Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Family!!! I am doing super good!! The mission party was great!!! It was tons of fun. Crazy that the missionary count is up to 7 in the family right now. Also heads up if I am a little weird during the first part of the skpe don't worry about it. It just with be a shell shock. everything looks good I think? The member is good with computers so that is good. It has been a little warmer that is good. Come with lots of questions prepared and things because I love to talk but you know me. I can't think of anything really to write super sorry. Also I think there is a way that the member can make it so that I can skpe with you guys and Mike and Kim and see you all? I think it is just that your computer has to be the head computer. However, I don't know what that means? I will find out. That is crazy that the bakers will have 2 on a Mission.  I also received a letter from the Alabama Wildings and oh man have they all grown up a ton!!! It is crazy! I started writing them back and then we had to leave. I keep praying to get snow down here but it only happens every hundred years the snow that hits the ground and stays 1906 and 2006. My bike is doing good, knock on wood, it looks like it will last me so that is good. It if breaks down I am good friends with one of the office workers the one that had to call you about my wallet getting stolen and he says that they have tons of spare bikes that I could borrow in the office storage. I am doing good transfers are coming up super soon again they are on the 31st of this month. I will try and take more pictures I have been super bad at that. I also got my priesthood line so don't worry about that. My companion stills wants to open them because he knows that I hate to see them or open them before Christmas. But I have been winning so far. I am super sorry running out of things to tell you. We have been singing a ton for the wards Christmas song and I think that  I am getting better at singing!!! :) Also you know when I was little I couldn't endure only the 3 hours of Church, oh man was I a devil. Our small little area has 3 three lines of unit that cut/met and so We get to be at church from 8:45 to 5 and if there is a baptism 6. I love it though. It has almost been like that the whole mission your feet get little tired and be the last part your head will start to bob if you aren't careful. :) If the member catch you they just laugh and ask you afterward "Been working hard?" Opps  haha I love being a missionary and I love being a part of this wonderful family. How much of a blessing it is. I have people from different parts of the country if I know Wilding so and SO and Laugh and Smile and just say if they are Mormon and wildings Probably back in the line yes. Then say we come from people that had lots of kids. haha. Love you Guys tons!! Merry Christmas!!!! :) :D :P :<)
I decorated! 
Our Tree

Monday, December 16, 2013

Decemnber 16, 2013

Dear Family!
I got the letter that you sent to me today it took 11 days to get here. However, I received the packages one on thursday on the other one on friday. I loved loved the cow tails. Mine came on thursday and when I was opening it I found tons of Moms hairs ok only about 5. Then I saw them so I searched for more and I found one of Melissa's hairs only one. Haha it reminded me when I would fine them in my underware and everwhere baha(You can take that part out for the blog) hehe. then My companion received his and was shoked. I think he was super excited and grateful he just isn't very emtion showing. I think he was excited because he took the magnetic Christmas tree from the fridge and made a place for all the presents under the filing capnet and decorated which is huge for him. He also said that that is the most present he has ever gotten in a Christmas. Yes I also spent 27 dallors and Christmas Cds. I have been playiing them ever chance that I can get. :) haha My roomate love it. Also my Mission President only says Skpe and that is it??? I found a member that has skpe!!! :) Haha So will Christmas Eve at 6:00ish Work?? So that would mean 5:00ish your time. hopefully the skpe will work with Mike and Kim? Suuper sorry only skpe. also only 45 minutes too. It has been pretty cold still here but today we have a pretty day. Also there was snow here ok not really snow but it was drizzling and the rain was tinny tinny snow pelets that were only the size of a burgur (moco) from Frosty the snow man's nose. :) of course it was nothing but I was streching it to be. No you don't need to sent my sweater I was just wondering if I still had it? I think here in Walmart they have hugly christmas sweaters so I will look. Thta is what I heard. That is super sad to hear about Sarah. :( I will keep on praying.  I loved the cups that kenna gave you guys there are super awesome!!! I love the Elf ones!! It is so good to reflect on the past year to see of all the many grand blessing that the Lord has bestowed upon all of us. I love this time that we have to celbrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, to help out everyone, and to spread the Christmas spirit, just how Dad spreads his veggiemit on toasted bread. HA I try to throw in smilies here and there to make it come alive and be funny. I also talked in Spanish ward the first time and had talked in the mission. I won't lie it was bad but the spirit helped me so that is good. It was bad becuase right before sacrement we had to run over to an ivestigators apartment and lets just say she had some huge problems happening with her boyfriend. so I showed up super late while me companion was speaking because I was with Elder Sanderson my old companion from Laredo he is now my zone leader. So she came with her 3 kids and I forgot my notes and say tons of wrong things in the grammer of the languge of spanish but I told them I am not very good at speaking English or Spanish and they laughed and I keep stoping to ask if they understood me. They would shake their heads in agreement so that is good. They complimented my on my Spanish afterwards and I said thanks. I reminded my when Kenna, ANd Melissa would say the people only say your good at dancing because it is like the handicap people I just laughed to my self it was good though because the spirit helped and I wasn't so nervous. :) Love you know time. So tell me if anything needs to change for the time. Love you!!! :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Family!! :) How is everything going?? Yes it has been super cold here but I have been prepared so it isn't to bad. We also have a heater in the house a normal one that is like the AC so that is good too! I just a super quick question the camera card you bought me did you buy it at walmart. It is because I meant to say to you send me my old one that has pictures from the missoin. So I don't need the one you sent me I can sent it back? Or keep it for the future if it might be needed? Yes I got the package from Melissa and grandpa all on the same day.  My roomate love the cookies. :) Also we have a new rule in the mission!! We can Skpe our families if we find a member with it. Also only 45 minutes and no short phone call home to set up the time. Our mission President has asked to try and only have family so we aren't trying to kick off the girlfriend at the begining which is good I don't have a girlfriend.  So it can be on the 24th or the 25th. Anyday works for me so you choose the day and the time and get back to me. Choose probably after 6 for me here. Also found out that we can listen to any kind of Christmas music if it is bumping and jumping or to loud with crazy beats. I died when I heat this I scream because I don't have any Christmas CDs!! :'( And the rule is only till now and christmas so it is whatever. I am going to buy at least one CD but don't know what one? I can talk to you guys through the program of Skpe so get it or find a place I am still looking for a member a lot of people don't have computers here so I will be looking. If not I will just to call you be phone. Also so glad you guys weren't to truckie today because today is my 19 month mark so only 5 more months. It isn't truckie to say it because it is the truth and I can't change it or hit from it. I also went to family dallor it is only about 5 minutes from the apartment on a bike to stop and look for cheap Christmas CDs but they didn't have any. It is crazy to think 2 years ago I was working there at Christmas time. MY companion bought some candles and they smell super good. We also have a little ceasars close by again. :) YES!! Down fall for 6 months till sexy but whatever. I loved the shirts that were in the package I went off for about 10 minutes explaining everything on them to everyone in the apartment and there weren't as thrilled as I was and they didn't get any of it aha. I won't lie I totally forgot about "Come snuggles with mama" SO when we ride on Pday or to the church with the zone leaders in the van in the back of the van The grennie fights my off when I try to grap him and Say come snuggles with Mama he is just like NAtalie so that is super fun. The greenie remembers the commercial so that is good. That is super good that Dad has been having a lot of work how is he liking it? Does he get tired. I bet he can listen to thing a lot. One of my recent converts listen to the Book of Mormon countless of times in his truck before we met with him it was super cool. :) ALso the heat was broken is the CHurch this Sunday so there was no heat and no hot water. SO we had to boil a ton of water because there was 2 baptisms yesterday. All the members were super cold. I am doing super good. HAve been loving the Advent and everything that comes with it. Also I looked up the word Oregon in all the emails and I only found the one that you told me that Dakota was going there but it not it is whatever. No worries. One an update on how I am doing? Pues You can say I love the mission. Love the work. I love Advent and Christmas?? I don't know?  Well I got to go love you so much!!! Get back with me on what time for the phone call?? Love yous!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

