Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28th

Yes I got my package and loved it!! how did you know I was low on my pills!!! :) ha I leave in 10 days hhaaaaaa i am so nervus but excited at the sametime!! Somedays I think I am ready and others I am not ha. I just keep praying the spanish and the spirt will keep coming!!! :) Ha that was Elder Sanderson in your card he is super funny he was like tell me something funny to write to your mom?! :) Ha he is super funny he pretty much loves me he is from jackson/Rupert Idaho going to McAllen Texas and hopes that we will be put as greenies together and not have trainers I always laugh and tell him no!! We would not know any spanish!! He says we would have so much funny trrying so hard to! hahha I hope you guys aren't going to crazy getting ready for indian creek and all with out me!!! :) How much did the package and how much is my bike going to costo to ship? Everything is going really good here this week we had all the new mission presidents here it was crazy cuz they cut off half the luch room and it was crazy!!! the summer is the worst time for the mtc cuz there is so many missionaries!! so many!! the showers are getting better cuz i found out the secret to make them work better! :) don't turn them on all the way!! haha I loved all my pictures exspecially the million ones of Kenna's hair ;p hhah I am so excited for Ruby I think I am going to pee my pants in excitement!!! Mike the sprinkler thing with Kim is awesome!! KIm and Mike so prtoud of you with school and everything!! Melissa!! I love how ever letter you say oh this one isn't so good ha I love them all!! Kenna I loved your crazy guy stories!! ha Mom don't go to crazy getting ready for indian creek todo tranqueilo :) Dad also you too how is work going don't go to crazy!! Do you getting to go to Indian creek this year!! JJ I am so sad i can't help you with projects in Mackay! I am also so  sorry about jackson again :( I hope my mom and family are helping you out and being super supportive!! :) Thanks for all your letters I love them sooo much!! oh haha so my campanion is going bad fast and so he wrote his mom and she sent him bosley and rogain bahahah his mom is so awesome also his brother has been on a mission since feb and xcame home:( so his mom called the mtc to make sure her other boy wasn't coming home so we got called in the front office he met with a ounseler but he is doing great!!! Also all the genarl authorities were here for new mission pres and also got to see L. Tom Perry and Ballard super cool!!! I was like 5 people short of getting in the devotion tuesday but my companion got in that is how close I was!! so I had to go to overflow and I would have seen like 9 authorities!! all good!!!!!!!!!! Les querro mucho!!!! Todo tranqueilo!! Amar Elder Wilding!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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