Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

(Kyle Titled this Email: I don't want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need-I thought it was super funny)
Oh man that is so good and great to hear. I won't lie I started to cry when I started to read the email. I reminded myself of you guys because I am a baby. I also reminded myself of mom because when she starts to cry and brings her hand up to her nose because that is what I did. Oh man still crying I got to stop so people don't see haha That s so awesome that Dad found a job!! Is it local where does he travel to and from. He will learn lots of new songs and brush up and the other one :D. Before I forget why will Alexis still be there when Jackson gets back? That is so crazy that Jackson comes home so soon he just left. I have been doing super good and haven't received a package from Melissa yet but prpbabaly tomorrow. We got transffers and of course I am staying in this area with Elder Vasquez and my companion is staying and I am in a district of 4 missonaries and Elder Bertand one that lives with us is going to be training. I also need for christmas new razor shavers for my electric shaver I can't find the right size down here and  the brand it a philps and the code/size is RQ11. That is all that I can think of right now. We have seen so many miralces this week while being out and working hard. No one came to church but that is sometimes what happens at the start of working in an area that was struggling. I know it will get better. I have crashed here so that is good. I get along with my companion really well so that is good. Before, I met him I thought that maybe this would be the one companion that didn't like me but didn't happen. I thank you for all the prayers that I have been able to receive from you guys and can fell it and see it. I am still on a bike so that is nice. Everything is getting better with the body funtion problems so no need to worry about that. HA Akward. Crazy. My companion is a funny guys and likes to pull tricks on me becasue I told him that I don't like to be alone and we have an up stairs and down in the apartment so sometimes he hides from me to see what I will do. Or I will be out in the kitchen and walk out and he will be laying on the couch and tell me don't worry your not alone. haha I am crazy. I still have me wierd habits like watching the speedometer however I am been so much better at that. Love you guys so much!! No more time!! :)
Christmas! Oh the snow is falling down! We're so funny... (I think this is suppose to be a awkward Christmas card) 
My New Companion Elder Vasquez

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