Family and Friends!!!! :) Well do they have Huckleberry jam at the store? I also need you to send stamps about 20 will do. Thanks. Also you can send the packages to the apartment that is fine I will get them.  I also want, but you don't have to find it or find it before Christmas but I am just asking to have everyone keep your eyes peeled, a hugly Christmas sweater!! :P That reminds me Michael didn't seal my Green wool sweater right I love that thing. :D Sorry I am so Capricho about all these Christmas gifts. I can't think or the word in English but I think is something like to whim?? You can look it up on the intenet Spanish to/or English dictionary. My companion loves knives like hunting type he also likes to make wallets out of Different colors of duct tape like, Cool 3d  Camo and I will try and think of other things. It hasn't been to cold here latly. That is great that you haven't recieved any snow and that it has been so warm. Can you tell that I am learning more words in English even though my grammers is getting worse. I learned the word Advent today with my companion it said it on his calendor so we looked it up I wonder if Spanish has a similar word? Umm
No need to worry all the BYU stuff is done before the first after texting my President 3 times, 1 phone call, and 1 voice mailto see if he recieved the recommendation to pass it along he called my back and said si Elder. Also after telling him in Spanish that I just had stepped in Mud up to my ankle. Being Embarrassed when he told me that he didn't understand me. I thought it was for the bad Spanish tghen I realized that it is because I needed to tell him the back gound to the story like the setting and ect. Haha so it is nice to know that I have the same personality and silly mistakes in Spanish. HA Thanksgiving was super good we were able to good to a members house and eat yummy rolls and turkey then we went to our Investigatores home and they are from Niguragua and they are humble people and so very nice. They taught my companion and I new words that they use in there country for turkey, Mop, and otther things. My companion had never heard of them. ALso I am learing to speak in Voz it is a different form of speaking in Spanish so it is cool. They could say my Last name so I told them to just Say Elder Salvaje which means savage or wild in Spanish. No like the same meaning of Savage off of Pocahis like the song the white men sing. It is because when I first heard that word I that song came into my head and my companion said no not like that. I still have the habit of busting out into song, only in the apartment, when someone says a line or word from a song it is like Melissa or Kenna. We are doing super good out here working hard and see the miricles and the blessings. I love you so much!!! :-)) HAHA this is me smiling with my double chin. I will make I list of things you could send my companion. LOVE YA.

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Where is Dakota going no one told me that?! Alexis talked on the same day? That is super cool. That is good Jackson is the same Jackson. I think I have change but I am still the same person too. I think my emails do the talking. So for Christmas I want Huckleberry Jam and Some of the Cookies that you decorate you can puy a cheap tubly ware, put, it in a box, and then send it. But not to much for Christmas. I think the biggest thing yoiu can do is send a box for my companion he is the only member in his whole family and they don't write him very much and I thing last year didn't send him hardly anything he mentiioned it to me one time so if you would do that it would be a huge blessing for him. Thanks. Haha that is so funny that Melissa called me a fat head. Hahah the memeber that helped me she is super cool. Yes we have been invited to 2 places already for Turkey day. SO I am eating less to get ready for the day. It has been super doober cold down here!! It was a flash flood on friday on we were riding our bikes in it then we decide to take shelter in the church and right when we got there the lights went off. There is a river like the portnef river when it goes slow not fast that runs throught our area and all the gutters run into it and them where getting back up so it was crazy. We called a member to drive us to the apartment for the church and he said yes then he called us back and said that his car was flooded so we made the crazy trip back to the apartment and just in that short distance there were 3 wrechts it was crazy all the streets were flooded so we just had to say in the apartment. Now it is just super cold it is in the 50s. I have been so acustum to the warm weather this is killing me haaha. I have been doing really well I was able to have the inteview with my president for College and for a New Temple Recommend haha I haven't had one since it got stolen last year. I think that all the college stuff is done then. That is super cool that I got into ISU now I just need to pray and decide which college to go to or even what to go into I have know Idea haha. I haven't got the package yet. You sent it to the Mission office right because no one has traveled down there yet from my zone so I will be getting it soon. I am getting way excited for christmas. My companion says that I remind him of Elf. HAve we been able to find all the christmas movies? I am glad that you bought me that nice big coat from Missionary mall it has been put to good use. We have been able to see a lot of miricles in the area the past 2 weeks so that is so good. Tell everyone I say Hi at thanks giving. Oh yes I need to know somethings... How Is Nathan and where is he at in the Phillpines again we have a Phillapine family in our area and there were asking me where he is and I didn't know also is he ok? ALso what part of Austrailia did Dad serve in again? Going back to the Phillapine family the Grandma is learning English and so sometimes she would ask me things and I could understand her at all so my brain wanted to speak spanish to her right. Well I held it back and didn't but I only could caught a few things when she would talk to her daughter in Tagolic. My companion and I get along well so that is good just keep praying for him and I. I know that you always do though. :) I can't think of anything else I need to say I am super bad at thinking of all the things to right.  ALso, I was very kind of scared a little when the office called me like what happened, who did then I knew my President would call me for that kind of stuff so that is good. I was able to get it all done on the day I had time for Mormon.org or family history. I almost couldn't get in to the site because in the password the my name was captulized and I wasn't putting that part in. Do you have snow yet? How cold has it been? I love being out here and being a missionary it is the best thing in the world. I love you guys so, so much and I have been blessed so much to have a wonderful family and friends like you all.

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

(Kyle Titled this Email: I don't want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need-I thought it was super funny)
Oh man that is so good and great to hear. I won't lie I started to cry when I started to read the email. I reminded myself of you guys because I am a baby. I also reminded myself of mom because when she starts to cry and brings her hand up to her nose because that is what I did. Oh man still crying I got to stop so people don't see haha That s so awesome that Dad found a job!! Is it local where does he travel to and from. He will learn lots of new songs and brush up and the other one :D. Before I forget why will Alexis still be there when Jackson gets back? That is so crazy that Jackson comes home so soon he just left. I have been doing super good and haven't received a package from Melissa yet but prpbabaly tomorrow. We got transffers and of course I am staying in this area with Elder Vasquez and my companion is staying and I am in a district of 4 missonaries and Elder Bertand one that lives with us is going to be training. I also need for christmas new razor shavers for my electric shaver I can't find the right size down here and  the brand it a philps and the code/size is RQ11. That is all that I can think of right now. We have seen so many miralces this week while being out and working hard. No one came to church but that is sometimes what happens at the start of working in an area that was struggling. I know it will get better. I have crashed here so that is good. I get along with my companion really well so that is good. Before, I met him I thought that maybe this would be the one companion that didn't like me but didn't happen. I thank you for all the prayers that I have been able to receive from you guys and can fell it and see it. I am still on a bike so that is nice. Everything is getting better with the body funtion problems so no need to worry about that. HA Akward. Crazy. My companion is a funny guys and likes to pull tricks on me becasue I told him that I don't like to be alone and we have an up stairs and down in the apartment so sometimes he hides from me to see what I will do. Or I will be out in the kitchen and walk out and he will be laying on the couch and tell me don't worry your not alone. haha I am crazy. I still have me wierd habits like watching the speedometer however I am been so much better at that. Love you guys so much!! No more time!! :)
Christmas! Oh the snow is falling down! We're so funny... (I think this is suppose to be a awkward Christmas card) 
My New Companion Elder Vasquez

