Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Dear Family,
Elder Ferrel wanted my to say hi for him he is an Elder in my District. He is super fun. I teach him sayings in English and he tries to in Spanish but then I forget them. haha Before I forget, I wanted to tell you want I want for Christmas. I want a CD Called BYU Vocal Point or something like that then a want Pumpkin Seed with no Shell and if you can't find them I will buy a nut cracker because I don't like to do it myself. :) Ok Funny Story!! So there was a  Primary program in the Spanish ward and there were so many kids they sang in Spanish and in English so that was cool. However, There was this older girl who sang a solo and did a very beautiful job but the whole time a was saying it was head Spit out your Gum!!! Like how my mom would do it. It was so bad she would sing and when it was a little break she would champ in the microphone! Then she came and quoted a scripture and instead of feeling the spirit I just keep thinking how I am My mother and keep saying spit out that gum! haha though that would make you guys laugh? The Rash is a whole lot better not to worry about that one. That is so good to hear that Dad and Grandpa got their Deer. This past week we were very blessed to be able to find some very cool people. We found a lady, well she saw us and stopped us to see if we were Mormons and then went to her house and her family is very nice. IT is cool because they use to live in My greenie area in Edinburg and they went to the church for a long time they just said they didn't get baptized because the missionaries didn't teach them that I guess? As taught Antonio who is from EL Salvador and he speaks a different kind of Spanish it is cool. He is the first person that I have taught that is from there. Also found this other guy named Lionel and he is a cool guy that speaks Spanish and English but knows English more so we teach him in English. It is funny during lessons because I understand the words that he is saying I just can't understand him at all so I have to look to my companion because he understands he better. He has some slit disabilities. I love this area so much and Love my companion so much. I am learning so much and slowly getting back into shape? I don't want to much for Christmas? I don't know what I want? That is so heart touching what Steven say. It is so true that the missionaries are the most prayed for and the most loved that is why I don't think I can get back into shape they love feeding us. I love being a missionary there is no other better thing like it. I hit my very hard these last several weeks how amazing and how great it is to have the blessing of how are whole family is active in the gospel and temple worthy I thing it just has been that way so I never though of it other wise. Also, how great of the blessing to have so many in the distant family to be like wise. I have learned a lot on how you can almost have nothing but you have the gospel and your family you have everything and nothing else matters. It is something very beautiful. I like it final hit me when I was reading stories about our family history and how way back when the church started our ancestors  crossed over, and you know the Wilding we love the command replenish the earth, and they had a big family and out of all the children only one was a covenant keeper. This is what the family search told me. It is crazy to how about just in this one man how thousands have had the gospel and it is growing. It gives my hope.  I love you so much. Anything you want me to write say or pray for? I love you. :)

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