Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Where is Dakota going no one told me that?! Alexis talked on the same day? That is super cool. That is good Jackson is the same Jackson. I think I have change but I am still the same person too. I think my emails do the talking. So for Christmas I want Huckleberry Jam and Some of the Cookies that you decorate you can puy a cheap tubly ware, put, it in a box, and then send it. But not to much for Christmas. I think the biggest thing yoiu can do is send a box for my companion he is the only member in his whole family and they don't write him very much and I thing last year didn't send him hardly anything he mentiioned it to me one time so if you would do that it would be a huge blessing for him. Thanks. Haha that is so funny that Melissa called me a fat head. Hahah the memeber that helped me she is super cool. Yes we have been invited to 2 places already for Turkey day. SO I am eating less to get ready for the day. It has been super doober cold down here!! It was a flash flood on friday on we were riding our bikes in it then we decide to take shelter in the church and right when we got there the lights went off. There is a river like the portnef river when it goes slow not fast that runs throught our area and all the gutters run into it and them where getting back up so it was crazy. We called a member to drive us to the apartment for the church and he said yes then he called us back and said that his car was flooded so we made the crazy trip back to the apartment and just in that short distance there were 3 wrechts it was crazy all the streets were flooded so we just had to say in the apartment. Now it is just super cold it is in the 50s. I have been so acustum to the warm weather this is killing me haaha. I have been doing really well I was able to have the inteview with my president for College and for a New Temple Recommend haha I haven't had one since it got stolen last year. I think that all the college stuff is done then. That is super cool that I got into ISU now I just need to pray and decide which college to go to or even what to go into I have know Idea haha. I haven't got the package yet. You sent it to the Mission office right because no one has traveled down there yet from my zone so I will be getting it soon. I am getting way excited for christmas. My companion says that I remind him of Elf. HAve we been able to find all the christmas movies? I am glad that you bought me that nice big coat from Missionary mall it has been put to good use. We have been able to see a lot of miricles in the area the past 2 weeks so that is so good. Tell everyone I say Hi at thanks giving. Oh yes I need to know somethings... How Is Nathan and where is he at in the Phillpines again we have a Phillapine family in our area and there were asking me where he is and I didn't know also is he ok? ALso what part of Austrailia did Dad serve in again? Going back to the Phillapine family the Grandma is learning English and so sometimes she would ask me things and I could understand her at all so my brain wanted to speak spanish to her right. Well I held it back and didn't but I only could caught a few things when she would talk to her daughter in Tagolic. My companion and I get along well so that is good just keep praying for him and I. I know that you always do though. :) I can't think of anything else I need to say I am super bad at thinking of all the things to right.  ALso, I was very kind of scared a little when the office called me like what happened, who did then I knew my President would call me for that kind of stuff so that is good. I was able to get it all done on the day I had time for or family history. I almost couldn't get in to the site because in the password the my name was captulized and I wasn't putting that part in. Do you have snow yet? How cold has it been? I love being out here and being a missionary it is the best thing in the world. I love you guys so, so much and I have been blessed so much to have a wonderful family and friends like you all.

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