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 13, 2013

Well to start out I am so greatful for every prayers and I have felt them everyday. I love this new area and know that the Lord is helping us. My companions name is Elder Vasquez and he is from LA and is a convert of 5 or 6 years. We have been working hard and have seen miricales. It is a good area and we have started to pretty much start from scratch so that is ok. Transffers are in a week so we think Elder Vasquez is leaving and we have been working hard so that I can get to know the area and the members. We cover 3 wards in a little area so that is confusing sometimes to tell them what time church starts for them. It is because we have spanish ward that covers all the area and then a English ward and Brach and the bounty runs in the middle of the area if that makes sence. I get a long with my new compain so that is good. LAst week was crazy right when I arrived and was dropped of we went to go shopping last monday and email then go play soccer and I hadn't unpacked a single thing and barely had any clothing. then that night we didn't have anything planned because about 30 mintues before I arrived my new companion had just found out that I was coming. Then Early the next day it was off for a 3 day training in McAllen I would be staying there and I had no clean clothes so I was hering up to do the wash. Miracle that we had a washing machine and dryer and they are boss. The training was super fun in fact right after it the second day to work in a Zone leaders area there all the appointments canceled and the zone leader was new to the area so he didn't know where the memebers lived so it was talking to everyone in the rain. Then while seeing frogs everywhere ELder Welker started caughting them and then I did and you would have a hidden frog in your hand and shake the persons hand witht the other we caught 17 frogs and one huge toad so big we couldn't get a picture of him because he jumped out the back when we were driving. So working and having fun while doing it. Then I came back late thursday night and had not that much time to work and then friday weekly planning and a ward activity of going to less active in the area inviting them to a dinner and I almost had to go with a memeber just bymyslef but we changed that because I knew nothing of the area of members so It was My companion, a member, and I. SO that was nice no one came to church for us this last sunday but these past 2 days we havebeen so blessed. I put the bag balm in there because it was 10 bucks and I didn't want to haul it around so I send it home. I am out of time so sorry. Know that I love you and I am happy that the Lord trusted in me to be here. It was a crazy week and half so far and it keeps getting better and better. I love you so much. Love Elder Wilding.
My Pumpkin (My mom and I decided it was an elk) 
We got a new mop! 
My Old Apartment (Those are some tall boys)! 
we were so wet! This is Elder Welker and I worked with him and another Mission durning the 3 day training last week 
While you're out working in the rain might as well caught frogs and put them in the truck while walking around talking to people ahha pues 
Elders Wilding, White, and Welker the 2 zone leaders I workede with for 2 days 
My Dad! He comes home the same time as Jackson!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nov 4 2013

Well I would Joke around willl you and tell you that I got Emergence Transferred but then mom would have a heart attack and that would be good. However, I am on the other side of that. I am not in a new area just got here about 30 minutes and have no clue what is going on ha. Well a misionary got transferred pretty early out of this are in Harlingen so I am here now. I got a call from the Aps in church but missed it because the phone was on silent then the Zone leaders tried to call a text them my companion says hey check the phone and I did and my heart sunk. I was running through my brain to see if I didn't anything bad or disobient for them to call. I though well I didn't work out a couple of times because I had to poop. SO I called the aps and didn't answer and then I called me zone leaders and they said pack your bags you're leaving tomorrow morning at 10. Oh crap my heart sunk and I was shoked I was super sad to leave but I am where I need to be. I held it all together really well until I was writing in my companions journal then lost it and cried but I am just a baby. My companion smiled and told me that he loved me. I packed fasst I was shocked. Just how Aunt Mellonee always told me I pack/have to much well things haven't changed. I set a package today so you will probably get it in a week or so. I am with a Elder that is a transferr younger than I am. He is from LA and knows where thousand oaks is so that is cool. That is super Awesome that Century Won again that is crazy!! Also how Peter is going to Canada!! Also to make things super crazy is that tomorrow I am headed to McAllen for a 3 day training and I have to clean clothes and nothing is unpacked so this next week is going to be crazy. I pray that I swim nice a smooth throught it and not stressed. That is so crazy that Elder Jackson is almost done. Don't get trunkie for me though :p I pray that I can help out here and am still a district leader. Also I need you guys to send me in this next week! My old camera card and an adapter from my card to the computer because I was using Elder Casteels. This week so that my pictures can be on the Mission DVD and so that I can send pictures to you I have a lot. Also did you get the picture of the pumkins? The member he is a biologist and loves hunting and has lived in Alaska and had a man cave of stuff mounts of deer and elk and moose horns and I walked in and got super trunkie I won't lie. haha I loved Mercedes with all my heart and know I will love it here. I am in a district of 4 again and they are both bike areas so that is fun. haha yes and no at the same time because if we have to go anywhere we have to wait for the Zone leaders to take us anywhere or the members? I have a washing machine and a dryer though!! :) I know I will do great in this new are just prayer for me like you always do. I think that I might get a new companion in 2 weeks in this new area too? So pray that I learn it fast because you know how I am with dirrections. Halloween was a blast we went to a members house which was huge and we carved pumkins and eat and it was fun. Everyone was talking about what them used to do for halloween and then the asked me and I could remember anything because I told them I think that I was always trying to go hunting in the mountains at that time? I don't remember anything else? haha Did you guys get snow? I hope that we do.  :p meah Also send all the letters and packages to the mission office because I might leave in 2 weeks who knows I could be here just to fill in for a bit. Hey speaking of packages Melissa are you going to send me one? Hannah won also that is so awesome when I played grass ball with them they were good at only being in 8 grade. I hope that all is going well with you guys and can feel your prayers always. I can't think of anything else that I can write right now. OH cool story so the church sends a truck load of bundles of clothes to the tiny church in Mercedes every month but in October they didn't send one so this last saturday was the biggest we ever had it was 39,000 lbs and we unloaded it in 53 mintues the Senior Missionaries said that was the fastest time in history and the biggest load. We also woke up early that day to play bball so I am still super super sore and did sleep to well last night but whatever it is all good. I got done packing at 11:50 so that was nice. Faster than I though. I also helped clean the apartment before I leaft so then I could vaccum so that was nice. :) We have carpet here too but only in the rooms. I can't think of anything else to say but I love you guys a ton and hope all is well. Oh yes that is super cool that you are listening and watching Christmas movies and I forgot all about the quote "With all of these Holday mocies I really want a holiday Romance" haha ELder Casteel would tease me and tell me how we wwere going to practice on my love life skills I would get red and say no In my Melissa voice. Now I know just a little bit how she feel when I tried to hold her hand in Castco. Elder Casteel did the same thing to my in the back of the car he turned to me and asked if you had to hold a girls hand how would you do it while holding out his hand so I would show him I did it wrong on purpose and he died and said I'll teach you then I did it the right way it isn't so much fun being on the other end when you get embarrassed. Well yes it is still fun. Well time is out. Just send my an adapter and old memory card and I will send picture soon. :) Love you all.

