Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

Family and Friends!!!! :) Well do they have Huckleberry jam at the store? I also need you to send stamps about 20 will do. Thanks. Also you can send the packages to the apartment that is fine I will get them.  I also want, but you don't have to find it or find it before Christmas but I am just asking to have everyone keep your eyes peeled, a hugly Christmas sweater!! :P That reminds me Michael didn't seal my Green wool sweater right I love that thing. :D Sorry I am so Capricho about all these Christmas gifts. I can't think or the word in English but I think is something like to whim?? You can look it up on the intenet Spanish to/or English dictionary. My companion loves knives like hunting type he also likes to make wallets out of Different colors of duct tape like, Cool 3d  Camo and I will try and think of other things. It hasn't been to cold here latly. That is great that you haven't recieved any snow and that it has been so warm. Can you tell that I am learning more words in English even though my grammers is getting worse. I learned the word Advent today with my companion it said it on his calendor so we looked it up I wonder if Spanish has a similar word? Umm
No need to worry all the BYU stuff is done before the first after texting my President 3 times, 1 phone call, and 1 voice mailto see if he recieved the recommendation to pass it along he called my back and said si Elder. Also after telling him in Spanish that I just had stepped in Mud up to my ankle. Being Embarrassed when he told me that he didn't understand me. I thought it was for the bad Spanish tghen I realized that it is because I needed to tell him the back gound to the story like the setting and ect. Haha so it is nice to know that I have the same personality and silly mistakes in Spanish. HA Thanksgiving was super good we were able to good to a members house and eat yummy rolls and turkey then we went to our Investigatores home and they are from Niguragua and they are humble people and so very nice. They taught my companion and I new words that they use in there country for turkey, Mop, and otther things. My companion had never heard of them. ALso I am learing to speak in Voz it is a different form of speaking in Spanish so it is cool. They could say my Last name so I told them to just Say Elder Salvaje which means savage or wild in Spanish. No like the same meaning of Savage off of Pocahis like the song the white men sing. It is because when I first heard that word I that song came into my head and my companion said no not like that. I still have the habit of busting out into song, only in the apartment, when someone says a line or word from a song it is like Melissa or Kenna. We are doing super good out here working hard and see the miricles and the blessings. I love you so much!!! :-)) HAHA this is me smiling with my double chin. I will make I list of things you could send my companion. LOVE YA.

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