Monday, June 25, 2012

Holy Cow Funny!

My mom's Birthday is on Tuesday and today a Card came in the mail that said:
       I think all the birds at the MTC whishpered to me that it is your Birthday?! I tihnk you are turning 35!? I think?! I am sorry I won't be able to make it?! :) I hope you know that you are the best woman and Mom in the World! Like Don Robinson said, you and Dad did some work hahah JK, have raised an amazing family in this el tierra de loco! I pray for you all the time and I can feel your prayers also! I pray your not stressin life right now :) Cus it is your Birthday! Thank you for all the love that you have poured down for me! And helping me always though hard times. I love how you always knew when I was down or something bugging me. Ans I love how I know I could tell you anything no matter big or small and you would listen and love me and want to help me out so much! I could see it in your eyes! The true love that you have for me and your family and everyone around you! LE OVUERRO MUCHO! todo tranqueilo! Amar, Elder Wilding
P.S. Everyone loves the eyes you gave me@ They thing their are so Awesome! At the temple we found out when you look at me from the side my eyes look bright sun yellow. So we took pictures outside cuz it was temple walk day on Sunday. So I have pic and it is cool.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wilding!
This is your son's companion. I hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Elder Derek Barker

Happy B-day Mom! This is your son's best friend in the zone. He has told me all about you! Have a great one!
 Love, Elder Barth :)

Dear Wilding's Mother
      I have heard amazing things about you, you also have an amazing son he is truely a great missionary!
 Elder Chris Brown

Happy Birthday  
Love, Elder Blatter

I love you because you gave me Elder Wilding. Thank you for concisiving him in a sleeping bag 19 years ago at your family Reunion. Love You!
-Elder Sanderson

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