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Dear Family,
Elder Ferrel wanted my to say hi for him he is an Elder in my District. He is super fun. I teach him sayings in English and he tries to in Spanish but then I forget them. haha Before I forget, I wanted to tell you want I want for Christmas. I want a CD Called BYU Vocal Point or something like that then a want Pumpkin Seed with no Shell and if you can't find them I will buy a nut cracker because I don't like to do it myself. :) Ok Funny Story!! So there was a  Primary program in the Spanish ward and there were so many kids they sang in Spanish and in English so that was cool. However, There was this older girl who sang a solo and did a very beautiful job but the whole time a was saying it was head Spit out your Gum!!! Like how my mom would do it. It was so bad she would sing and when it was a little break she would champ in the microphone! Then she came and quoted a scripture and instead of feeling the spirit I just keep thinking how I am My mother and keep saying spit out that gum! haha though that would make you guys laugh? The Rash is a whole lot better not to worry about that one. That is so good to hear that Dad and Grandpa got their Deer. This past week we were very blessed to be able to find some very cool people. We found a lady, well she saw us and stopped us to see if we were Mormons and then went to her house and her family is very nice. IT is cool because they use to live in My greenie area in Edinburg and they went to the church for a long time they just said they didn't get baptized because the missionaries didn't teach them that I guess? As taught Antonio who is from EL Salvador and he speaks a different kind of Spanish it is cool. He is the first person that I have taught that is from there. Also found this other guy named Lionel and he is a cool guy that speaks Spanish and English but knows English more so we teach him in English. It is funny during lessons because I understand the words that he is saying I just can't understand him at all so I have to look to my companion because he understands he better. He has some slit disabilities. I love this area so much and Love my companion so much. I am learning so much and slowly getting back into shape? I don't want to much for Christmas? I don't know what I want? That is so heart touching what Steven say. It is so true that the missionaries are the most prayed for and the most loved that is why I don't think I can get back into shape they love feeding us. I love being a missionary there is no other better thing like it. I hit my very hard these last several weeks how amazing and how great it is to have the blessing of how are whole family is active in the gospel and temple worthy I thing it just has been that way so I never though of it other wise. Also, how great of the blessing to have so many in the distant family to be like wise. I have learned a lot on how you can almost have nothing but you have the gospel and your family you have everything and nothing else matters. It is something very beautiful. I like it final hit me when I was reading stories about our family history and how way back when the church started our ancestors  crossed over, and you know the Wilding we love the command replenish the earth, and they had a big family and out of all the children only one was a covenant keeper. This is what the family search told me. It is crazy to how about just in this one man how thousands have had the gospel and it is growing. It gives my hope.  I love you so much. Anything you want me to write say or pray for? I love you. :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22, 2013

Yes I am doing so much better so no worries on that. I also got the email about my shirt. That is super crazy that Jackson comes home in less than 6 weeks!! Whoa. That is super awesome that Melissa did so well at her talk it is good that her personality was in it. Precious got baptized yesterday and her Brother Received the priesthood that day and so he baptized her it was very special. He gave her a huge hug after she came up out of the water. I am so glad that my miss haps and the bike are going around because I have another. Mom don't worry I am fine this one is different. So we are sitting with Jaytee during the 3rd hour and he turns to Elder Casteel and asked if the water in the fount was cold this time. (they like it cold) Well, We hadn't turned it on and church was lacking 10 minutes to end and then the baptism was right after. SO we ran to go turn it on. It is a small one so it doesn't take to long. Then we get them changed and then we go to look to see how full it is and JT wanted to see it so we took him and I walk over and peek my head around the edge to see how close we are to the top drain. Remember I am in the back and it doesn't have 2 entrees it only has one. so I look and it was almost there then I turn to walk back and smack my head on the wall that comes down for the mirror. I hit hard and started going down heading straight into the water. Bahaha I had the phone and my camera in my pockets. I started to black out. but then My brain and body kick in again and I start struggling to graphed anything but it was just the wall then. My body kicked in on my legs and I was able to catch myself before plummeting in the abyss of  baptismal water. My companion was dying of laughter which gave the ok for Jaytee to start laughing it was pretty funny. However, I didn't fall in and just had a headache the rest of the day. For a Christmas gift? Someone made Texas Pillow cases- Mexican one and Texas and Mexico mixed that was cool but a lot of work.  I am glad that the family is having success up and Hunting camp that is super good. It got a little chilly  down here but nothing cold it is like a nice day up there. Some member made3 fun of us because they were telling us that we are from the North we should be use to that kind of weather. I am loving the work and can feel of your love everyday.  I am trying to think of other things to write. Oh man I was wondering if you had any life's skills that you didn't teach to my before the mission on how to get your shirts whiter. Mine are bad because the water in the apartment was yellow but they fixed the pipe. so the water in the washing machine was yellow and I want to know any other ways that I didn't know about? I don't think there is because I was good at doing the laundry just not folding it. I have gotten better at that. Also never buy a front louder washing machines especially the water efficient HE ones the don't wash your clothes they just spreads the yucky-sweaty gung around. I hate them and hate is a strong word. I love you guys and can feel of your prayers everyday. keep praying for my Companion and I. He is an awesome missionary. I love you guys and pray for you offend. I hope that this next week goes very good and that it treats you nicely. Hope that you love the pictures I am trying to be better at taking more pictures. I couldn't think of anything for Christmas just start listening to that Christmas Music early for me if you aren't doing that yet. I think mom is though? I am bad a bust out in singing parts of ones to my companion. Like Melissa and Kenna do when you say a word from a song and they bust out singing yup that has been past down to me. My companion smile and just says that I am crazy.
It got cold! Ok at 70 
Mom I thought you would love this tree 
Bike in a Tree I thought you would like it 
He baptized his sister

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013

Dear family,
That is super cool that Jace got a deer!! It looks like that him is a better shoot than Jackson and I. That is sweet that you got your DLM. I don't really need anything for Christmas... Dallor store stuff haha. I will think. what I need to do is start saving up so I can buy you guys stuff. Marie is old enough to hunt!!! She Is 12 that is crazy. oh man Dad you missed? :) that is crazy. I am proud of myself because when the 10th Of October came around I didn't notice until the next day the hunting season for Deer had opened. yeah Mom, you got lucky that it was Columbus day just kidding. We are doing really good here in Mercedes we are working hard on finding because a lot of the people we were working with dropped off. Also it really has been a month that Kenna and Alex got married. I also am going to send my boots home and I have presents in there for you too. I have picked up the family history and it is super awesome. I am not very good at it but on the internet I was able to find Grandma Trudy's dad. I had to drive way down deep into the pit of my memory to remember Grandma telling my about her dad and what is full name was. She probably told me when Jenny, Her, And I were on are way to hunting camp in the White van With Shania Twain blasting in the back ground. oh don't forget the heat blasting too for Jenny. I do family history because we have an hour to that kind of stuff once a week. time for a funny story! So yesterday we were at a members house the Cuadra's and it is a Mom, Dad, and one of their Daughters whose is about 28 years old. Well so we went to have dinner at their house and they are a cool family and then they were talking about the feeding Chart to sign up to feed the missionaries. Well you know how the English sometimes has its own twist in ever family on how you speak worse for down here. Well the don't pronounce the ch very well so the word came out to be Shart like Tara's Brad would say. When they said it I was like the what? So they keep telling us how sometimes the missionaries don't see the shart and how a member in relief Society explained how it worked to everyone. While this was happening I sat very casual with my hand over my mounth as if I was leaning forward more to paid attention better. Then I looked over at my companion and he was struggling to hold it all in. Afterward we died of laughter together. I repeated what they said to make it my funny. I know we are like little kids but it was way too crazy. Though I would share that story with you. I will think more on what I need for Christmas but I can't like of anything right now? How about a freshly chopped down Christmas tree form the mountains? That would be the best thing? :) Wait it snowed what is that? Down here the closest thing we get to snow is ice-cream, in Spanish snow is Nieve which is also used from saying ice-cream, down here but only down here. because I spoke to Sister Maluanda once, It was at a Zone meeting at lunch time and asked it she wanted Nieve and she though I was asking her if she wanted snow but I was saying Ice-cream because they were passing out ice-cream and they were sitting at the same table so that is the closest thing we have to snow down here. It snow about 10 years ago about an inch or so and everyone talks about it. we also talked to a member who is 30 and she has never seen a mountain before. I about died when she said that. Love you so much stay safe!! :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

