and tell me somethibg like do you ever shut up! haha But I am so blessed to have a family like you guys!! I am working hard and loving the work!! I am making friends like crazy I don't know how many of the guys tell me I laugh, smile, and are happy, and to nice! Pues you guys have raised me some what right! :p Our "investtigators" are coming along great haha well we are doing so good with one that everyone in our district is having a super hard time with and the other one that everyone is having the easiest time with we are having the worst but todo tranquilo! oh did I tell you we had to teach in spanish like our 2nd or 3nd day here!!? haha we also have to teach and to TRC's in spanish but it is so crazy and amazing cuz when we go in there i can understand most of it and speak well some but lots better than when I am not teeaching haha! Tell everone I am so jealous that you guys get to go swimming!!! :P also tell Mike to write me about if he goes to the floom! Hey i want to know how KIM and the Baby are doing ah eh!? ha ALso how is Nat doing!? TEll Shawn Lemmon I am doing fantastic and loving the MTC! ha Everone in my district wants out but i love it ha! Tell him the language is going good!! Love you all tons!!! And I can't believe it has amost been a month since you guys havwe dropped me off at the curb!! Oh mom I haven't had the opportunity to help anyione at the curb yet!! But if i do thtat will be funny!! Oh also working still I getting my patriarticaly blessing! :) I need maybe my gray workout shirt with "nobody trains to be runner up" and "Lyger vball" and sock and my scripture black case. and one more shirt? There will probably be more? ha AMor Elder Wilding!!!


  1. Will someone please send poor Kyle more workout shirts?! ;) He sounds like Kyle, happy and loving life!

  2. Oh goodness, I love kyle. Can I maybe have his address I want to start sending him letters! (: thanks
    Love, Sarabeth