No I didn't get transferred niether did my companion!! :D That is awesome! Yes of course I watched Conference I am not in the jungle. Dad passed his test that is so great I have been praying a lot!! It has been chilly the past 2 days which is super warm for you guys. I got sick last night but I didn't throw up I fought it. I didn't want to vomit becase we all know that I hate to do that and when I do I start to cry and when that happens I want my mom and want to be hugged so I didn't want to wake up my companion at 1 and 4 in the morning so I could cry on his shoulder pr have him rub my back while I would be vomiting. Hahah I know I am a huge baby it is the Melissa in me. Sorry Melissa :P I also wrecked on my bike again but it wasn't bad I am ok. I just lifted up on my handle bars to soon to go up on a crub so I poped and wheely right before the curb then crashed into to it and flew of the side of my bike not the front the time so that was good. It was in a place where no one saw so you can imagine me doing it and it looked funny. I wasn't embarressed this time. How is my shirt coming are they going to give me a new one for free? I hope. I am glad that you guys had fun at conference. I am so very excited to stay another transfer with Elder Casteel he is super awesome and I love him so much. I felt bad when we found out transfer this morning becasue I just woke up and was so sick and tired so I didn't seem like my fun-wild crazy self when we found out. I gave him a big hug while still out of it though so that was nice. I love this area and love the people. The house of Michael and Kims is so beautiful!! Also what is the birthday of Ruby I forgot? I the weather is getting nicer here slowly we haven't had rain for a while. I forgot to write in my planner on the day of Pday what to write about this week so I am searching for things to write about. I hope that we are going to do ALL the things that they told us to do in General conference. Mom Visiting teaching :) It was good and very powerful I feel so blessed to be apart of this work at a wonderful time like this. There is huge history that has taken place the short while that I have been out. I hope we are doing all we can to do our part in it. I love all the talks and hope to review them again. My Companion and I are doing good. The work as slowed just a little this last week so we need to find more so pray that we can find. We still have a lot of great things happening and miracles everyday. Elder Casteel is doing so good he is impoving in Spanish really good he got discourage but I promised that it would click and yesterday it happened for a little bit so it is coming. :) HAHA I studder in both languages so I am not very well at both so it is funny. hahaha That happens to a lot down here. :) I am so glad that I have an amazing family like you guys and can feel your prayer for My companino and I everyday. Know that I love you and I am doing very well. I am trying to like of more that has happened but I can't remember right now?
 The Wedding
 The Wedding Again!
Little Sister Jumped in and wrapped arm around me. Award My hand is on the cupboards behind her.

Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Yes I had to get some bike stuff at Walmart. Ugh I hate spending money. I also had to take some out to get some one married well we still need to go and get it. It isn't My patriarchal Blessing it is great-grandpa Wilding's. I was doing family history and found out you can request ones of your ancestors. I got the package in the mail today. Mom you can tell me that some one died then not tell me who it was that is worse. I will just have to ask Melissa she will tell me she tells me everything. :) Wow 50 years that is super awesome! That is a funny about Ruby I bet she is the best. She so sounds like mike it is crazy. Can't wait to see her I have a fear that she want like me and I will want to love her like cwazy.  Yes I sorry about starting it out like that. I mother in English ward bore her testimony and her son is on a mission and his bike got hit by a car but he saw it coming and jumped off before and the mission office called her and she was crying the whole time now I feel real bad sorry. So before I start out this next story I am fine! Nothing happened. I fell off my bike this last week and it wasn't bad at all. We companion and I started to play tag on the bikes ( not on the busy road just in the neighborhoods) to have fun more fun while on the bikes and make us go fast to appointment when I say us I mean Me. One nigh going back to the apartment we were playing just that and I took a corner to fast and pulled back brake this time :) not front and rolled off my bike the opposite way of the corner so not into the comer. I didn't lean very good just how it isn't good if you don't lean right with the 4 wheeler so I flipped up onto the curb  laughing the whole time and nothing happened but We had a awesome laugh! Ok Another funny story. So we all know I was a garbage disposal at home when it came to food right? We also know that I am a very cheap person Like My Mom and will do anything to get the bargain! Like when you open Christmas gifts and say oh mom that is too much money and then she says clearance rack koles or something like that but if it is me it is like Dollar store, Family dollar, Goodwill, Or DI!!! However, We were given some food by a member and they was this Milk that had been frozen ever since it had been bought. So I put it in the fridge to make it liquefy  again so you could drink it. So during weekly planning went to get a cookie and milk with it and I start to drink the milk and my companion he comes from a family that doesn't buy off brand of care about deals or clearance. So he will not drink it. SO I start to drink it and it has a funny texture and then I am like maybe I shouldn't drink this? So I poured it out with the other milk then I found out while dumping the other milk other that it was just tiny little ice crystals and the milk tasted good and was good so It made me made that I wasted milk. Also my companion though it would be funny to say this whole last week that he was going to vacuum and not me because he knows how much I love it. So today he gapped the vacuum to tease me and so it was funny because when fought about it then I won and vacuumed. I got the sample of the carpet too! I want to take a nap on it! Sorry that my stories aren't very funny or entertaining this week. Our investigators are doing really good and are loving the gospel and feeling the changes in their life's. Transfers are coming up and I am getting nervous. I don't want to go or have my companion leave :) Truckie story time!!! So you can't control dreams so not my fault. So it is Bow season I am aware of that but it doesn't make me trukie but I had a dream that Mike and I were Bow hunting and I think doing missionary work in the dream too???? other people were there but I can't remember to well. However, We were set up on Wolf mountain in the pines and there Were Bull Elk Bugling all around, how it can do that on the mountain, and we were set up and calling them in and one huge huge bull elk stepped out and I pulled back shoot it and Mike shoot it before me! That made me mad because just how he did it with the spike and how dad did it with the big buck at Indian Creek. I thought I was young in the dream and needed the first shoot. However, I am not young anymore so I don't have that privilege. In my dream I thought that though. Then when I woke up I thought well I am old now so don't get that right anymore. hahaha I love you guys so so so much and feel of the love and prayers that you have for my and my companion. I miss you and pray for you always!! Don't worry I am super super save. We have stopped the game of tag to be for saver. So don't worry mom. :) :) Love you :)
A ghost picture 
Us doing weekly planning 
Boots!! I bought boots from Mexico!! My Ward mission lead owns a house there and boots are cheap!!

These are my companion’s boots he got  
We got lost in the area and found a golf course this is the end of the area

September 23, 2013

More fun stories!! First lets talk about the wreck!! Haha So we leave the apartment right after district meeting or something like that and we go to our first appoinment that is a set on with one of our investigators. To know a little bit about him he loves the Elders and always prays for us to have a safty on the bikes. So we start to head to his house and we get on the main road to shoot us up to his house and I notice that my gears and not working so I start changing them back and forth to see if they will slip the cable and start working cuz the cable wouldn't go. so We start going I am riding in the back of course 1st reason is because I am the slowest out of the companionship next if you are ever hunted with me or riddin on horses with me you would know I abor being in the front!!! Mike you are my witness to that. So my companion is in front I am looking down then up and then down and up it was like someone texting while driving not good. So the light turns red and we are a ways away from it but my companion starts to slow down a bit so then we don't have to wait so long to have it turn green. So this is all happening when I am not paying attention. So then I look up and it was to late by then. A little bit of back ground information before I move on is I haven't really been in any bike area before this so my back brake has hardly worked the whole time but I fixed it about a week ago. So this means my brain was super in the habit of using the front brake. So yes you know where this is headed already. So I look up and my companion is right there so I pull on the front brake as hard as I can making the bike buck forward trying to do a front flip. while this happened I was trying to stop and do everything to stop this from coming to pass. So I put down my feet on the road and start to run as fast as my little legs would go. While the bike is wedged between my grough and the momentom going forward. This all taking place on a busy road at a busy intersection. SO the bike won a set me flying into the bike of my companion. So in the air I think oh crap I am going to loose my teeth of the metal of his bike but I only lost 1 just kidding I didn't. However, All those years of playing volleyball paid off and I could finally use those awesome driving-fast moves for some good, because they don't help my with wrestling with Michael and my Companion learned that last week while horsing around haha, So I tucked to the left and took the inpact on the right side of the body of the tire. leaving a huge tire mark on my white shirt the whole day then while hitting the tire my legs were still tangled up in my bike and it catapulted me into the ground in the side of the lane of the road. Next thing a look at is cars are driving around my while a am face down in the pavement. then I look over and my companion asked what are you doing? He said he didn't see it but from and the fighting to not flip you said I was grunting and making a whole lot of noise the whole time down. So then I get up slowly because I didn't play football or wresting so my muscle memory wasn't use to that kind of going down to the floor only to pop balls up and makes great saves not of a bike or person throw you into the ground then land on you to kicxk you wkill you are down. I hope that you guys are laughing a crying from it I am trying to make it come to life but there are some hard words to spell in English. So I got up and just found out that it was a scaped bursed knee a shufted shoe and a couch in the finger and invidence on the shirt to tell people throught out the day. It was crazy! Then arriving to the ivestigators house he laughted and said I always pray for you!? HAHA So also the next morning I rose up really acky. However, the rain and clouds are all tired here and have taken a brake for now. We are doing good and are working a lot through are memebers and working to help bring their family members back and help the others that didn't recieve the gospel to have it. We live in an awesome small town and there are a lot of part members and relatives that live here tons of work to do. It is good. I hope and pray that I stay a long time because there is so much to be done and to be heard of this happiness. Also random Question do I Have insurance? Don't worry nothing is wrong or going to bewrong. Just good to know and to have? If not I have missionary isnsurance. ALso did I get a thing for family history in the mail if I did will you send it here? I am doing super good. This week I feel like Michael and am trying to getmoney so people can get married but this is only for one person not a ton. I love you guys so much I can feel of your prayers and love all the time keep praying for my, companion, and the people!! :) Love you so much!! I loved the pictures and the emails!! Talk to you later!! :D
Yes Mom I get along with my crazy awesome companion 
A double Rainbow I can't believe it!! You can't see it to well 
The moon on the morning 
Not everything in Texas is big
Sun Rise!

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

That is so good that the weather was good!! I am so happy that they are happy!! I love the color too!! Green and Yellow they are my favorites. We have been having so much rain and it is so green now it was brown like 3 weeks ago!! I have been running out of clothes because I have been getting so wet. It is because the apartments have 2 washers and 2 dryers and it cost a dollar in quarters to run each and we all know that I am way to cheap so I wait to make one big load and get the clothes back. I had to use one shirt twice and one pair of socks twice haha opps. It wasn't too bad. Not to scare you but a hurricane is headed for Mexico well I am also in Mexico so it will hit us a little at least the rain and winds some what it is in the golf gathering power. Mom I know that you are glued to the computer watching if it is going to head here but don't worry we are on the top apartment and they are made out of good heavy bricks and if not the our church just across the street is super super strong made out of center blocks and has everything we need. It is super small and low to the ground and has survived tons of hurricanes that is where the members go here in Mercedes. We are suppose to get 3-5 inches of rain!! Wahhoo I love the rain!! I also love riding in the rain in my bike a splash through the puddles because I am already wet so have fun. I fixed my bike so that is good. I am learning a lot about bikes and getting faster at fixing them. There was a double rainbow and I took a picture but forgot my camera today. I love the pictures of the wedding that is super awesome. On Friday I woke up and then when we were studying my companion told me hey your sister is getting married today!! Oh crap she is!!! I hit my forehead in denial and for being silly that I forgot. Then I said a prayer for them and it was good. I can't believe how big Ruby is!! That is so cwazy! Also Kenna looked like a princess for a Disney fairy-tale movie!! I am enjoying the work and am learning and growing a ton. I love this area a never want to leave! I think that I am getting a little bit back in shape from being on the bike? Well I hope so? What was the question that you asked in the bottom of the email I didn't understand? also will I be able to get another shirt from Missionary Mall? Well I can't thing of any new or different things? I love my companion a ton and we get alone really well. He is learning and growing so much. well Tuesday we had to ride to an appointment with an investigator and a member was coming and there was an inundation in the road. so It was so much fun plowing through it in the bikes to get there and when we got there we where wet head to toe. I love you and miss you a ton!! I am learning big a fancy words in English because so Spanish words are about the same to them however, the down fall is my English gets bad sometimes when the Spanish goes up. good Thing Spanish Is written how it sounds which saves me because I go back to sounds out the word out loud and writing it as it is say. The good thing is I asked our ward missionary leader whose is from Mexico and served in California as an English and Spanish missionary if sometimes it was hard to understand the Spanish here and he laughed and said yes. Thing of it as Swamp people Spanish. Just how Mom and I would watch Swamp People with Dad and he couldn't understand them. Sometimes it is like that here so it makes you a super good listener! :) I am rambling because I have more time but I am out of things to write if you couldn't tell? I love you guys so much and can feel of your love always. I have been bitten but a dog yet but I have kids to big ones chasing me on the bike and I kicked one so hard in the face a knocked it down to make it sit on its butt that was fun. Miss you and love you!!
LOVe, Elder Wilding

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

Hey Hey!! My roots that are planted up there!! If you can guess what song that comes from that would be awesome also it is in a TV show. Anyways how is the family doing!?!?!?! Happy Birthday to Melissa!!!!! Then Dad on the 13th!!! I think something else is happening on that date but can't remember? Ha-ha Jk Happy Wedding to Kenna and Alex!! I know I have probably been told and  it is on the announce but what Temple? Yes I will have to call the area doctor again because the Lamisil stuff I bought to attempt to fix it isn't working. I will probably have to get a perception. :( It has been raining like crazy and we got stuck in the rain on Saturday and well a lot more than just Saturday. However, on Saturday we when to do service for one of our investigators because we need some help we show you in work clothes and he wasn't there. So we did some stuff in his yard because he talked about what he wanted be done out side. So we moved this huge like pole of wood like a smaller telephone pole that had fallen against his house it was super hard to bring down but we man handled it like champs. That day we had to unload a truck that has bundles of clothes that the church makes from all the clothes from DI into the small old church across the road. While having a blast unloading it made me trunkie for DI shopping then it made me think of the Cowboy boots that I didn't buy there that fit me and were new also cool green. (before the mission) I wasn't able to buy the horns I wanted in Laredo but I have the money and I want cowboy boots! :) It is crazy that you received so much rain and us too!! I am doing so good and I have already started singing Christmas songs!! :P I think Also before I forget I had something sent to me for family history and I think I had it sent to the home address so if you get anything for me just forward it to the mission office. Also I know you guys are super super busy this week but I want pictures the new house of Mike and Kim and Pictures of the new house color and carpet Please.  :)  Also were you able to get the Priesthood line by any chance? I am think that is about everything? How is Mike doing up on his new job? Staying busy? Oh also I haven't had time to take my bike to the bike shop because we live so far from it but I might be going to that city for a dentist appointment of my companion and my bike is breaking down slowly but surly. So just see if I need more money transferred over? Also is my car broken down??? I am short for words this day I don't know why? I am thinking... We are working with a lot of people and awesome family members of a recent convert. Just Pray that there will come to church. Anything I can pray for you guys. I also have to thank you so much for also praying for my companion that means a lot too! He is doing good and improving in the language and teaching skills. He is a super awesome companion and we get along realty well. Ok story got one. So I can talk a lot we already have establish this but I love to pillow talk and so does my companion which is super good. The thing is we never can find the same day that we muster the energy to do it. So one will be talking and then pause just enough for the other to fall asleep and then will start talking again and scary the other and will wake them up and then we laugh and just say love ya night. It is fun I think that the letter that we got is so true the one that we got when Mike came home and said that he might want Dad or a younger brother to sleep in the same room with them. It is just goes along how I hated to be alone before the mission and I love that I always have some one with me it is the best. hahaha Oh Viva Mexico is coming up this Wednesday that is always a blast it is Mexican independence day and since I live in México it will be fun. There is a ward party for it so that will be fun. Down here on the 4th of July no one I mean almost no one celebrated it . We asked people what they did and say I did nothing I don't celebrate it and they have been living here for a long time it is crazy. The other crazy thing is when people tell us that they have lived in the USA since 1978 or 1980 or 20 years or 35 years or whatever it might be and they don't know hardly any English. some words and phrases to help them get by when they have to. Crazy stuff. I love you so much and think of you guys offend and miss you when I have time. Haha Jk  Anything that you want me to tell you? Any information?     I love you and stay dry. Tell Julianne   that I say hi and that I love her too

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

That is good to hear that everyone is doing good and staying busy love it and the time passes fast. :) Don't fell bad I wasn't sad or hurt that I didn't hear from you. I got  the announcement of Kenna and Alex and got over whelmed for a couple seconds just kidding the time passes so fast I didn't expect it in the mail so soon. I am glad that Grandma is doing good. How is great grandma doing I was on myfamilyhistory.org and it said she is still living so that is good. :) I also want to know if my car is dead or still working? :) Oh man oh did Kenna hurt her back? :/ This week went super fast that it was crazy. The rain isn't has bad as it has been up there. Wow last winter you had tons of snow now this crazy weather! Tell Melissa that the Equator is changing with the seasons too. :P haha I love my companion he is improving in Spanish so well and fast and it makes me so proud of him. He tells me he wants me to take him hunting after the mission well teach him how. Speaking oh hunting we when to the Lyle house on Sunday, A member in the other Elders area to eat with them, and they are a pure white-big Mormon family living down here. Think of our cousins house in Mud lake and that is their home and land. But he got to taking about hunting because he found out that I loved it and he kills 200 animals a year down here and his stories of hunting were out of this world!! I felt like the Amish kids at the house of Kim and Penny watching the TV!! they were crazy stories about pigs and pig attacks and how big they are!! It was awesome! Tell JJ that I got her letter and the pictures and loved them. My companion loved the big moose one. Haha he also say that Michael has a cute little tummy:) Jk  I forgot the camera connection so no pictures sorry. So I want to tell you and embarrassing story I am only telling you if you can be mature and also because I think the story that Mike told us when he was on his mission and Pooped his pants trying to make a blue dart Is worse. However, I sense I started to be in this area and on the bike almost anywhere we go. I had developed a rash thing down there. I tried everything to relief the pain and burning and itching but nothing would work. One Elder had so jock itch stuff that helped a bit. I held of for a while to call Sister Maluenda to tell her so I could get something to help I was way to embarrassed to call her and explain it to her in Spanish. So I texted her the best I could looking up the right words and then sent it and about 5 minutes later she called and I about died my companion said hey she is calling us and I ran in the bathroom and locked it so I didn't have to answer it. I felt like Mellissa as I did it. So I opened the door and answer it and she asked me where the rash was. I responded that I don't really want to say it and don't know the correct way to say it in Spanish. She laughed and took it very well. While I was dying and my face was bright red and could speak Spanish I was to nervous. Long story sort I had to text it to her in English sop she could send it to the area doctor and then he called us. Also had to talk to her about going to the dentist my companion has to cavities. You can take this story out before you put it on the blog. If you want I don't care. So that happened and I just needed to go to the store and buy cream that would help stop it. It is working so don't worry. So now on the more spiritual side of this we had a lesson last night with our investigator Jesse that has nothing and is going through a super rough time and has no family here and we taught it to him last night and the spirit was so strong in the lesson and he reads the bible and knew so key points that helped us testify of the Word of our Heavenly Father pushing forward to all the earth. He knew the scripture that says something like go forth baptizing in the name of the father of the son and the holy ghost. We shared the first vision and right after that teas were in his eyes and he said that he believed it. He wanted to know if it was true and his said a prayer to know if it was true and receive and answer the spirit was so strong it felled his little one bedroom house with power. The house that my companion and I had to climb through the window to get in because the door was locked don't worry he told us to do it. So it you don't remember my companion is 6 6' and played college football as a quarter back and he got stuck in the window and couldn't get through and I was already in and he was struggling trying to do it by himself and I turned around and saw his hands on the floor trying to craw in and the blind stuck on his butt bahaha I was all I could to not die or laughter. As he got in and on his feet he looked at me with the funniest face and said that was hard. Can you tell I got the computer with spell check this time? Yes!! :) I am loving the mission and learning more and more about the gospel. That is super cool that Lazy Lex went through the temple. oh yes if you want to send me the clip outs that is fine. I know that I am blessed with the best family in the world that loves me so much!! I can fell you prayers and love for my companion and I everyday I love you a ton and pray for ya and miss ya. Anything that you need me to do any thing you want to know or write more about or to write about. If you can't tell I sit at the computer and write whatever my brain throws up at the keyboard. So just tell me if you want to know about anything? Love you so much
Elder Wilding

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Dear Family,
I log on today to discover how many e-mails I have received? For me 5 in the Inbox My companion 24!! What! Out of my 5 2 for mission stuff and the other 3 Karlee, Justin, and Mellone. I hope that nothing bad happened? Jk I know you are doing just fine. It has been raining like crazy down here it is awesome we have only been stuck in it once on the bikes. So that was nice. Also There was, I guess, a huge tropical storm heading our way? Well that is what the people told us? We also received how to be prepared packets from the new in wal mart in our bags but who knows? Has it been raining a lot up there? How is the first day of school for Mike and Melissa? It will be weird not to have all the kids running around outside but in school now. I can't think of funny stories this week? The 2 people that were baptized it was a huge blessing the were both part member families and Salvador who is 19 has been going to church for a year with his mom and now is joining her. His mom was so happy and he was so happy too. Also Ruby!! I how awesome is that name!! Her mom was baptized in May and has seen huge trials after but has stayed strong and things are working out. When I say huge trails they were bug like her sons were taken hostage by drug people and they wanted money to let them go to having her water and power turned off. The people down here have great faith. Also in the other Elders area they baptized Abel whose mom was baptized about 6 months ago and her son has changed so much and is so much happier. It was a super blessing to be apart of it. Funny story just got one. So there is this lady Sister Cumberland who is about 6 2" Super white has red hair is about 38 and comes to the Spanish ward and speaks Spanish and use to speak French and German but now can only listen to them not speak back very well. She is a huge member missionary and works so well with the youth. So she is going to give a talk in baptism at the baptism. However, before that when all the guys were getting changed and were almost done she is waiting in the hall to see them all dressed in white. so the first to come out is Leo the member who was baptized a little more than a year ago there walks out and she said Leo you are going to baptize and gives him a huge hug and a big kiss on the cheek haha. remember she is 6 2' and he is like 5 6' haha it was the best then she asks who else is in there. Abel pocks his head around the door frame and walks out and same thing a huge hug and kiss on the cheek. Then Salvador who is about her height but only like 140 pounds and is super dubber shy and his face was priceless when you rounded the corner but same thing to him a huge hug and and a bug old kiss. All their little toasted faces turn red it was funny. My companion and I are staying again for one more transfer!! :) So is the small district of Mercedes no one is getting transferred which is nice. I got my pedals it was very nice to have new not broken ones!! :) thanks. I am doing super goo growing and learning tons. Loving the gospel more and more. I can't think of new things to say? I love my companion and get along with him super good. He wants me to marry his cousin Ali so we can be related. oh man my English is bad I though larared is how you say related I keep saying larared in my head to spell it out instead of related. opps hahah I am super blessed to have a family like you!! I love you guys and miss you so much!! :) I hope that everything is just fine and that you have a wonderful week. Love you tons.

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Pedals thank you so much!!!! So we will start out will funny stories before I forget them. So last week I cut my hair myself... Well we all know what that means haha jk it is different this time. I was cutting it and all those years of making fun of Dad and Mikes hair well the lack of. I was cuttnig it and yes the top its growing like the sides are!!!! :'( I am going bald it is afishall (Sp) Ihave accepted the fact that my golden hair is not like it use to be. Also next story I know a Elder Sivla that works in the same ward as I do and He worked up in Laredo when I did. He is from Brigham City and he went to Box Elder and knows Jackson and Alexis. so on the way home we start to talk about this my companion and the other elders. Then My companion says to me Well I have Cousins that live up there too. Well step cousins he says. ME just joking around says I bet I know them.?!? What are there names? You don't know them he says. They are the Walentine. I don't know them I replied? What are there first names? The first name he says Ali Walintine. ahhahah What? I had a "thing" with her (If you want to call it that) When I said that he didn't believe me. Partly becuase whill having pillow talk We confirmed Elder Wilding never really kissed a girl 7th grade doesn't really count. Then he says oh you do what does she look like then. Sp I tell he everything also that she played vball and makes you lauh. Ha I might be embarrassed if  My Aunt Melleone and sweet Cousin Alexis send this to Ali? So such a small world it is that it is like that also small world. Elder Casteel tells me to marry her so we can some how be laraded (Sp)?  I also talked to a guy in Wal mart that just got home from a missiona 2 months ago in the pocatello mission. cool. He never severed in our stake. Suoper sorry I got the computer again wwith no spell check I can't speak English right or spanish and can spell either of them right hahahahah jk. Learning a lot out here. Transfers are in a week crazy to think they are already here. That is so crazy that michaell and Melissa start so soon!? How far away d mIke and Kim Life from Huntin camp? :) Also I want poictures of there new house and our house. Also we had a lesson out in a field this last week at 3 o'clock and there was no clouds or shade and I was facing the sun the whole time so I got super burnt I thought that I was already dark from being down here but that didn't happen. I will send pictures it is funny. Also made a birthday cake this week for my campions bday that was a little bit back. I gave him a complex ( I know that word from Corey Farnsworth) Becuase one day he was saying how good he looks just playing around and I told him that he is conceded ( learned that word through a furgy songs before the mission of couse ha) and he was like what does that mean??? And I wouldn't tell he then he asked Elder Jackson when we were don't serve and he said oh I know that word that is you. and so My poor compion didn't find out then I sang the Song "Your so vain" That I though through Melissa ann and he didn't know what that meant so then I laught and told him then he says hey why do you call my that? I said i was joking so I gave him a complez. I also know what the word Abyss is becuase I had to look it up in spanish becuase they are similar becuase if I didn't I wouldn't have know what that was. Aunt Mellenoe used it in her email to describe the drive way. :D I hope that you are all understanding this email becuase I don't know if I am giving enough back ground to understand it. It is like when I went to your family class before I left I feel like you if you really know me you understand me and know where I am going and what I am talking about. :D If not ask. I also fun a half written letter to Kyns from like 5 months ago That I am hoping to finish today and send it. :) Also can't believe the summer is fading so fast before you know it Michael the Elk will start to go in to the rut becuase it will start to cool off but down here no. :) I am learning so much and love being a missionary and love my companion and my area with all my heart. I love training it is an adventure that never stops. Oh another story before I end. SO we have been trying to reactiveate a super cool less active spanish family so last night we ran out to see what happened with church and to tell them we missed them there. We are over there and the Hermana had to go to court this last week for something with not having papers... Well lets just say I am not to well with  that kind of vocabulary in English so I can't expect it to be better in Spanish. ahaha There was a lot of Como? Mande? Que? No se que sinifica eso? In that conversation. haha she can laughing at me I was having a hard time to understand her? Then she is working on her trailer so we ask what she needs to do more so we can help? She then starts to ask us if he know how to do this or that talk about construction words and power tools. Dad would know that. I don't know them in English that well so I dont in spanish. hahah I left feeling like I didn't speak spanish. haha So while riding back to the Apartment Elder Casteel What was she saying? Ha I don't know I say just about court and other stuff she has to work on. I got the most part just not all :p Love you tons!!! I will be praying for all of you!! I love you had miss you tons!! :)

 Birthday Cake with new tshirt from family
El es Chiflado 
 Sun Burn
 Other Sun Burn
A crazy pic it reminds me when Mike had the where's mike pic from miss
(I have no clue what this means but this is what Kyle labeled the photo)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Aug 12, 2013

I Minnie missionary is when a high school kid comes out and works in your area for a week either you get 2 for your area and one goes with you and the other with your companion. So we had him for a week. We were also able to have our Minnie missionary come down and baptize one of our investigators( he was the only lesson in English we had last week) SO  by a miracle Anthony Jacob Sanchez got baptized right before he was suppose to leave to college. He has been taking lessons off and on for a while now. We are working hard through our members and recent converts. We have a lady that has about 15 family members that live in our area and she loves sharing the gospel with them. She has had a family home evening and she has no fear to invite them over and we teach them in her house it is super cool. :) Also scary story!! Mom don't by worried ok! so we were going home on ours bikes down a dirt road by the canal in a poor part of town. With our bike lights also so we don't get hit by cars. Well we were riding and it is dark and off the side of the road in the brush we see a eye glowing in the darkness and we both see it and scream just a bit and say do you see that?! then I start pelting fast and past my companion then another scary eye boll of a creatures poops out of we scream and start pelting as fast as we can so we don't get hurt/killed it was fight or flight and we had flight then the eyes disappear and come back aahhhh run I mean bike!! Then when we are super scarred we find out it is harmless fire flies!! bahah We are so dumb we were so scared of them at first! I bet Heavenly Father was laughing and saying dummies So nothing happened just Gods blinking lights. that was fun. I am loving my area and can fell the miracles everyday. Also before I forget I need you to send my peddles for my bike there are some at Wal-Mart for 10 dollars that I need you to send to me. there are medal and for 10 bucks. I am in a place where the stores don't have them. That would be nice. Yes I want pictures of Mike and Kim's' House!! Also was the video super short? You panted the house I bet it is super ugly!?! I want pictures? like poop brown? that is a  big jump from baby blue to poop brown? I love my companion to he is a fun kid who loves the work.  That is crazy about the new mission calls I will look at for the Elder that is coming here. How was swimming? I got Knys letter!! It took some time because it went to my other apartment. Also had 3 days of training last week in McAllen. I had to look up so new words in Spanish that our Mission President uses and also His Wife they use different vocab sometimes because I was talking Sister Maluenda and She didn't know some of the words I used in Spanish. haha I can't think of much more to write? Pues I can say summer has gone so fast that it is crazy!! Hey did Mike or Dad draw on Elk? Or did you already tell me that I forgot? I love you guys so much and miss you too. I think about you ever now and then. ahha :D jk I love this work I feel your love everyday! I hope that everything is all good and well.   And some cow tails in with pedals!! It can be a super small package I just need them.

Elder Kyle Mark Wilding
529 Apt # 10 West 3rd  street
Mercedes Texas ( opps forgot the zip code you have to look it up)

 So Handsome
 Other mini missionary in our area
 Baha all tuckered out!! I came out from going poop and found this. :)
 minni missionary on the right Anthony on the left
My Companion is Huge